Results of environmental radioactivity measurements in the Member States of the European Community for air - deposition - water - milk


Publication Commission of the European Communities (EUR 6620, Radiological protection 17): 286


Accession: 000971379

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This is the 18th report on ambient radioactivity drawn up from data collected by stations responsible for monitoring environmental radioactivity in the European Community. Data on radioactivity in air, air deposition, water and milk are tabulated according to radionuclide and discussed; there are also supplementary data on short-lived radiation detected in the final quarter of 1978 and a list of publications in this field by member states. The tables on milk are concerned exclusively with specific activities of 90Sr and 137Cs which were very low, 1.5-15 and 3.9-31.8 pCi/l resp., and similar to 1977. Annual means for 1978 were: 90Sr, 3.9 pCi/g Ca in milk; 137Cs, 7.6 pCi/l.