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Chapter 987

Stage-specific antigens of Schistosoma mansoni

Brink, L.H.; Krueger, K.L.; Harris, C.

The host invader interplay Proceedings 3rd Internat Symp on the biochemistry of parasites and host parasite relationships, Beerse, Belgium, 30 June to 3 July 1980: 393-404


Accession: 000986376

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The surface components of the various developmental and adult stages of Schistosoma mansoni were compared. The Puerto Rican strain of S. mansoni was maintained in Biomphalaria glabrata and CD-I mice. Viable cercariae, mechanically prepared, skin-penetrated, cultured and lung-stage schistosomula, and adult male and female worms were labelled with 125I by the Bolton-Hunter method.

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