Section 1
Chapter 992

Studies on the sand poppy association (Papaveretum argemone) in the northern Upper Rhine Valley

Oesau, A.

Mitteilungen Pollichia 67: 174-183


Accession: 000991826

The results are given of a survey of the Papaveretum argemone field weed community in the northern part of the Upper Rhine Valley and in the bordering Palatinate Forest area. Scleranthus annuus colonizes winter cereals on the sandy, non-calcareous soils (pH 4.1-6.3) of the Palatinate Forest area, while the Palatinate Rhine Plain is dominated by Anthemis austriaca. On the calcareous soils of Rhenish Hesse (pH 5.1-7.4) this association is rich in basophilous species.

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