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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suda, C.A., 1981:
The impact of social change on marital stability among the Luo community in Kisumu town

Pant, M.M., 1980:
The impact of social forestry on the national economy of India

Benson, J.; Ellenbogen, B.; Olson, R., 1980:
The impact of spread and backwash on migration in a primate setting, 1950 to 1970

Kingsbury, P.D.; McLeod, B.B., 1980:
The impact of spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana Clemens, control operations involving sequential insecticide applications upon forest avifauna in the Lower St. Lawrence region of Quebec

Olson, S.C.; Haney, H.L.J., 1980:
The impact of state death taxes on the private nonindustrial forest landowner in the south

Ketcheson, D.E., 1977:
The impact of strip cutting on logging road costs

Schwartz, N.E.; Blandford, D., 1981:
The impact of structural change on potential instability in the world wheat market

Johnson, B.; Baker, M., 1980:
The impact of tax policy and soil conservation

Hussey, P., 1980 :
The impact of technical change in the dairy industry

Luning, H.A., 1982:
The impact of technological change on income distribution in low-income agriculture

Patton, W.P., 1981:
The impact of the 1977 Food and Agriculture Act on cotton production in the United States: a simulation of policy alternatives

Kingsbury, P.D.; McLeod, B.B., 1979:
The impact of the 1978 spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana Clemens, larvicide timing trials in Quebec upon forest avifauna

Kotwal, A., 1981:
The impact of the Green Revolution on labor contracts and rural poverty

Singh, D.P., 1980:
The impact of the Green Revolution on the poor

Connell, P., 1980:
The impact of the U.S. grain embargo on USSR meat and grain supplies

Smith, G.L., 1981:
The impact of the accession of Greece, Spain and Portugal to the European Communities on import demand for grains and oilseeds

de Camargo, S., 1980:
The impact of the country development in the expansion of schistosomiasis

Korayem, K., 1980:
The impact of the elimination of food subsidies on the cost of living of Egypt's urban population

Calandre Roenigsfeld, C.; Bascones Calvo, J., 1981:
The impact of the establishment of a car factory on the surrounding rural area: the case of General Motors in Figueruelas

Bullen, E.R.; Bastiman, B., 1981:
The impact of the experimental husbandry farms

Meyers, W.H.; Womack, A.W.; Bredahl, M.E., 1981:
The impact of the farmer-owned reserve on market structure: the case of wheat

Pemberton, R.W., 1981:
The impact of the feeding of Coleophora parthenica Meyrick (Lep.: Coleophoridae) on the tissues, physiology and reproduction of its host Salsola australis R.B. (Chenopodiaceae)

Wannitikul, W., 1981:
The impact of the government intervention on the organizational structure of the Thai sugar industry

Posada, R., 1980:
The impact of the high yielding varieties on the import requirements of the LDCs: the case of wheat

Ruscoe, C.N.E., 1980:
The impact of the photostable pyrethroids as agricultural insecticides

Lamm, R.Jr, 1981:
The impact of the voluntary anti-inflation program on retail food prices

Rogozinski, J., 1980:
The impact of tourism in the economy: the Mexican case

Lange, F.W., 1980:
The impact of tourism on cultural patrimony. A Costa Rica example

Archer, B., 1980:
The impact of tourism on local economies

Cant, G., 1980:
The impact of tourism on the host community - the Queenstown example

Cotta, J., 1980:
The impact of tourism on the local population of the Algarve

Roos, G.T. de, 1981:
The impact of tourism upon some breeding wader species on the Isle of Vlieland in the Netherlands' Wadden sea

Taylor, A.; Sargent, M.J., 1981:
The impact of training in the nursery stock sector of horticulture

Mazrui, A.A., 1980:
The impact of transnational corporations on educational processes and cultural change: an African perspective

Sander, W., 1979:
The impact of two communal irrigation projects in the Philippines

Zhang, Y.; Li, B.; Zheng, D.; Yang, Q., 1980:
The impact of uplift of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau on the geographical processes

Wei, H.C.S., 1980:
The impact of urbanization on the Chinese family - a comparative study of urban and rural families in contemporay Taiwan

