Studies on the productivity of grain sorghum. IV. Effect of various planting dates on the growth, grain yield and protein content of irrigated and nonirrigated grain sorghum

Mirhadi, M.J.; Kobayashi, Y.

Japanese Journal of Crop Science 50(2): 115-124


Accession: 000991677

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In field trials in 1978, sorghum hybrid H-726 was sown on 1 or 15 May, 1 or 15 June or 1 July and were irrigated twice weekly throughout the season or only until 6th leaf emergence. Extended irrigation increased plant ht., panicle length, number of leaves/plant, number of grains/panicle and grain and fodder yields. June sowings gave lower yields than other sowings. Early sowing increased dry wt. of plant parts and grain and protein yields. With sowing on 15 June and 1 July translocation of assimilates to grain was decreased. Grain and fodder yields generally followed the same pattern as N uptake.