Study on crossbreds between Korean native and Holstein-Friesian cattle. 1. Comparison of Korean native and crossbred Holstein-Friesian calves

Na, K.J.; Kim, H.S.; Chung, S.B.; Lee, K.S.; Lee, K.W.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, Suweon Livestock and Veterinary 23: 48-54


Accession: 000993360

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For 13 Korean and 8 Holstein-Friesian X Korean male calves, body weight averaged 26.64 and 30.96 kg resp. at birth (P<0.05), 125.47 and 167.31 kg at 6 months of age (P<0.05), 263.39 and 379.29 kg at 12 months (P 0.01) and 426.10 and 561.36 kg at 18 months (P<0.01). Year of birth, parity and calving season had no significant effects on body weight. At 18 months, withers height averaged 121.3 and 133.4 cm resp. (P<0.01), body length 137.3 and 148.2 cm (P<0.01), and chest circumference 186.4 and 200.8 cm. Dressing percentage averaged 60.2 and 59.3, and the proportion of forequarter 46.7 and 49.3% (P<0.05).