Relations between the calcium and magnesium nutrition of the Golden Delicious apple tree, and the composition of the apple, with observations on physiological disorders and parasitic infections

Huguet, C.

Potash Review (Subject 8, 34th Suite, 11): 5


Accession: 000966644

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In a six year experiment Golden Delicious apple trees were grown in hydroponic culture with three levels of Ca and Mg nutrition; Ca++ ranged from 5.9 to 1.0 me/l and Mg++ from 0.6 to 5.5 me/l, with a constant total of 6.5 me/l in the nutrient solution. Ca levels in the fruit decreased with decreasing Ca in the nutrient solution, the effect being particularly evident in the outer mesocarp. Mg contents showed little variation; the pips were the most sensitive fraction to Mg levels in the nutrient solution. K contents in the fruit fell, while incidence of bitter pit, lenticel burst and storage rot increased, with increasing Mg:Ca ratio in the nutrient solution.