Section 1
Chapter 933

Mothers' compliance with physicians' recommendations on infant feeding

Morse, W.; Sims, L.S.; Guthrie, H.A.

Journal of the American Dietetic Association 75(2): 140-147


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-8223
PMID: 458079
Accession: 000932687

One hundred thirty-one mothers who were patients of ten physicians were surveyed to determine their compliance with physician-recommended infant feeding practices. For a direct, self-reported measure, the rate of non-compliance was nearly 30 per cent. A second measure, a "compliance score," was computed by comparing mothers' responses to specific questions about the feeding of their babies with their physcians' recommendations for normal, healthy infants. The mean noncompliance rate on this measure was 44 per cent. Differing response patterns regarding specific feeding practices were found for breast-feeding and bottle feeding mothers. To determine selected psychologic factors associated with compliance, health-related attitude and belief scales were originated and validated. Attitudes that "nutrition is important" and a "concern for health" were significantly correlated with the compliance score for breast-feeding mothers.

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