Part-time agriculture in Switzerland

Veillon, P.F.

Revue Suisse d'Agriculture 12(6): 267-273


ISSN/ISBN: 0375-1325
Accession: 000945568

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This is an interim report on a wider research project on job combination in Swiss agriculture being carried out at the Federal Technischen Hochschule in Zurich. In 1965 part-time farmers worked some 38.1% of the total 162 414 farms, but by 1975 the proportion had risen to 42.3% of the reduced number of 133 126 farms. The number of part-time farms over the country as a whole fell by 9% over the period as against 23% for full-time farms. In mountain areas, however, the rate was 17% for part-time farms, almost as high as for full time farms. The study reviews size and production characteristics of part-time farms and age and other socio-economic characteristics of part-time farmers.