Performance of heifers of three types exposed to sun and shade at Vicosa, Minas Gerais. 2. Blood values and weight gains

Oliveira, J.S.; Milagres, J.C.; Cardoso, R.M.; Castro, A.C.G.

Revista da Sociedade Brasileira Zootecnia 9(1): 72-89


Accession: 000947417

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The performance was compared of 18 Holstein-Friesian (HF), 3/4 HF-1/4 zebu, and 1/2 HF-1/2 zebu heifers, of which half were provided with shade and half were not. Age of females at the beginning of the study was 20-22 mth, and body weight 186-254 kg. Air temp. ranged from 17.4 to 22.4 deg C, and rainfall from 8.6 to 182 mm. Daily gains were significantly higher in all types of females in the period with the highest air temp and rainfall (922 g) than in the period with intermediate rainfall and temp. (540 g) and that with the lowest rainfall and temp. (362 g). There were no significant differences in daily gains between types of heifers or types of shelter.