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The effect of row-spacings and nitrogen levels on yield, yield components and quality of maize (Zea mays L.)

Al Rudha, M.S.; Al Younis, A.H.

Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Science 13: 235-252


Accession: 001006101

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In field trials in 1975-6 maize was grown at row spacings of 50, 79 or 90 cm and given 0, 40, 80 or 120 kg N/ha. N significantly reduced the number of days to 75% of tasselling and silking, increased plant and ear ht., number of grains and rows/ear, 1000-grain wt., grain yield, CP and oil contents, fertility and N percentage of the flag leaf. Row spacing significantly affected ear ht. and length, number of grains/ear, 1000-grain wt., CP and oil content of the grain and N percentage of the flag leaf. Row spacing had no significant effect on grain yield. Grain yield was positively correlated with number of grains/ear, rows/ear, ear length, 1000-grain wt., fertility, N percentage of flag leaf and grain oil and CP contents.

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