Singh, R.P.; Krishna, S.S., 1980:
The impact of variation in sex-ratio in the adult population of Earias fabia Stoll on the insect's programming of oviposition and egg hatchability

Stansel, J.W., 1980:
The impact of world weather change on rice production

Catrivesis, B.; Hitiris, T.; Harris, A.H.; Christou, K.D., 1982:
The impact on Greek agriculture from membership in the EEC -- a comment and a reply

Swinbank, A., 1982:
The impact on UK agriculture of the latest developments in Brussels

Ryle, S.G.; Gervason, P., 1981:
The impact on agricultural land-use of federal policies and programs in Kings County, Nova Scotia

Zinkl, J.G.; Henny, C.J.; DeWeese, L.R., 1978:
The impact on brain cholinesterase activity in birds

DeWeese, L.R.; Henny, C.J., 1978:
The impact on breeding bird numbers and nesting success

Dutartre, A.; Beuffe, H.; Roqueplo, C., 1981:
The impact on the aquatic environment of chemical treatments on the banks of watercourses

Skapec, L.; Skuhravy, V., 1980:
The impact on the common reed (Phragmites communis Tr.) of the fly Lipara lucens Meig. (Diptera, Chloropidae) on the Rezabinec fishpond in southern Bohemia

Savane, M.A., 1979:
The impact on women of socio-economic changes in Africa South of the Sahara (project proposal)

Fonollera, R.E., 1979:
The impacts of government market intervention on weed control technology, income and employment in basic grain farms of El Salvador, Central America

Roberts, R.K.; Schatzer, R.J.; Heady, E.O., 1981:
The impacts of government production-oriented research and extension on U.S. agriculture: a simulation of future alternatives

Choi, K.S., 1980:
The impacts of price and income changes on expenditure inequality of Korean farm household

Capps, O.Jr, 1980:
The impacts of selected non foods, foods, socioeconomic and demographic characteristics on the decision to purchase various meats and seafoods for home consumption

Schmidt, M., 1979:
The impasse of the EEC dairy market policy

Nguyen Van Chi Bonnardel, R., 1981:
The impetus of the small-scale fishing sector and its effects on the Senegalese sea-shore

Sytstra, B., 1980:
The implementation and results of a rural development pilot project in Ain Khass village

Woods, K., 1980:
The implication for world agricultural trade of an enlarged European Economic Community

Mann, G.C., 1979:
The implication of choice of variety

Hodges, C.S., 1981:
The implications of diseases and insects in managing tropical forests

Lambrecht, F.L., 1979:
The implications of health in the development of arid zones in the Indian sub-continent

Ayres, P., 1981:
The implications of high speed low volume spraying for the effifiency of herbicides used in winter cereals

Harbott, B.J.; Rey, C.J., 1981:
The implications of long-term aquatic herbicide application: problems associated with environmental impact assessment

Phillips, D.S.M.; Woolford, M.W.; Copeman, P.J.A., 1980:
The implications of milking management strategies involving variations of milking frequency in the immediate post-partum period

Popovich, S., 1979:
The implications of relative growing stock measurements for plantation management

Kandiah, S., 1980:
The implications of weather/crop relationship in tea cultivation

Rethman, N.F.G.; Beukes, B.H., 1977:
The implications, with respect to production and nutritional value, of different stages of harvesting Eragrostis curvula hay

Reed, M.R.; Schnepf, R.D., 1982:
The import demand for U.S. burley tobacco in European markets

Stohr, G.W.D.; Leinert, S., 1978:
The importance and application of work studies

Gunkel, G., 1982:
The importance and development of pigmeat production in the European member countries of the CMEA

Perez Camacho, F., 1981:
The importance and distribution of diseases of supposedly viral origin in vineyards of the Montilla-Moriles production zone

Gajic, I.; Radivojevic, R., 1980:
The importance and magnitude of genetic change due to direct and indirect selection of pigs

Rensburg, S.J.J. van, 1981:
The importance and need for tick control. What it means to the industry

Bergman, J., 1980:
The importance for agriculture and horticulture of the extension of the European Community

