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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 980

Chapter 980 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kitagawa, H.; Ishihara, K.; Yokoyama, S.; Uchiyama, T.; Tokoi, K., 1981:
Serum total bile acid level in normal dogs

Kitagawa, H.; Ishihara, K.; Yokoyama, S., 1980:
Serum total bile acid levels in fasting normal dogs

Vartiainen, E.; Puska, P.; Salonen, J.T., 1982:
Serum total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and blood pressure levels in 13-year-old children in Eastern Finland. The North Karelia Youth Project

Saleh, A.; Udall, J.N.; Scrimshaw, N.S.; Solomons, N.W., 1981:
Serum trace minerals during yeast feeding

Pujin, D.; Varga, F.; Kaic, S., 1981:
Serum transferrin content in piglets adversely affected by parenteral administration of an iron preparation

Ones, U.; Yalçin, I.; Yakacikli, S., 1980:
Serum transferrin, ceruloplasmin and haemopexin levels in protein-energy malnutrition (study of 50 cases)

Carlson, L.A.; Bottiger, L.E., 1981:
Serum triglycerides, to be or not to be a risk factor for ischaemic heart disease?

Muniz, L.M.R.; Define, R.M.; Baccari Junior, F.; Benine, L.E.; Kohayagawa, A., 1980:
Serum triiodothyronine and thyroxine values, and the T4(D)-RT3 index in four-month-old Nelore calves, male and female

Muniz, L.M.R.; Define, R.M.; Magalhaes, L.M.; Kohayagawa, A.; Machado, M.A., 1980:
Serum triiodothyronine, thyroxine, cholesterol and T4(D)-T3(RIA) index in normal mongrel dogs

Fedail, S.S.; Karar, Z.A.; Harvey, R.F.; Read, A.E., 1980:
Serum trypsin as measure of pancreatic exocrine function in children with protein calorie malnutrition

Kark, J.D.; Smith, A.H.; Switzer, B.R.; Hames, C.G., 1981:
Serum vitamin A (retinol) and cancer incidence in Evans County, Georgia

Mueller, D.G.; Brandt, R.B.; Bloch, M.H.; Schroeder, J.R.; Kirkpatrick, B.V.; Seibel, H.R., 1980:
Serum vitamin A in premature infants

Milman, N., 1980:
Serum vitamin B12 and erythrocyte folate in chronic uraemia and after renal transplantation

Areekul, S.; Doungbarn, J.; Panatampon, P., 1978:
Serum Vitamin B12 level and Vitamin B12 binding proteins in pregnant women

Navarro, F.; Mellado, J.M.; Perez Cano, R.; Cruz Fernandez, J.M.; Garrido, M., 1980:
Serum zinc in acute myocardial infarction. 1. Diagnostic and prognostic value

Navarro, F.; Mellado, J.M.; Perez Cano, R.; Cruz Fernandez, J.M.; Garrido, M., 1980:
Serum zinc in acute myocardial infarction. 2. Effect of different risk factors of ischaemic cardiopathy

Bimenya, G.S.; Lutalo-Bosa, A.J.; Nzaro, E., 1980:
Serum zinc reference values in healthy Ugandans (HbAA)

Perez, G.O.; Levine, S.; Gomez, E.; Hsia, S.L., 1979 :
Serum-cholesterol-binding reserve in patients with the nephrotic syndrome

Boon, J.M.; Monnens, L.A.; Knuiman, J.T.; Trijbels, J.M., 1980:
Serum-free amino acid concentrations in low birth weight infants during the first 4 weeks of life

Johnson, P.; Mackenzie, CD.; Suswillo, RR.; Denham, DA., 1981:
Serum-mediated adherence of feline granulocytes to microfilariae of Brugia pahangi in vitro: variations with parasite maturation

Inderbitzen, F., 1980:
Serum-pepsinogen levels in cattle with trichostrongylid infections

Helle, H.P., 1981:
Service centres for wood processing industries in developing countries in relation to Pakistan

Sellers, T.E., 1982:
Service in a complex county

Safranek, A.P., 1982:
Service in the suburban county

Miller, D.J.; Graham, R.D., 1977:
Service life of treated and untreated fence posts. 1976 Progress Report on the post farm

O.Grady, J.F., 1980:
Service management of weaned sows

Anonymous, 1982:
Services for research

Hansen, J.A., 1982:
Services in the resort county

Deiter, R.E.; Gruebele, J.W.; Williams, S.W., 1981:
Services of dairy marketing cooperatives in the North Central Region

Weller, M.A., 1981:
Services supportive to leisure pursuits of selected rural elderly

Matouskova, J., 1980:
Services through inter-enterprise co-operation

Forsythe, K., 1980:
Serving a dispersed community

Toth, T., 1980:
Serving mutual interests in production contracts

Lutzin, P.B., 1980:
Serving the handicapped and the elderly

Anonymous, 1982:
Servol: an education and community development project in Trinidad. Advisory Mission, 11-18 October 1981, Report

Anonymous, 1981:
Sesame (Sesamum indicum)

Beech, D.F., 1981:
Sesame -- an agronomic approach to yield improvement

Auckland, A.K., 1981:
Sesame breeding and selection in East Africa

Abajoglou, K., 1981:
Sesame breeding at the Cotton Research Institute in Greece

Rajan, S.S., 1981:
Sesame breeding material and methods

Yermanos, D.M., 1981:
Sesame breeding objectives in California

Brigham, R.D.; Young, J.K., 1980:
Sesame performance tests, Lubbock, 1979

Lee, H.J., 1980:
Sesame seed maturity, determination of harvesting time, and effect of chemical desiccation

Braikova, B., 1980:
Sesame, a new differential host of potato virus X

Bordat, D., 1980:
Sesamia calamistis Hmps. A practical technique for mass-rearing on an artificial medium

Sastry, T.C.S.; Gupta, P.S., 1977:
Sesbania sesban (Linn.) Merrill var. picta comb. nov

Anonymous, 1981:
Sesbania spp

Darekar, K.S.; Khan, E., 1981:
Seshadriella (Tylenchida: Nematoda), a new nematode genus from Maharashtra

Kovacs, A.; Gergely, I., 1979:
Sesleria uliginosa Opiz in the lower basin of Ciucu (Harghita province)

Gornostaeva, L.I.; Repyakh, S.M.; Levin, E.D., 1981:
Sesquiterpene composition of essential oils from the Pinaceae

