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Chapter 991

Studies on the effects of seeding date and seeding rate on yield and yield components of four common wheat (Tritium aesitivum L. em Thell) cultivars in Cucurova

Alkus, E.Y.; Genc, I.

Tarimsal Arastirma Dergisi 1(3): 233-254


Accession: 000990922

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Wheat Campodoro, Orso, Penjamo 62 and Cumhuriyet 75 were grown in field trials near Cukurova, Turkey in 1976-8. 200, 300, 400 or 500 seeds/m2 were sown in the 1st or 3rd wk. of Nov. or the 1st wk. of Dec. The number of fertile ears was unaffected by date of sowing; Cumhuriyet 75 had the lowest number (498 fertile ears/m2) and Campodoro the highest number (562). The number of fertile ears/m2 increased with increase in sowing rate. Significant positive correlations were found between grain yield and number of fertile ears, 1000-grain wt., grains/ear, hl wt. and harvest index. Significant negative correlations were found between grain yield and tillers/plant and heading to ripening period.

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