Section 1
Chapter 991

Studies on the cultivation of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) for seed production. II. The effect of defoliation on the seed yield and yield components

Momma, E.

Japanese Journal of Grassland Science 26(3): 273-279


Accession: 000990676

Early Italian ryegrass Waseaoba and Waseyutaka and late Yamaaoba and Nasuhikari were cut on 8 Dec., 1 March, 19 March or 9 April. Cutting in Dec. increased the yields of early due to an increase in number of ears, and cutting in early March did not decrease seed yield but decreased seed wt./ear and increased ear number. Later cutting decreased seed yields, with a greater effect with cutting on 19 March than on 9 April which increased ear number.

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