Pascual Teresa, J. de; Feliciano, A.S.n; Barrero, A.F.; Medarde, M.; Tome, F., 1981:
Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons from the roots of Otanthus maritimus

Herz, W.; Govindan, S.V.; Kumar, N., 1981:
Sesquiterpene lactones and other constituents of Eupatorium lancifolium and E. semiserratum

Seaman, F.C.; Mabry, T.J., 1979:
Sesquiterpene lactones and species relationships among the shrubby Ambrosia taxa

Seaman, F.C., 1982:
Sesquiterpene lactones as taxonomic characters in the Asteraceae

Gonzalez, A.G.; Bermejo, J.; Toledo, F.; Daza, L.R., 1981:
Sesquiterpene lactones from Centaurea arbutifolia

Delgardo, G.; Romo de Vivar, A.; Herz, W., 1982:
Sesquiterpene lactones from Viguiera species

Serkerov, S.V.; Aleskerova, A.N., 1981:
Sesquiterpene lactones of Artemisia szowitsiana

Ovezdurdyev, A.; Akyev, B.; Kasymov, S.Z., 1981:
Sesquiterpene lactones of Erigeron khorossanicus

Hoeneisen, M.; Sicva, M.; Bohlmann, F., 1980:
Sesquiterpene lactones of Podanthus mitiqui

Abduazimov, B.K.; Yunusov, A.I.; Khamudkhodzhaev, S.A.; Sidyakin, G.P., 1981:
Sesquiterpene lactones of Tanacetopsis mucronata

Abduazimov, B.K.; Yunusov, A.I.; Sidyakin, G.P., 1980:
Sesquiterpene lactones of Tanacetum santolina

Uegaki, R.; Fujimori, T.; Kubo, S.; Kato, K., 1981:
Sesquiterpenoid stress compounds from Nicotiana species

Solomatova, V.P., 1977:
Sessile peritrichs from young roach and the effect on them of heated waters from the Konakov hydroelectric station

Banina, N.N., 1980:
Sessile peritrichs on aquatic insects

Kingston, J.D. (Moderator), 1981:
Session 1. History of waferboard

McGinnis, A.J. (Editor), 1980:
Session 1. New virus-like diseases of grapevine

Gasser, J.K.R. (Editor), 1980:
Session 1. Slurry characterisation and its use for arable crops

Mutch, W.E.S. (Chairman), 1982:
Session 1. The broadleaved resource

Viart, M. et al., 1979:
Session 1: Populus: general review

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 2. New compounds, formulations and uses

McGinnis, A.J. (Editor), 1980:
Session 2. New data on known virus and virus-like diseases of grapevine

Kennedy, J.M. (Chairman), 1982:
Session 2. Present management of broadleaved woodland

Dolenko, A.J. (Moderator), 1981:
Session 2. Product acceptance, application and marketing

Gasser, J.K.R. (Editor), 1980:
Session 2. The use of slurry for grassland and forage crops

Avanzo, E. et al., 1979:
Session 2: Populus: improvement

Balfour, J. (Chairman), 1982:
Session 3. A policy for broadleaves

Gasser, J.K.R. (Editor), 1980:
Session 3. Problems of copper in slurry; modelling; treatment of slurry

Ford, R.F. (Moderator), 1981:
Session 3. Process and manufacture

McGinnis, A.J. (Editor), 1980:
Session 3. Viruses, vectors, and transmission

Lama, G.G. de la et al., 1979:
Session 3: Eucalyptus: choice of species and provenance

McKnight, T.S. (Moderator), 1981:
Session 4, Technology

McGinnis, A.J. (Editor), 1980:
Session 4. Diseases caused by mycoplasma- and rickettsia-like organisms

Grayson, A.J. (Chairman), 1982:
Session 4. New ideas in silviculture

Gasser, J.K.R. (Editor), 1980:
Session 4. Odour characterisation and measurement

Goes, E.R. et al., 1979:
Session 4: Eucalyptus: plantation establishment and management

Bruce, A.M. (Editor), 1979:
Session 4: International experience. Session 6: United Kingdom, national and regional aspects

Anonymous, 1979:
Session 4A. Cereals II: pest and disease control inputs in cereal production

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 4B. Behaviour and fate of pesticides after application

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 4C. Cereal pest and disease control

Wentworth, I. (Moderator), 1981:
Session 5, Equipment

Grayson, A.J. (Chairman), 1982:
Session 5. Economic considerations

Anonymous, 1979:
Session 5. The role of resistant varieties in crop protection

Gasser, J.K.R. (Editor), 1980 :
Session 5. Transmission of diseases and parasites through slurry

McGinnis, A.J. (Editor), 1980:
Session 5. Ultrastructure of infected grape cells

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 5B. Pest and disease control in field crops (I)

McGillivray, D., 1981:
Session 6. Futurist's outlook

Bruce, A.M. (Editor), 1979:
Session 6. Research aspects. Support papers. Workshop 1. Workshop 2

Gasser, J.K.R. (Editor), 1980:
Session 6. Review of the 'effluents from intensive livestock' programme

McGinnis, A.J. (Editor), 1980:
Session 6. Serological techniques: ELISA, ISEM

Mithen, D.A. (Chairman), 1982:
Session 6. Utilising broadleaves now and in the future

Michaelides, E.D. et al., 1979:
Session 6: Other genera: Acacia, Acer, Alnus, Castanea, Fraxinus

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 6B. Viruses and vector control

McGinnis, A.J. (Editor), 1980:
Session 7. Disease control: therapy, selection, propagation, sanitation, and certification

Gillis, M. et al., 1979:
Session 7: Other genera: Liquidambar, Nothofagus, Robinia, Paulownia

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 7B. New approaches to the control of soil-borne pests and diseases

Anonymous, 1979:
Session 7B. Safety aspects of pesticides I: protection of operators

Nugent, J.A. et al., 1979:
Session 8: Other genera: Platanus, Salix, Ulmus, Liriodendron, Ailanthus, Quercus, Betula

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 8B. Pest and disease control in fruit and hops

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 8C. Pesticide resistance in pests and pathogens

Anonymous, 1979:
Session 8C. Safety aspects of pesticides II: measuring side-effects

Anonymous, 1981:
Session 9. Pesticide resistance - its impact on pest and disease control

Muench, J.Jr (Co ordinator), 1980:
Session I. Business and political climates: the forgers of demand

Anonymous, 1980:
Session I. Coli mastitis

Esser, M.H. (Editor), 1977:
Session I. Insect activity and control

Rahman, S.A., 1978:
Session I. Problems and prospects of management of bamboo forests of Bangladesh

Sattar, M.A., 1978:
Session I. Sundri mortality in Sundarbans

Hamilton, T.E. (Moderator), 1981:
Session I: Public planning for the nation

Berntsen, C. (Moderator), 1980:
Session I: Research techniques for developing multiple-use information

Stone, R.N. (Co ordinator), 1980:
Session II. Projected timber demand: where are we headed?

