Reproductive efficiency of Hereford cows and weight gain of their calves with early weaning and feed supplementation

Poli, J.L.E.H.; Ferreira, F.J.; Branco, L.A. de M.; Castagna, M.

Anuario Tecnico do Instituto de Pesquisas Zootecnicas "Francisco Osorio" 6: 67-77


Accession: 000968847

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Calves of 25 Hereford cows on pasture were weaned at an average age of 205 days or were weaned early, in January during the artificial insemination period, when average age was 107 days, equivalent to 95 kg bodyweight. A concentrate of rice meal 50, ground sorghum grain 40, soya bean meal 7, bone meal 2 and salt 1% was available to group 2 from 1 week before weaning, the amount being increased rapidly to 2 kg daily. Fertility rate for cows in the 2 groups was 30.8 and, with early weaning, 66.7%, equivalent to 4 and 8 calves born. Cows with calves weaned early were, on average, 41 kg heavier in early May than the others. Weight gain of the early-weaned calves was only slightly less than for the others and they required, until May, 216 kg concentrate each.