Studies on the root system of cherry trees in the nursery grafted on selected mahaleb and wild cherry rootstocks

Atanasov, A.; Dimov, N.

Nauchni Trudove, Vissh Selskostopanski Institut "Vasil Kolarov" 25(2): 143-150


Accession: 000991817

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Root system development was studied in the cherry cvs Ranna Cherna Edra [Early Large Black], Napoleon and Hedelfingen grafted on mahaleb (Prunus mahaleb) 2X or wild cherry (P. avium) 1K rootstocks and planted in the nursery at 80 X 30 cm. All 3 cvs produced more vigorous top and root growth on mahaleb 2X. The bulk of the roots (70%) of both rootstocks was in the 0 to 20 cm soil layer. In the 21 to 40 cm layer there were more wild cherry roots, whereas in the 41 to 60 cm layer mahaleb roots predominated.