Myofiber width as influenced by breed type in baby and weanling beef calves

Bartlett, J.E.; Guenther, J.J.; Novotny, K.K.; Rodriguez, C.; Morrison, R.D.

Animal Science Research Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University (MP-107): 39-41


Accession: 000933738

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Myofibre widths were measured in 3 muscles of Aberdeen-Angus (AA) and Charolais calves at approx. 25 and 240 days of age. At 25 days of age, fibre diameter was larger in all muscles in AA than in Charolais calves. The increase in myofibre size at 240 days was not constant for all the muscles examined (longissimus dorsi, semitendinosus and lateral head of the triceps brachii). When results were expressed as a percentage of initial myofibre width, the 240-day measurements suggested that radial growth rate in the semitendinosus and triceps muscles of AA calves was greater than that in the Charolais. This supported the theory that AAs mature more rapidly than Charolais, and could partly explain the muscling differences between the 2 breeds.