Esser, M.H. (Editor), 1977:
Session II. Treatments and effects

Anonymous, 1980:
Session II. Viral diseases of calves

Navon, D.I.; Konohira, Y. (Moderators), 1981:
Session II: Public planning on individual management units

Dourojeanni, M. (Moderator), 1980:
Session II: Status and progress of multiple-use research

Larsen, J.B. (Chairman), 1980:
Session II: Survival, height increment and growth increment

Anonymous, 1978:
Session II: review of present state of knowledge

Esser, M.H. (Editor), 1977:
Session III. Extractive yields

Stone, R.N. (Co ordinator), 1980:
Session III. Forecasting timber demand: state-of-the-art

Ghani, C.Q. (Chairman), 1978:
Session III. Forest extraction, utilization and industries

Anonymous, 1980:
Session III. Viral and postvaccination abortion

Anko, B. (Moderator), 1980:
Session III: Application of multiple-use research

Porterfield, R.L. (Moderator), 1981:
Session III: Private planning in corporations

Esser, M.H. (Editor), 1977:
Session IV. General topics

Koch, P. (Co ordinator), 1980:
Session IV. New technologies: forces that change demand

Zamora, E. (Moderator), 1980:
Session IV: Costs/benefits of practicing multiple use

Gregersen, H.M. (Moderator), 1981:
Session IV: Planning with minimum data or technology

Ellefson, P.V. (Co ordinator), 1980 :
Session IX. The future is now: how will the forestry community react?

Anonymous, 1980:
Session V. Blood parasitoses

Andree, R.C. (Co ordinator), 1980:
Session V. Demand for exports: a whole new world

Whaley, R.S. (Moderator), 1981:
Session V: Research needs for improved planning

Anonymous, 1978:
Session V: equipment and rigging

Haygreen, J.G. (Co ordinator), 1980:
Session VI. Energy: a new dimension to demand

Ismail, M., 1978:
Session VI. Progressive desertification in Bangladesh

Stephan, B.R. (Chairman), 1980:
Session VI: Diseases, insect pests and other damage

Quinney, D.N. (Co ordinator), 1980:
Session VII. Policy issues for responding to the demand outlook

Gullberg, U. (Chairman), 1980:
Session VII: Seed production

Anonymous, 1978:
Session VII: cable logging extraction in the logging system

Popovich, L. (Co ordinator), 1980 :
Session VIII. Timber supply: the other major factor

Mohr, W., 1980:
Session of the Hamburg Medical Association: intestinal diseases of the tropics

Kellison, R.C. et al., 1979:
Sessions 11 and 13: General

Anonymous, 1981:
Sessions on remote sensing 1980

Millar, C.S.; Minter, D.W.; Diamandis, S., 1980:
Set 66.

Mordue, J.E.M.; Hawksworth, D.L., 1980:
Set 68

Christians, Ch, 1981:
Set of laws and implementation of rural planning in Belgium

Kogan Vol' man, G.I.; Baital' skii, A.R.; Smirnov, V.I., 1979:
Set of machines for the post-harvest treatment of fibre-flax

Yukawa, J., 1979:
Setal counts and measurements of the sorghum midge and its relatives in Japan

Hennessey, RD., 1981:
Setal patterns of the wings of Aphelinus, Mesidia, and Mesidiopsis (Hym.: Aphelinidae), their value as taxonomic characters

Veldkamp, J.F., 1980:
Setaria clivalis (Ridl.) Veldk. comb. nov. (Gramineae)

Anonymous, 1980:
Setaria sphacelata

Davidse, G., 1981:
Setaria variifolia (Swallen) Davidse, a new combination (Gramineae: Panicoideae)

Khin, T.; Win, K.K., 1981:
Setaria worms from the domestic pigs in Burma

Machul' skii, S.N.; Shabaev, V.A.; Fomina, M.I., 1977:
Setariasis in cattle in the Buryat ASSR

Pujol, J.Y.; Vernie, F.; Rauch, F.; Ishikawa, H., 1981:
Sethoxydim, a new post-emergence grasskiller

Soekarjoto, S.; Sudasrip, H.; Davis, T.A., 1980:
Setora nitens, a serious sporadic insect pest of coconut in Indonesia

E.S.afie, A.E.; Webster, J., 1981:
Setosphaeria khartoumensis sp. nov. and its Exserohilum conidial state

Wiant, H.V.Jr, 1980:
Setting inventory objectives

Smiley, P., 1981:
Setting land disputes in the Solomon Islands

Hamilton, D.A.Jr, 1979:
Setting precision for resource inventories: the manager and the mensurationist

Ladewig, H.; Ebling, S., 1982:
Setting program priorities for the 80s

Budagov, A.A., 1979:
Setting seed drills to the sowing rate

Podlesetskii, G.; Konovalov, I.; Pilipets, V., 1981:
Setting standards for fixed capital in animal husbandry

Algenstaedt, K.; Lohse, G.; Ardenne, M. von; Ardenne, A. von, 1980:
Setting the combine harvester in relation to the performance - a contribution to the greater utilization of the output potential

Payne, P.; Thomson, A., 1981:
Setting up a nutrition information system: SIN, Costa Rica

Cooke, D.A.; Jaggard, K.W.; Draycott, A.P.; Scott, R.K.; Webb, D.J.; Golding, M.J., 1982:
Setting up and managing an experimental farm for crop studies: the first 20 years' experience at Broom's Barn

Besson, L.M., 1980:
Setting up young farmers in the Vendee

Zhijie, L., 1980:
Settings of the geothermal activities and a discussion of associated heat source problems

Derbyshire, B., 1980:
Settled density of wood fiber (cellulose-based) loose-fill thermal insulation using the CS-204 method

Hiraoka, M., 1980:
Settlement and development of the Upper Amazon: the East Bolivian example

