Problems and possibilities: tourism in Northumbria: tourism and nature conservation - case studies

Hooper, R.; Williams, H.

Tourism and countryside conservation A joint seminar with the Countryside Recreation Management Association A conference held at Losehill Hall, Castleton, Derbyshire, 31st October 2nd November 1980: 18-24


Accession: 000957087

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These two papers consider the tourist situation in Northumbria and Wales. R. Hopper is concerned with the structure of tourism in Northumbria and the way in which the tourist board aims must be geared to that structure and its predicted developments and changes. He emphasizes the opportunities which exist to create employment in the tourist industry. Principle issues in respect of tourism and conservation are development and marketing. The North Pennines Tourism Growth Point joint venture of the Northumbria tourist board and the Nature Conservancy Council is outlined as an illustration of the problems involved and the success that can be achieved. The second paper offers case studies from Wales from both coastal and mountain areas. Tourism is not part of the statutory obligations of the Nature Conservancy Council but management of tourism must nevertheless concern them. There is a need for constant feedback of information so that tourist management plans can be implemented with appropriate priorities.