Molasses/urea and Leucaena leucocephala as the basal diet for calves reared by restricted suckling

Boodoo, A.; Phillippo, E.

Tropical Animal Production 4(1): 102


Accession: 000931601

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Av. daily liveweight gain of Holstein calves suckled twice daily for 1 month and thereafter once daily after morning milking and offered minerals, whole chopped sugar cane and a molasses/5% urea mixture ad lib. and a balanced concentrate at 300 g/100 kg liveweight or minerals, the molasses mixture and fresh L. leucocephala forage ad lib. was 386 and 425 g, resp. Calves looked better on Leucaena than on sugar cane and concentrates and showed no symptoms of mimosine toxicity although they had access to Leucaena immediately after birth.