Chaloult, Y., 1979:
Settlement and integrated rural development in the North-East

Liss, C.C., 1979:
Settlement and land use in East Patagonia with special reference to sheep estancia

Valdivia, V.S.; Cueto, A.L.J., 1979:
Settlement and rural development in the Eriazas zones of the north coast of Peru

Sanchez Lopez, A.J., 1980:
Settlement and the maintenance of dependence between large and small farms: the Viar case

Pearson, M., 1980:
Settlement of pastoral nomads: a case study of the New Halfa irrigation scheme in Eastern Sudan

Sandor, J., 1981:
Settlements and tourism regions in Hungary

Tzeng, R.C.; Bilanski, W.K., 1982:
Settling corn using vibration

Poulos, A.C.; Thibodeau, M.J., 1981:
Settling out suspended solids in phosphoric acid product solutions

Ansah, G.A.; Buckland, R.B., 1982:
Seven generations of selection for duration of fertility of frozen semen in the chicken

Vulpillieres, J.F. de, 1982:
Seven months of leisure: or the hidden face of education

Vulpillieres, J.F. de, 1981:
Seven months of spare time: the other face of education

Siddiqi, MR., 1982 :
Seven new genera of dorylaimid nematodes from Colombian rain forest

Ramirez, C.; Martinez, A.T., 1981:
Seven new species of Penicillium and a new variety of Penicillium novae-caledoniae Smith

Oud, P.J., 1979:
Seven recommendations on non-formal education programmes in rural areas

Ito, K.; Iida, T., 1981:
Seven sesquiterpene lactones from Inula britannica var. chinensis

Fejer, S.O.; Jui, P.Y.; Fedak, G., 1979:
Seven single-seed-descent generations, recurrent crossing and selection, and bulk breeding methods from a diallel cross of Hordeum vulgare L

Bourquard, M.; Giraud, J.; Subtil, M.C.; Riotte, D., 1981:
Seven years of parasite coprology in a hospital environment in Lyon. 41 160 examinations done from 1974 to 1980

Nebreda, I.M.; Parodi, P.C., 1981:
Seven years of triticale research in Chile

Schoonhoven, L.M.; Sparnaay, T.; van Wissen, W.; Meerman, J., 1981:
Seven-week persistence of an oviposition-deterrent pheromone

Buanec, C. le; Jacob, B., 1981:
Seventeen years of mechanical cultivation on a watershed in Central Ivory Coast. Evolution of soils and yields

Anonymous, 1980:
Seventeenth Meeting of the French Phytopathological Society (Paris, 7 December 1979). I. Breeding for resistance to pathogens in higher plants. II. Work of the sections

Anonymous, 1980:
Seventh Annual Symposium on Mathematical Genetics, Birkbeck College, London, 26 and 27 March 1979. Abstracts

Kuthan, J.; Lazebnicek, J., 1979:
Seventh Congress of European mycologists - Hungary 1978

Anonymous, 1979:
Seventh meeting of the Standing Committee for Forestry held in the Republic of Malawi from 23 to 27 April, 1979

Wijn, J.F. de; Dokkum, W. van; Peeters, E.M., 1981:
Seventh preliminary study on the nutritional state of schoolchildren 8 years old in the Netherlands (1976/77). 1. Somatometric studies

Anonymous, 1980:
Seventy-second Annual Report 1979-1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Seventy-seventh annual meeting, June 27-30, 1982.Program and s of papers. Abstracts on bovine mastitis

Anonymous, 1981:
Seventy-seventh meeting, held at the Hyatt Orlando Hotel, Kissimmee, Florida, April 26-29, 1981

Jeanney, J.C.; Doucet, J.; Assale, N.; Kanga, J.M.; Colin, M.; Heroin, P., 1981:
Seventy-six cases of onchocerciasis seen at the dermatology clinic

Kelso, W.C.Jr (President), 1980:
Seventy-sixth annual meeting, held at Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, April 27, 28, 29 and 30, 1980

Amaral, A. dos S., 1981:
Several aspects of seed vigour

Shogaki, Y.; Sone, K.; Yukimoto, M., 1980:
Several conditions for assaying on phytotoxicity by evaporated herbicides from paddy field

Marques, R.A.L.A.; Saturnino, M.A.C.; Oliveira, A.C.S. de, 1980:
Several considerations on the agriculture of the mining area of Poligono das Secas

Anonymous, 1980:
Several new dairy products at the SIAL 80 exhibition

Brussow, K.P.; Bergfeld, J.; Parchow, G., 1981:
Several years' experience on blood sampling by means of intravenous indwelling catheters in the pig

Eid, K.; Ferschl, M., 1980:
Several years' experiences with production of table ready celeriac salad from raw material of quality tested cultivars

Neururer, H., 1981:
Several years' practical experience with the use of economic injury thresholds for weed control

Medin, A., 1980:
Several years' results of growing peach cultivars in the Zadar agricultural complex

Lepage, P.; Serufilira, A.; Bossuyt, M., 1981:
Severe anaemia due to leech in the vagina

Williams, G.; Naraqi, S., 1979:
Severe anaemia in Port Moresby. A review of 101 adult Melanesian patients with haemoglobin level of 4G/100 ml or less

Pettersson, M.L., 1981:
Severe attack of cherry leaf spot, Phleosporella padi (Lib.) v. Arx, on sour cherry, Prunus cerasus during 1981

Bongarra, G.S., 1981:
Severe attacks of powdery mildew on Platanus orientalis in Sicily

Abu Samra, M.T.; Hago, B.E.D.; Musa, B.E., 1981:
Severe canine demodicosis in the Sudan. First reported cases

Mickleson, K.N.; Whyte, G., 1979:
Severe deficiency of vitamin K dependent coagulation factors in an infant

Piyakarnchana, T., 1981:
Severe defoliation of Avicennia alba BL, by larvae of Cleora injectaria Walker

Crunkilton, RL.; Czarnezki, JM.; Trial, L., 1980:
Severe gas bubble disease in a warmwater fishery in the midwestern United States

Agardh, C.D.; Westerberg, E.; Siesjö, B.K., 1980:
Severe hypoglycemia leads to accumulation of arachidonic acid in brain tissue

Dwijendra Singh; Manchanda, S.K., 1981:
Severe incidence of armyworm on rye in Kashmir Valley

