Studies on infection and multiplication of plant viruses in variegated tobacco plants. II. Infection and multiplication of tobacco mosaic virus in variegated leaves of tobacco cultivar Samsun Nc

Nagao, N.

Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 35(3/4): 129-136


Accession: 000989550

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The number of local lesions on white (W) was double that on green (G) areas. Lesions enlarged faster on W, but virus conc. 3-4 days after inoculation was 2-6 times higher in lesions on G. In the central tissues of lesions on W and G TMV particles aggregated in crystalline form in the altered electron-dense cytoplasm of collapsed and shrunken cells. The size and number of the virus aggregates in G cells were greater than in W cells. The lower virus conc. in lesions on W, contrasting with the higher susceptibility of W cells to lesion formation, is attributed to more rapid necrosis in these cells, resulting in early inhibition of virus multiplication.