Study of tylosin and sulfamethazine levels in growing and finishing swine diets

Lavorenti, A.; Miyada, V.S.; Butolo, J.E.; Lowenthal, C.F.W.

Pig Veterinary Society Proceedings 6: 311


ISSN/ISBN: 0141-3074
Accession: 000993300

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Twelve Large White X Wessex pigs were given no antibiotics and 36 were given diets with 100 mg tylosin and 100 mg sulfamethazine/kg up to 48.5 kg liveweight. These then had tylosin 11, 22 or 44 mg/kg up to 66.1 kg and 11, 11 or 22 mg until slaughter. Performance of groups did not differ significantly but there was a trend towards greater gains and efficiency of feed conversion when tylosin and sulfamethazine were given to young pigs. From 48.5 until 66.1 kg liveweight, tylosin at 44 or 22 mg/kg decreased feed intake and gain but increased efficiency. For finishing pigs 11 or 22 mg tylosin decreased intake and gain without affecting efficiency of feed conversion.