Russo, M.; Vovlas, C., 1981:
Severe infections of bean common mosaic virus in the Marches

Coudert, J.; Mojon, M.; Ortiz de Landazuri, E., 1980:
Severe isosporiasis due to Isospora belli. Cure with Fansidar

Hosková, A.; Sabacký, J.; Mrskos, A.; Pospísil, R., 1980:
Severe lactose intolerance with lactosuria and vomiting

Torda, T.A.; Loong, E.; Greaves, I., 1980:
Severe lung oedema and fatal consumption coagulopathy after funnel-web bite

Gorodischer, R.; Shinwell, E., 1980:
Severe nutritional deficiencies in infants from a strict vegetarian community

Andreani, E.; Tolari, F.; Piazza, D.; Fracasso, B.; Bianca, D. della, 1980:
Severe outbreak of bovine leptospirosis due to L. interrogans serotype hardjo in the province of Udine

Chantraine, J.M.; Davin, J.C.; Lambrechts, L.; Heynen, G., 1979:
Severe renal osteodystrophy in two children treated by 1 alpha -hydroxycholecalciferol

Sann, L.; Rousson, R.; Frederich, A.; David, L.; Guibaud, P., 1980:
Severe rickets in a 41 day old Turkish boy due to maternal vitamin D deficiency

Hulin, A.; Piquion, A.; Desbordes, J.M., 1982:
Severe strongyloidiasis in French Guiana. A report of 4 cases

Michels, V.V.; O.B.ien, W.E.; Adams, J.M.; Beaudet, A.L., 1980:
Severe transient hyperammonemia of the newborn (STHN): evidence for heterogeneity

Shelly, J.R.; Arganbright, D.G.; Birnbach, M., 1979:
Severe warp development in young-growth ponderosa pine studs

McClain, C.J.; Silvis, S.E., 1979:
Severe zinc deficiency presenting as acrodermatitis during total parenteral nutrition

Feldman, A.W.; Hanks, R.W., 1980:
Severity of young tree decline of citrus independent of incidence of xyloporosis

Anonymous, 1980:
Severnside Creamery - a new Milk Marketing Board-creamery - with dairy machines from Denmark

E.Bassam, N., 1979:
Sewage sludge - an unquestionable fertilizer?

Furrer, O.J., 1975:
Sewage sludge as a fertilizer and soil improvement material

Haan, S. de, 1981:
Sewage sludge as a phosphate fertiliser

Forster, D.L.; Logan, T.J.; Miller, R.H.; White, R.K., 1981:
Sewage sludge landspreading in Ohio communities: 1980 perspective

Gerber, J.M.; Swiader, J.M.; Peck, T.R., 1981:
Sewage sludge on vegetables - a mixed blessing

Engelmann, J.A., 1982:
Sewage treatment method and apparatus

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Sex difference in dark, firm, dry meat production

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Sex differences in the labor market outcomes of education

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Sex disparities in the distribution of food within rural households

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Sex included

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Sex pheromone traps as a potential means of improving control programs for the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana

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Sex pheromone-stimulated orientation of the American cockroach on a servosphere apparatus

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Sex pheromones - a way to more effective control of the pea moth

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Sex ratio effects on egg production

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Sex ratio in mice of some strains of the dd group

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Sex ratio in the tick Dermacentor reticulatus (Fabr.) during the spring and autumnal activity

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Sex ratio of Hylaeus bisinuatus Forster (Hymenoptera: Colletidae)

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Sex ratios in bumble bee colonies: complications due to orphaning ?

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Sex reversal in the mouse

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Sex steroids in plasma and reproductive tissues of the female guinea pig

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Sex traps for counts of the codling moth

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Sex variation in dietary regulation of insulin receptors in man

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Sex versus non-sex versus parasite

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Sexing live adult Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Coleoptera: Bostrychidae)

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Sexual trapping of the codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.) as a means of forecasting

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Seyanets Golubki

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Shade effects on weeds

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Shade for cocoa

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Shadow prices in a tourist economy

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Shadow pricing rules for non-traded commodities

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Shallow ploughing for the improvement of grassland

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Shape factors of cylindrical piezometers

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Shaping the environment through land consolidation

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Share of milk and milk products in total food consumption in Poland

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Sharecropping and the interlinking of agrarian markets

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Sharecropping, production potentialities and theory of contracts

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Anonymous, 1982:
Sharp eyespot

Anonymous, 1980:
Sharp eyespot of cereals

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Shattercane - a threat to summer cropping

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Shattercane control

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Shay Gap, Australia: design and evaluation of a desert mining town

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Shear strength of tapered wood beams

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Shear strength of uniformly loaded dimension lumber

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Shearing outfit driven from pto

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Shearing shed design

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Shearing shed plans and case studies

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Sheath rot outbreak in the Punjab

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Sheath rot spreads in Bihar, India

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Shed pollen culture in Hordeum vulgare

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Shedding of buds, flowers and bolls in American cotton (G. hirsutum) as affected by the time of Planofix (NAA) application

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Shedding of malignant catarrhal fever virus by wildebeest calves

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Shedding of the upper parts of grapevine shoots

Anonymous, 1979:
Sheep (including mixed grazing)

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Sheep - prospects for producer returns

Anonymous, 1980:
Sheep 1980

Anonymous, 1981:
Sheep AI

Anonymous, 1980:
Sheep abortion

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Sheep and cattle on saltbush

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Sheep and lamb production as alternatives

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Sheep breeding associations, 1977-78

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Sheep breeding in Denmark in 1980

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Sheep breeding in Poland

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Sheep breeding plans

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Sheep breeding research at the ARC Animal Breeding Research Organisation

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Sheep by contract

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Sheep dairy production

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Sheep farming -- the results of a linear programming exercise

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Sheep farming as a partial solution to the EEC's dairy problems

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Sheep farming in northern France. Report of a study trip in October 1979

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Sheep farming in the Irish Republic

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Sheep farming on the pumice lands of the Central Plateau

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Sheep feeding practices in semi-arid region of Rajasthan

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Sheep grazing effects on Mojave Desert vegetation and soils

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Sheep handling pens and dippers

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Sheep husbandry in Sangssar

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Sheep improvement scheme

Anonymous, 1981:
Sheep improvement services. Feeding the ewe

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Sheep in the Soviet Union

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Sheep insemination in France

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Sheep ked control with pour-on applications of organophosphorus insecticides

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Sheep marketing in Scotland

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Sheep numbers

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Sheep on lowland grass. Papers presented at the Summer Meeting 30th August to 1st September 1978

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Sheep production in 1979 in the GFR

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Sheep production: intensive systems, innovative techniques boost yields

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Sheep ranching in the dry corner of Wyoming

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Sheep rearing in North Eastern India - Arunachal Pradesh

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Sheep recording in 1978

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Sheep recording in 1979

Anonymous, 1981:
Sheep recording in 1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Sheep recording in Norway

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Sheep sarcosporidioses: controlling sarco. Interruption of transmission by farm predators and experimental induction of immunity to Sarcocystis tenella in lambs

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Sheep sarcosporidioses: detecting sarco. Immuno-serology in confirmation of Sarcocystis infection

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Sheep serum as a replacement to human serum for the maintenance of in vitro cultures of Plasmodium falciparum

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Sheep toxicology.

