Studies on soybeans. 1. The effect of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium on the growth, yield components, yield and nutrient contents of soybeans (Glycine max L. Merril)

Rahman, M.A.; Haque, M.S.; Shahidullah, M.; Hossain, T.

Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 13(1-4): 107-113


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-9809
Accession: 000990235

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In 1973-4, soyabean cv. C 6 was grown on a sandy clay loam and given all combinations of 30 or 40 lb N, 30 or 40 lb P2O5 and 30 or 40 lb K2O/ac. Highest seed yield of 1.68 t/ha was given by 40 lb N + 40 lb P2O5 + 40 lb K2O, compared with yields of 1.35 t/ha in the control given no NPK. The number of pods/plant and seed carbohydrate content were max. and oil content min. at the highest level of fertilization. The highest protein content of 41.6% was given by 30 lb N + 40 lb P2O5 + 40 lb K2O/ac.