Standardization of a process for the manufacture of coprecipitates from buffalo milk

Kumar, V.; Gupta, S.K.

Indian Journal of Dairy Science 32(3): 222-226


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5146
Accession: 000986483

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Low- (LCC), medium- (MCC) and high-calcium (HCC) co-precipitates resp. were prepared by holding milk containing 0, 0.06 or 0.2% added CaCl2 at 195 deg F for 15-25, 10-15 or 1-5 min; HCl was added to precipitate proteins in LCC and MCC. After whey separation, the co-precipitates were washed in acidulated water (pH 4.6), redispersed, heated at 185 deg F for 30 min, adjusted to pH less than or equal to 7, micropulverized and spray-dried. Protein % recovery and solubility index increased slightly with holding time, but there was no effect of holding time on protein, Ca, lactose or ash contents or on bulk density. LCC, MCC and HCC resp. of good quality were obtained using holding times of 20, 12 and 2 min and washing 3 times; they had Ca contents of 1.6, 2.45 and 3.3%.