Myofiber number and type in twenty-five-day-old beef calves as influenced by breed type

Bartlett, J.E.; Guenther, J.J.; Novotny, K.K.; Morrison, R.D.

Animal Science Research Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University (MP-107): 42-44


Accession: 000933737

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For each muscle examined (longissimus dorsi, semitendinosus and lateral head of the triceps brachii), Charolais calves had a significantly greater number of myofibres per unit area, as well as significantly greater numbers of alpha -white and beta -red myofibres, than Aberdeen-Angus (AA) calves. Expressed as a percentage of total myofibres, AA calves had in all muscles examined a greater proportion of alpha -white and alpha -red fibres than the Charolais, while the Charolais had a greater proportion of beta -red fibres in each muscle than the AAs.