Nitrogen application and time of harvesting seed of Cenchrus ciliaris cv. Biloela. I. Yield and quality of the seed

Bilbao, B.; Febles, G.; Matias, C.

Pastos y Forrajes 2(2): 239-254


Accession: 000936774

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In 1976-8, C. ciliaris cv. Biloela was given 0, 240 or 480 kg N/ha yr and seeds harvested 45 days after cutting (16 cuts during the trial period) or 0, 180 or 360 kg N/ha and seeds harvested 60 days after cutting (12 cuts). In each case N was applied 10, 20 or 30 days after cutting. Total seed yield increased linearly with N application, the max. annual seed yield of 289 kg/ha occurring after application of 360 kg N and harvesting 60 days after cutting. Germination percentage was higher after harvesting at 60 days after cutting rather than 45 days but was not affected by rate of N application. Application of 360 kg N at 0-10 days after cutting and storage at 10 deg C, 70-70%RH for more than or equal to 3 months before sowing was recommended.