Nikanorov, Y.I.; Polyakova, N.A., 1980:
The importance for biological improvement and prospects forintroducing herbivorous fish into Ivan'kovsky Reservoir

Stoye, M.; Bosse, M., 1981:
The importance for human hygiene of the nematodes of small animals and their control

Anselme, C., 1981:
The importance in cultivation of pathogenic organisms transmitted by seeds

Mati, A., 1980:
The importance of Cupressaceae in the nurseries of the Pistoia area

Demarrez, E., 1981:
The importance of German fruit and vegetable production for the domestic processing industry

Zois, K., 1979:
The importance of Greece's accession to the EC in overcoming underdevelopment

Mijuskovic, M., 1979:
The importance of Gymnosporangium sabinae (Dicks.) Wint. as the parasite of pear in the southern parts of Montenegro and the possibility of its control

Guth, R., 1982:
The importance of abandoned and marginal land for agro-structural change in the Saarland

Anonymous, 1980:
The importance of agricultural production and its remarkable exploitation

Varga, Gy, 1980:
The importance of agricultural production on small plots, its regulation and development

Spoljaric, V., 1980:
The importance of agriculture and its structural change in the foreign trade of Yugoslavia

Anonymous, 1981:
The importance of agriculture in the community. Papers to the 1981 annual meeting in Zollikofen

Monzu, N., 1979:
The importance of alternative primary blowfly species to the Australian sheep blowfly Lucilia cuprina (Wiedemann)

Clarke, V.V.; Taylor, P.; Sviridov, N.; Richardson, M., 1981:
The importance of an integrated approach to the control of bilharzia

Khanbegyan, R.A., 1978:
The importance of anthelmintic treatment of animals in preventing the contamination of the environment with Fasciola and the amounts of anthelmintic residue in the meat and offal

Vaughan, T.A.; Weil, W.P., 1980:
The importance of arthropods in the diet of Zapus princeps in a subalpine habitat

Simmons, W.J., 1981:
The importance of background correction in flame atomic absorption analysis of plants when diagnosing copper deficiency

Tepedino, V.J., 1979:
The importance of bees and other insect pollinators in maintaining floral species composition

Fischer, F., 1980:
The importance of biology and chemistry for the intensification of production and efficient utilization of wood raw materials

Grafner, G.; Betke, P., 1982:
The importance of blackfly attack of pasture animals with a historical review of the occurrence of blackflies (Diptera; Simuliidae) in the territory of the GDR

Lichtenthaler, H.K.; Buschmann, C.; Rahmsdorf, U., 1980:
The importance of blue light for the development of sun-type chloroplasts

Cornell, L.D.; Kerridge, K.W., 1980:
The importance of borrowed funds in investment on Australian sheep farms

Schetelig, H., 1979:
The importance of breast feeding in infant nutrition

Southgate, B.J., 1982:
The importance of bruchids (Col. Bruchidae) as pests of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan)

Korcak, R.F., 1980:
The importance of calcium and nitrogen source in fruit tree nutrition

Asseldonk, J.S.O. van; Faber, D.C.; Stolwijk, H.J.J., 1980:
The importance of cassava for agribusiness in Thailand and the Netherlands

Holubova, K., 1978:
The importance of cereals in the agricultural system of the Egyptian Arab Republic

Junk, W.J., 1980:
The importance of changes in water level in the ecology of flood plain regions, with special reference to the varzea of the central Amazon

Petana, W.B., 1980:
The importance of clinical, psychological and social effects experienced by patients with American trypanosomiasis (Chagas' disease)

Judson, F.N., 1979:
The importance of coexisting syphilitic, chlamydial, mycoplasmal, and trichomonal infections in the treatment of gonorrhea

Schonau, A.P.G.; Verloren van Themaat, R.; Borden, D.I., 1981:
The importance of complete site preparation and fertilising in the establishment of Eucalyptus grandis

Erokhin, A.I., 1979:
The importance of correlations among traits for selection of sheep

Reinhard, P., 1981:
The importance of cotton growing for Chad agriculture and an analysis of the cash flow which it releases

Thornqvist, T., 1982:
The importance of cover and ventilated base in the storage of fuel chips

