Section 1
Chapter 938

Note on growth response of cross-bred calves fed milk-substitute diets based on skim-milk alone and skim-milk supplemented with lard

Srivastava, S.K.; Pathak, N.N.; Ranjhan, S.K.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 50(8): 639-641


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 000937915

15 three-day old Bos indicus X Bos taurus calves were given either whole milk (80 kg) to 35 days of age and skim milk (40 kg) from 35 to 60 days of age, or skim milk with 4% added lard to 35 days of age and skim milk to 60 days, or skim milk throughout. All calves were offered hay and a calf starter from 2 wk of age. Mean daily gain of calves given whole miilk or skim milk + lard, 426 and 416 g, was better than that of calves given skim milk alone, 296 g (P < 0.05).

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