Section 1
Chapter 993

Study of bovine viral leukosis in dairy herds in the Central Valley of Costa Rica

Rodriguez, L.; Esquivel, R.; Alvarado, J.

Ciencias Veterinarias, Costa Rica 2(2): 183-194


Accession: 000992395

Blood samples from 478 animals in seven dairy herds were examined by the keys of Gotze and Gottingen, morphology of the lymphocytes, and immunodiffusion in agar gel. The relationship between mother and daughter and age prevalence of the disease were studied. All seven herds were positive. In one herd a prevalence of 39% by immunodiffusion, 11.5% by Gotze's key, 13% by Gottingen's key and 34.5% by lymphocyte morphology was found in one of the sample herds.

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