Soil and crop management. Soil fertility management: microbiological studies. Nitrogen fixation associated with Azolla


Annual Report for 1978: 245-248


Accession: 000981681

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N fixation associated with Azolla spp. is discussed in terms of its temp. and P requirements. In studies on the availability of N fixed by A. pinnata to rice, N uptake was 52, 50 and 53% at 42, 81 and 123 days, resp., after transplanting of rice into pots which contained soil into which 15N-labelled Azolla was incorporated, and was 3.9, 6.2 and 9.5%, resp. when the Azolla plants were floated on the soil surface. This higher availabilty of fixed N when Azolla sp. was incorporated into the soil rather than floated was also demonstrated in a field trial.