Soil and crop management. Soil fertility management: microbiological studies. Molecular nitrogen fixation associated with the rice plant. The role of varieties


Annual Report for 1978: 244


Accession: 000981680

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In a comparison of nitrogenase (C2H2 reduction) activity in rice cv. IR34, IR2037, IR2071, Mahsuri and IR2G, activities varied with cv. but were generally higher at the reproductive stage (65 days old) than the seedling stage (15 days old). Cv. differences in nitrogenase activity were positively correlated with root dry wt. and with CH4 production but negatively with stem dry wt. In some cv. only, differences with cv. were correlated with CH4 production. Higher nitrogenase activities were noted in cv. which developed poorly. It is suggested that cv. studies involving nitrogenase activities should be interpreted with caution.