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Sheep tumours in North East Yorkshire. II. Experimental production of tumours

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Sheep use on mountain winter range in New Mexico

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Sheep, beef and wheat industries: preliminary survey results for 1979-80 and 1980-81

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Sheepskin quality in the principal breeds in Azerbaijan

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Shelf life extension of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) by gamma irradiation

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Shelf life of film-packaged cheese influenced by handling, storage

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Shelf life of inactivated oil-adjuvanted foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

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Shelf life of raw buffalo milk produced under improved hygienic methods of milking under village conditions

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Shelf life tests on pasteurized milk

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Shellakia agami, a probably new species from the reptile Agama stellio captured in Assiut locality

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Shelling dwarf bean seed with a friction sheller?

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Shelling rapeseed

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Shelter belts against storms and cyclones on the coast

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Shelter boosts crop yield by 35 per cent: also prevents lodging

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Shelterbelt protection. Its effect on soyabean yields

Guinaudeau, C., 1980:

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Shelterbelts and boll weevils: a control strategy based on management of overwintering habitat

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Shelterbelts and trees in the agricultural sector

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Sheltering places of black-flies in Turkmenia

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Shelters for improving the growth of young trees

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Shelters for improving the growth of young trees - 1981 results

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Shelterwood cutting in Allegheny hardwoods

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Shelterwood fellings in the oak forests of the NW Caucasus

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Shetland sheep and wool

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Shift CO plus steam to H2

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Shift-and-share analysis: methodological aspects with particular reference to agriculture

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Shift-share analysis in regional research

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Shifting cultivation

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Shifting cultivation and cultural changes: the case of the Wayapi and Palikur Indians of French Guiana

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Shifting cultivation and land capability in a semi arid environment. Two examples from Botswana

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Shifting cultivation in North-eastern India

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Shifting cultivation in Northern Thailand. Possibilities for development

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Shifting cultivation in the N. E. region

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Shifting depositional axes of Iraq: an outline of geosynclinal history

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Shifting weed populations in a cocoa plantation due to herbicides

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Shifting-sand control and pasture construction

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Shiftwork and leisure. Results of a study in Witten

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Shigella serotypes from non-human sources

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Shikimate kinase and shikimate metabolism in Sorghum

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Ship chartering alternatives for grain-exporting cooperatives

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Shipping citrus in trailers with under-the-floor air distribution

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Shiverer: an autosomal recessive mutant mouse with myelin deficiency

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Shivering thermogenesis and glucose uptake by muscles of normal or diabetic rats

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Shock resistance and dynamic quality index of wood: its determination, and effects of density, growth layer width, moisture content, temperature, knottiness and spiral grain

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Shoenite as a source of potassium for rice

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Shoot and root growth in Eucalyptus tereticornis seedlings

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Shoot and root responses to phosphorus by Trifolium ambiguum and Trifolium repens in a montane environment

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Shoot development and CO2-assimilation rates of maize seedlings in relation to genotype and temperature changes

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Shoot development in young aspen

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Shoot development of Aucuba japonica. I. Morphological study

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Shoot disorders of cane and bush fruits

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Shoot fly resistance in sorghum

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Shoot formation in tissue culture of petiole and leaf blade segments of strawberry

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Shoot formation in tissue cultures of three cultivars of the tropical pasture legume Stylosanthes guyanensis (Aubl.) Sw

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Shoot forming capacity of tea in relation to spacing

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Shoot growth and differentiation in Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

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Shoot growth and flower formation in honeysuckle with edible fruits

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Shoot growth, mineral nutrient absorption, fruit size, quality and cold hardiness of Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki) and citrus (Citrus unshiu and C. iyo) trees as influenced by forced soil aeration

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Shoot numbers, stem bases and persistence in artificially-worn perennial ryegrass cultivars

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Shoot production from in vitro cultured flower heads of Allium porrum L

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Shoot regeneration in vitro from native Australian fruit-bearing trees - quandong and plum bush

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Shoot tip culture in forage legumes

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Shoot tip culture of Williams banana

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Shoot tip culture of several cultivars of Ipomoea batatas

Chand, S.; Roy, S.C., 1980:
Shoot-tip culture as a means of propagation of genetically alike plants

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Shootfly reaction of winter varieties and hybrids

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Shore crabs as natural intermediate hosts of microphallid trematodes

Anonymous, 1979:
Shore erosion around Loch Lomond. Proceedings of a seminar held at the Buchanan Arms Hotel, Drymen, Scotland, 18 May 1979

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Shorea pinanga Burck. flowers 6 years after planting in Research Plot No. 76

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Shorea robusta Gaertn. f. - a new host for Cephaleuros virescens Kunze

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Short and long-term analysis of the impacts of several soil loss control measures on agriculture

Anonymous, 1980:
Short bibliography on storing and marketing bananas in Hawaii and Puerto Rico

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Short chain fatty acids in the human colon

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Short communication: The humus form index (Ihf), a simple numerical way of expressing the humus form of forest soils

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Short course nitroimidazole in the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis

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Short course treatment of vaginal candidiasis using clotrimazole

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Short critical review of Spanish mosquitoes

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Short cuts to calculating new central rules

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Short day insensitive jute mutant

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Short duration anaesthesia in horses with diazepam-xylazine-ketamine

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Short estrous cycles and associated serum progesterone levels in beef cows

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Short geography of foreign tourism in Belgium

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Short information about milk production and mastitis control in Poland

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Short lumber in furniture manufacture

