Section 1
Chapter 992

Studies on the natural enemies of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) and its biological control using an egg-parasite, Trichogramma australicum Girault (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Yadav, D.N.

Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal 6(1): 62-63


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-5193
Accession: 000991435

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A study was carried out in Anand, Gujarat, India, between 1972 and 1975 to develop the biological control of Heliothis armiger (Hb.), a major pest of (in descending order) potato, gram (Cicer arietinum), tomato and lucerne in the area. Trichogramma australicum Gir. was the only parasite reared from H. armiger eggs, and its highest parasitism rate was observed during February (98.2% parasitism in 1973-74 and 84.2% in 1974-75).

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