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Chapter 948

Period of sunflower planting and its nourishment area

Kondratyev, V.; Semikhnenko, P.

Proceedings of the 7th International Sunflower Conference 27 June 3 July 1976, Krasnodar USSR 2: 27-31

Accession: 000947687

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The effect of soil temp. on sunflower yield and weed competition was studied. A soil temp. of 8-12 deg C gave max. sunflower yield. Sowing at 8-10 deg led to greater weed competition and neither pre-sowing tillage nor harrowing was effective. At 14 deg with pre-sowing tillage, sunflower rooted strongly and subsequently weeds could be removed by harrowing. Recommended plant densities were 20 000-30 000 when the soil was watered to a depth of 1 m, 30 000-40 000 when watered to 1.5-2 m and 40 000-50 000 when watered to 2.5-3 m.

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