Performance of heifers of three types exposed to sun and shade at Vicosa, Minas Gerais. 1. Rectal temperature and respiration rate

Oliveira, J.S.; Milagres, J.C.; Garcia, J.A.; Silva, J.F.C. da

Revista da Sociedade Brasileira Zootecnia 9(1): 46-71


Accession: 000947416

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From 22 Feb. to 31 May, 9 Holstein-Friesian (HF), 3/4 HF-1/4 zebu, and 1/2 HF-1/2 zebu heifers were housed with some protection against the sun, and 9 similar heifers received no protection. Rectal temp. was significantly lower for HF and 3/4-HF females provided with shade than for those with no shade, but there were no significant differences between 1/2-HF females given or not given shade. Respiratory rate was affected by the absence of shade in all types of cattle.