Kadar, I., 1980:
The importance of crop analysis in determining the demand for fertilizer

Kvech, O., 1979:
The importance of crop residues in rotations of an intensive farming system

Carl, K.P., 1979:
The importance of cultural measures for the biological control of the cereal leaf beetle Oulema melanopus (Col. Chrysomelidae)

Delfel, N.E.; Smith, L.J., 1980:
The importance of culture conditions and medium component interactions on the growth of Cephalotaxus harringtonia tissue cultures

Greck, E.; Schimmelpfeng, H.; Schmid, P.P.S., 1980:
The importance of cv. Schwabische Weinweichsel as processing fruit

Herzog, H., 1981:
The importance of cytokinins for the development of the flag leaf and grain of spring wheat

Pikaar, N.A., 1981:
The importance of dietary fibre and the role of bread

McKinlay, KS., 1981:
The importance of dry plant material in the diet of the grasshopper Melanoplus sanguinipes (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Costantino, D.; Guarducci, A.; Cantaluppi, G.; Perrone, P.; Zucchetti, M.; Lanfranchi, R.; Brega, A., 1979:
The importance of early treatment in Amanita phaloides poisoning of children

Laveissiere, C.; Challier, A., 1979:
The importance of ecological studies for the control of Glossina. Prospects for the future

Rao, N.V.; Rao, C.S., 1982:
The importance of economic thresholds in rice management

Simchuk, P.A., 1982:
The importance of environmental conditions in the rearing of Microsporidia

Vologdin, A.I.; Razumova, A.F.; Charuk, E.V., 1979:
The importance of extractives for the permeability of pine and spruce wood

Henry, M.C., 1981:
The importance of familial infection in trypanosomiasis due to Trypanosoma brucei gambiense

Conroy, D.A., 1981:
The importance of fish diseases in relation to the development of salmonid culture in South America

Fashler, A.; Sziklai, O., 1980:
The importance of flower phenology in seed orchard designs

Fischer, M., 1980:
The importance of flowering intensity, frost damage to the flowers, and yield for the evaluation of productivity of apple rootstock breeding clones

Leibetseder, J., 1981:
The importance of fodder hygiene for animal production

Kosanovic, S.; Turkalj, Z.; Medic, M., 1980:
The importance of fruit and vegetables in diets

Gewald, N.J., 1981:
The importance of fuelwood in Central America: an appraisal and a plan for action

Kostalova, D., 1982:
The importance of garlic and garlic preparations in therapy

Khokhryakova, T.M., 1980:
The importance of geographic areas for the taxonomy of fungi - the pathogens of diseases of fruit trees

Burger, K., 1980:
The importance of grass seed and its bulk production for the GFR

Kampe, W., 1981:
The importance of heavy metals in plant production

Marletto, F., 1980:
The importance of honeybee pollination in fruit-setting by Actinidia chinensis

Pinzauti, M.; Frediani, D., 1980:
The importance of honeybee pollination in soya bean production

Dreisig H., 1980:
The importance of illumination level in the daily onset of flight activity in nocturnal moths

Belfort, M.; Lang, H.R.; Teuscher, H., 1980:
The importance of inland tourism for regional planning and development. With special reference to Minas Gerais, Brazil

Majer, J.D., 1978:
The importance of invertebrates in successful land reclamation with particular reference to bauxite mine rehabilitation

Maspes, V.; Tamigaki, M., 1979:
The importance of iron reabsorption in intestinal haemorrhage due to helminths in the course of anaemia

Csizinsky A.A., 1979:
The importance of irrigation frequency and fertilizer placement in growing vegetables with drip irrigation

Bartlett, J.A., 1980:
The importance of itch mite control in South Africa

Mckenzie J.S.; Mclean G.E., 1982:
The importance of leaf frost resistance to the winter survival of seedling stands of alfalfa

Oyenuga, V.A., 1977:
The importance of ley farming for improving the forage basis of tropical Africa

Ponzoni, R W., 1982:
The importance of live weight in the genetic improvement of Australian Merino sheep

O.Driscoll, J., 1980:
The importance of lodgepole pine in Irish Forestry

Wernsdorfer, Wh, 1980:
The importance of malaria in the world

Anonymous, 1981:
The importance of marketing agricultural produce correctly.

