Studies on the breeding of a powdery mildew resistant cultivar of Burley tobacco. 2. Development of a new cultivar B 103 with powdery mildew resistance resistance derived from a domestic cultivar Kokubu

Sato, M.; Yoshida, T.; Oinuma, T.

Bulletin of the Morioka Tobacco Experiment Station 14: 1-16


Accession: 000990510

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In trials in 1976-7 the new tobacco cv. B 103 resistant to powdery mildew (Erysiphe cichoracearum) was compared with cv. Burley 21. Av. leaf yields for 3 sites in 1976 were 3.05 t/ha in B 103 and 3.22 t in Burley 21; comparable yields in 1977 were 2.81 and 2.97 t, resp. Plant ht. and leaf length were less in B 103 than in Burley 21.