Section 1
Chapter 946

Part-time farming

Gilson, J.C.; Trant, M.; Bollman, R.D.; Brinkman, G.; Blackburn, D.; Gunn, C.

Agrologist 9(3): 6-23


Accession: 000945571

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A number of articles on part-time farming in Canada is included. (1) The part-time farmer (Gilson) provides an introduction to the subject; (2) Part-time farmers, who are they? (Trant) provides statistical and financial detail in a descriptive article; (3) The phenomenon of part-time farming (Bollman) looks at part-time farmers and their role in the Canadian food production system; (4) Full-time versus part-time (Brinkman and Blackburn) investigates the difference in the treatment of part- and full-time farmers by the federal and provincial governments; (5) The contribution of part-time farming (Gunn) examines the contribution of part-time farmers to the economic life and food supply of Atlantic Canada.