Role of tetraploid Solanum nigrum L. and S. americanum Mill. in the origin and evolution of Indian hexaploid S. nigrum

Khan, R.; Rao, G.R.; Siddiqui, N.H.

Acta Botanica Indica 6 (Suppl): 161-164


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-508X
Accession: 000973235

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Cytology of hybrids of the cross tetraploid Solanum nigrum X S. americanum and their amphidiploids obtained through colchicine treatment revealed that the structural differences between the chromosomes of the parents have played an important role in diversification of morphological characters of the two taxa, and the tetraploid S. nigrum and S. americanum have played an important role in origin and evolution of natural hexaploid S. nigrum. From summary.