Situation of young people on the land. Rural youth with particular reference to the rising generation in agriculture

Planck, U.

Schriftenreihe des Bundesministeriums fur Ernahrung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten, Reihe A Landwirtschaft Angewandte Wissenschaft 260: 227


Accession: 000980737

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The study is based on representative sample surveys of young people aged from 18-29 in 126 villages throughout the GFR in 1955, 1968 and 1980. The analysis shows that young men working in agriculture continue to come mainly from local farming families, though an increasing number of farmers' wives come from non-farm backgrounds. The majority of young people on farms continue to be from the least educated group, but in contrast to 1955 the major proportion of them come from farm owning familites. Conflicts about succession to farms have become less acute. The status of heir to the farm is less important though it was still thought desirable to keep farm ownership within the family. The surveys covered young people's self image, integration in the community, participation in general youth culture, attitude to the church, politics, environment and living conditions, as well as education and training and their views about the future.