Section 1
Chapter 992

Studies on the root system of cherry trees in the nursery grafted on selected mahaleb and wild cherry rootstocks

Atanasov, A.; Dimov, N.

Nauchni Trudove, Vissh Selskostopanski Institut "Vasil Kolarov" 25(2): 143-150


Accession: 000991817

Root system development was studied in the cherry cvs Ranna Cherna Edra Napoleon and Hedelfingen grafted on mahaleb (Prunus mahaleb) 2X or wild cherry (P. avium) 1K rootstocks and planted in the nursery at 80 X 30 cm. All 3 cvs produced more vigorous top and root growth on mahaleb 2X. The bulk of the roots (70%) of both rootstocks was in the 0 to 20 cm soil layer.

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