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Short note: possibilities of early selection in Hevea brasiliensis

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Short note: winter injury in a Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) clonal seed orchard

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Short notes on the systematics, bio-ecology and external morphology of triatomines, especially Triatoma infestans and Triatoma sordida

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Short notes. Ononis speciosa

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Short report on collaborative breeding of winter wheat and barley

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Short report, study tour of Turkey by GFR experts on crop production, particularly farm grown fodder, taking account of the use of suitable farm inputs

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Short rotation biomass production of willows in New Zealand

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Short rotation forestry as a source of energy

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Short run and long run cost structures in livestock auction markets: average versus optimal efficiency

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Short season cultural systems for pest management in cotton

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Short standing systems for milk cows

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Short stature and overweight in infants of western Massachusetts

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Short stature as the primary manifestation of coeliac disease

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Short stature in early onset Crohn's disease: more common than meets the eye

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Short stature induced in the winter wheat Mironovka 808 by chemical mutagens

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Short stature varieties in lodging battle

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Short term and long term credit for collective farms

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Short term cultivation of isolated barley roots and their mitotic activity

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Short term response to individual selection for ten weeks body weights in meat type chickens

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Short term storage of semen from cockerels

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Short term vertical migration of microarthropods in the soil of an ilex forest on Mount Minardo (Etna)

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Short- and long-term effects of eating on blood composition in free-feeding goats

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Short-lived protection of pea plants against Mycosphaerella pinodes by prior inoculation with Pseudomonas phaseolicola

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Short-period pricing models for fed cattle and impacts of wholesale carcass beef and live cattle futures market prices

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Short-pulp extraction with a small hauler (a further trial)

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Short-range orientation of Pseudococcus calceolariae (Mask.) males (Homoptera Coccoidea) in a wind tunnel

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Short-rotation coppices

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Short-run changes in rural income inequality: a decomposition analysis

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Short-run income effects of a decrease in agricultural prices with respect to farm groups in West German agriculture

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Short-straw forms of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare) obtained as a result of MNUA-induced mutations

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Short-strawed forms of wheat and their breeding value

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Short-term advisory report: the reorganization of the Agricultural Bank of Bolivia to facilitate the administration of credit for the small farmer

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Short-term and long-term effects of drought on steady-state and time-integrated plant processes

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Short-term and long-term implications of soil loss control on U.S. agriculture

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Short-term burning treatments and ecological interactions in the herb layer of false thornveld of the Eastern Province

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Short-term changes in income distribution in poor agrarian economies: a study of famines with reference to Indian sub-continent

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Short-term clotrimazole treatment of vaginal candidosis

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Short-term effect of ammonium chloride on nitrogen fixation by Azotobacter vinelandii and by bacterioids of Rhizobium leguminosarum

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Short-term effect of cyproterone acetate on testicular FSH binding in immature rats

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Short-term effects of energy density on salivation, hunger and appetite in obese subjects

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Short-term forecasting of the development of grey mould of sunflower

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Short-term forecasting of the development of the codling moth

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Short-term forecasts based on seasonal weather patterns and ocean influences

Potvin, F., 1980:
Short-term impact of a spruce budworm outbreak on a deer wintering area

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Short-term intake of overweight individuals and normal weight dieters and non-dieters with and without choice among a variety of foods

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Short-term kinetics of elongation growth of gibberellin-responsive lettuce hypocotyl sections

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Short-term metabolic response in wethers to high dietary protein intake prior to fasting

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Short-term oral candidosis in rats, with special reference to the site of infection

Muller, B., 1981:
Short-term planning of production and raw material collection under conditions with a number of bottlenecks

Jureit, S., 1981:
Short-term planning of production programmes and additional purchase of raw materials

Meng, Q.X., 1981:
Short-term prediction on the occurrence of the wheat yellow dwarf disease

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Short-term regulation of food intake by the brown honeyeater, Lichmera indistincta

Freeman, B.M.; Manning, A.C.C.; Flack, I.H., 1980:
Short-term stressor effects of food withdrawal on the immature fowl

Wolf, D.D., 1980:
Short-term tall fescue leaf elongation as influenced by several environmental factors

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Short-term tests for carcinogens and mutagens

Leimer, R.; Fernandez, F.; Lotvin, B.R.; Pereira, G.J.; Schenone, H., 1980:
Short-term treatment of acute intestinal amoebiasis with ornidazole

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Short-term water and energy flow in arid ecosystems

Reeves, P.-G.O.-Dell, B., L., 1981:
Short-term zinc deficiency in the rat and self-section of dietary protein level

Tratwal, Z., 1982:
Shortening of the maxilla in the course of atrophic rhinitis of swine

Eizenga, G.C., 1980:
Shortening the alien segment in a wheat-Agropyron transfer line

Fowler, R.G., 1980:
Shortening the cotton season: can the savings in bug and water costs outweigh lower yield?

Lahav, E.; Kalmar, D., 1981:
Shortening the irrigation interval as a means of saving water in a banana plantation

Lahav, E.; Kalmar, D., 1980:
Shortening the irrigation interval as a means of saving water in a banana plantation. (b) The effect on the suckers and yield

Rusniak, L.; Kowalska, M., 1980:
Shortening the time of barley malting to five days at various moisture contents of the malt

Wiebe, H.J., 1982:
Shorter germination period after seed treatment with Carbowax

Hanson, A.G., 1980:
Should Australia plan to export forest products?

Neveu, A., 1981:
Should French agriculture be protected or competitive? A prospective study

Magasi, L.P., 1979:
Should Scleroderris scare us?

D.J., 1977:
Should Sitka spruce be restricted to damp areas?

Paul, A.B., 1980:
Should futures contracts be settled by cash payments?

Glem Hansen, N.; Sorensen, P.B., 1981:
Should grain be ground finely?

Pottie, G., 1980:
Should hormonal anabolics be used on cattle in Belgium?

Severac, R., 1981:
Should one irrigate maize in the Rhone valley?

Sjolin, S., 1981:
Should paediatricians support infants and/or the baby food industry?

Boontjes, J., 1980:
Should peat be used in the storage of lilies in ice?

Bezchlibnyk, K.Z.; Jeffries, J.J., 1981:
Should psychiatric patients drink coffee?

Mccarl, B.; Tice, T., 1982:
Should quadratic programming problems be approximated?

Minister, P., 1980:
Should quality payments make you cross?

