Study on manufacture of chhana from buffalo milk

Ahmed, A.R.; Vyas, S.H.; Upadhyay, K.G.; Thakar, P.N.

Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal 7(1): 32-36


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-5193
Accession: 000993385

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Effects of strength of coagulant (citric acid ?), fat content of milk and temp. of coagulation on the quality and yield of chhana were studied. Buffaloes' milk was boiled, coagulated while hot and the mixture of chhana solids was transferred to muslin cloth, allowed to strain without pressure for about 1 min and then cooled and strained for 45-60 min. Strengths of coagulants used were 1, 1.5 and 2%. Yield was highest with 1% coagulant and lowest using 1.5%. Moisture content was lowest with 2% coagulant. Acceptability of chhana decreased with increasing coagulant strength. A milk fat content of 5% gave a better yield compared with 4%, but fat content had no effect on moisture content or acceptability of chhana. Yield and moisture content of chhana were higher when milk was coagulated at 60 deg C rather than at 70 deg C, but acceptability was better following preparation at 70 deg C. A combination of 1% coagulant strength, 5% milk fat content and a coagulation temp. of 70 deg C is considered effective.