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The effect of forage on voluntary intake and liveweight gain in cattle receiving sugar cane juice

Gill, M.; Done, F.; Berry, S.; Preston, T.R.

Tropical Animal Production 6(3): 230-233


Accession: 001005080

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In the first of 2 experiments, 8 crossbred zebu bulls were randomly divided into 2 treatment groups. Each bull received 5 kg daily of either chopped whole sugarcane or chopped grass (Brachiaria decumbens). The animals were fed on 750 g daily of cottonseed meal plus 70 g of minerals and had free access to sugarcane juice containing 0.8% urea and 0.01% formaldehyde, throughout the 84-day experimental period. There was a significant difference (P <0.05) in DM intake between the grass and cane-fed animals (6.08 and 4.74 kg DM/day, respectively) accounted for largely by differences in daily intake of cane juice (4.16 and 2.95 kg DM). In the second experiment, 8 crossbred zebu bulls were randomly allocated to 2 treatment groups.

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