Vrillon, J.L.; Rochambeau, H. de, 1980:
Should rabbit breeds be preserved?

Berglund, G., 1980:
Should salt intake be cut down to prevent primary hypertension

Turnbull, J.E.; Munroe, J.A.; Darisse, J.P.F.; Wilson, G., 1979:
Should silo foundations be placed below frost?

Zimmer, K., 1981:
Should the irrigation water be heated?

Nordlander, G.; Von Rosen, H., 1980:
Should thrips in spring cereals be controlled?

Lanser, E.W., 1980:
Should we breed for milkability?

Pizarro, E.A., 1980:
Should we conserve forage?

Stephen, A.M., 1981:
Should we eat more fibre?

Fryer, J., 1980:
Should we feed the hungry?

Dietrichson, J., 1980:
Should we use White Russian Norway spruce over the whole country?

Springer, E.L., 1979:
Should whole-tree chips for fuel be dried before storage?

Dampier, G.; Ellis, R.F., 1981:
Showcase dairy plant has huge 3025-hp refrigeration system

Vogt, J.; Yvard, J.C., 1979:
Showers, rainstorms and soil erosion in the southwest of the Paris Basin

Roth Maier, D.A., 1980:
Shredded maize ear and top silage - how can it be fed?

Herndon, E.B., 1980:
Shredding detrimental to herbicide activity on sand shinnery oak

Stewart, P.J., 1981:
Shredding trees in modern Britain

Budgen, B., 1981:
Shrinkage and density of some Australian and South-east Asian timbers

Sattar, M.A.; Ali, M.O., 1978:
Shrinkage and density studies of teak of various age groups

Tchir, R.; Hawkins, M.; Westra, R., 1981:
Shrinkage losses in Alberta hog deliveries

Petruzzelli, G.; Pagliai, M.; Guidi, G., 1980:
Shrinkage of artificially dried soil samples collected at different depths in a clay soil

Kozlik, C., 1981:
Shrinkage of western hemlock heartwood after conventional and high-temperature kiln-drying

Ramage, R.T.; Crandall, C.L., 1981:
Shrunken endosperm mutant seg8

Bell, H.V., 1982:
Shutdown and start-up of a cryogenic tank

Haq, M.S., 1976:
Shwe War Htun - a mutant variety

Rautenberg, P.R.inwald, E.R.sse, H., 1981:
Sialic acids are responsible for charge heterogeneity of the variant surface glycoprotein of Trypanosoma congolense

Wani, G.M.; Tripathi, S.S.; Saxena, V.B., 1980:
Sialo-proteins in the cervical mucus of repeat breeding cows during oestrus

Waage, JK., 1982:
Sib-mating and sex ratio strategies in scelionid wasps

Rybalov, L.N., 1981 :
Siberian black currant varieties in the Ukraine

Abdurakhmanov, S.G.; Dzhumabekov, E., 1980:
Siberian plums in the Tien-Shan

Kress, W.John, 1981:
Sibling competition and evolution of pollen unit, ovule number, and pollen vector in angiosperms

Salamon, S., 1982:
Sibling solidarity as an operating strategy in Illinois agriculture

Teem, D.H.; Hoveland, C.S.; Buchanan, G.A., 1980:
Sicklepod and coffee senna, related weeds that present different problems

English, L.J.; Oliver, L.R., 1980:
Sicklepod and hemp sesbania control in soybeans

Whitwell, T.; Walker, R.H.; Jolley, E.R.; Thurlow, D.L.; McGuire, J.A., 1980:
Sicklepod control in soybeans with herbicides, row widths and planting dates

Hardcastle, W.S., 1981:
Sicklepod control with metolachlor plus propazine

Eastin, E.F., 1981:
Sicklepod germination as influenced by seed treatment and temperature

Sherman, M.E.; Thompson, L.J.; Bunn, T.M., 1981:
Sicklepod management in soybeans

Pospisilova, J.; Janyska, A., 1980:
Side effect of some herbicides and fungicides on celeriac

Minister, P., 1981:
Side effects

Galland, M.C.; Brun, A.; Camboulives, J.; Pham, M.C.; Schops, M.; Tournigand, T.; Jouglard, J., 1980:
Side effects from the use of formaldehyde solutions during the surgical removal of hydatid cysts

Jamroz, D.; Mazurkiewicz, M.; Wachnik, Z., 1981:
Side effects of anticoccidials added to the feed of broilers. II

Khalid, R.A.; E.Y.as, Z.A., 1980:
Side effects of certain insecticides on yield and fiber properties of treated cotton plants Gossypium hirsutum in Mosul

Ibenthal, W.D.; Heitefuss, R., 1979:
Side effects of herbicidal urea- and triazine-derivatives on wheat infested with Erysiphe graminis f.sp. tritici. II. Physiological and biochemical studies on the causes of the indirect side effects of herbicides on powdery mildew infestation

Verstraete, W.; Stryckers, J.; Cadron, J.; Himme, M. van; Bulcke, R., 1979:
Side effects of herbicides on the soil microfauna in beet crops. Evaluation of the 1977 results

A.Ne' ami, K.T., 1981:
Side effects of insecticides on the strawberry spider mite, Tetranychus turkestani (Ugar. & Nik.) (Acarina, Tetranychidae) and their natural enemies

Subagja, J., 1981:
Side effects of no-till methods and herbicide paraquat upon collembolan populations

Bremer, H.; Bunemann, G., 1982:
Side effects of organic scab fungicides. II. Yield and fruit quality of cv. Golden Delicious

Forster, H.; Buchenauer, H.; Grossmann, F., 1980:
Side effects of the systemic fungicides triadimefon and triadimenol on barley plants. II. Cytokinin-like effects

Forster, H.; Buchenauer, H.; Grossmann, F., 1980:
Side effects of the systemic fungicides triadimefon and triadimenol on barley plants. III. Further effects on metabolism

Beetz, K.J., 1980:
Side-effects of Ronilan against spider mites

Stellwaag Kittler, F.; Haub, G., 1980:
Side-effects of pesticides on predacious mites in viticulture

Lelievre, D., 1980:
Side-effects of phosalone

Forster, H.; Buchenauer, H.; Grossmann, F., 1980:
Side-effects of the systemic fungicides triadimefon and triadimenol on barley plants. 1. Effect on growth and yield

Vives, J.F.; Rouy, J.M.; Wagner, A.; Vallat, G., 1978:
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