Soils developed on volcanic materials (Canary Islands) : vertic-fersiallitic intergrades. Morphological, physico-chemical and mineralogical characteristics. Interpretation and classification

Rodriguez Pascual, C.; Fernandez Caldas, E.; Rodriguez Hernandez, C.M.

Anales de Edafologia y Agrobiologia 39(3/4): 477-495


Accession: 000982305

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The morphological, physico-chemical and mineralogical characteristics of a vertic-fersiallitic intergrade soil profile in the Canary Islands are described. The soil is classified according to the French system as a vertic-fersiallitic intergrade: class, fersiallitic; subclass, saturated or eutrophic; group, vertic; subgroup, calcic. According to the American system the soil is a typic or ustollic calciorthid, or a vertic eutrochrept.