Section 1
Chapter 994

Study on the nutrition of rice (Oryza sativa) . (3) . Absorption and distribution of nutritional elements in rice plant

Zou, B.J.; Zhou, W.M.; Yang, Z.Y.; Ling, S.; Zin, L.Y.

Liaoning Agricultural Science Liaoning Nongye Kexue 5: 12-17


Accession: 000993511

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Hybrid keng (japonica) rice Liyou 57 and its maintainer line Liming were sampled at different growing stages for comparison of the amount of nutrients absorbed and their distribution in the plant. The order of conc. of nutrient elements in plants was K=N>P>Mn>Na>Fe>Cu>Zn. There was a downward tendency of N and P at a late stage and an upward tendency in Na, Fe, Cu and Zn. Some differences in conc. of elements between the hybrid and the line were noted except for P, Zn and Cu.

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