Yamada, Y., 1981:
The importance of mating systems in the conservation of animal genetic resources

Konig, K.D.; Heitz, F., 1982:
The importance of measures to increase efficiency in wood-processing enterprises

Cruz Landim, C. da, 1981:
The importance of meiosis in insect evolution

Cavaricci, A.; D.A.gelo Gargano, O.; Cerro, P.; Gennaro, A. de; Scafetta, C., 1980:
The importance of methyl cellulose in the identification of the genus Candida

Fricker, A., 1980:
The importance of milk and milk products in human nutrition

Junge, C., 1979:
The importance of mineral dust as an atmospheric constituent

Carpenter, G., 1981:
The importance of mother's milk

Utz, J.P., 1981:
The importance of mycoses in human medicine

Murayama, N., 1979:
The importance of nitrogen for rice production

Mirilov, M.; Svircevic, A.; Jakovljevic, D.; Trifunovic, S.; Stanulovic, D.; Popovic, B., 1980:
The importance of nutrition with regard to comprehensive protection against cardiovascular diseases

Dubinina, M.N., 1980:
The importance of organs of attachment in the phylogeny of tapeworms

Correa, L. de L.; Correa, M.O.A.; Vaz, J.F.; Silva, M.I.P.G. da; Silva, R.M. da; Yamanaka, M.T., 1980:
The importance of ornamental plants of aquaria as vehicles for the propagation of Schistosoma mansoni vectors

Vallet, A., 1981:
The importance of parasitism in bovine production in France

Pakholyuk, V.S., 1981:
The importance of performance traits in the selection of Russian Black Pied and Russian Simmental cattle for economic value

Rysin, L.P.; Vakurov, A.D.; Pavlova, V.F., 1981:
The importance of permanent sample plots in silvicultural investigations

Riedl, H., 1980:
The importance of pheromone trap density and trap maintenance for the development of standardized monitoring procedures for the codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Wapshere, A.J., 1980:
The importance of phytophagous organisms in regulating weed populations

Schreiber, A., 1982:
The importance of pine in the French forest products industry

Dimitrovsky, K.; Vesecky, J., 1978:
The importance of pioneer stands for the revegetation of spoil banks and their effects on the growth of other tree species

Graifenberg, A.; Giustiniani, L., 1980:
The importance of planting density for concentrated ripening and for fruit detachment in the mechanical harvesting of capsicums

Dieterich, H.; Hauft, R., 1980:
The importance of pollen analysis for forest site studies in Baden-Wurttemberg

Kovacevic, I., 1979:
The importance of pomo-ecology for establishing plantation fruit production

Watts, R., 1980:
The importance of practical training in the livestock sector

Wetzel, T.; Ghanim, A.E.; Freier, B., 1981:
The importance of predators and parasites for the surveillance and control of aphids in cereal crops

Wojciechowska, B., 1980:
The importance of production services to the development of peasant farming

Guldager, R., 1981:
The importance of projects and building in rural areas for the development of countries in the Third World

Hedtrich, C.M.; Feucht, W., 1981:
The importance of propagation by meristem-culture - the present position with berry fruits

Zundel, R., 1982:
The importance of protective plantings and afforestation for control of wind and water erosion in China

Gill, M.; Leng, R.A., 1980:
The importance of protozoa in the rumen of cattle fed sugar-cane

Dittmann Kohli, F., 1981:
The importance of psychological principles in educational programmes for Third World countries

Twight, B.W., 1981:
The importance of quantifying intangible goals in public agency recreation planning

Verwer, D.; Lengkeek, J.; Velden, J. ten, 1981:
The importance of recreational facilities in urban areas.

Arnberger, E., 1979:
The importance of refuges and Alpine paths for tourism in Austria

Veerasekaran, P., 1980:
The importance of relative humidity and temperature on the uptake, translocation and activity of asulam dalapon alone and in a mixture on alang-alang (Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv.)

Kozhushko, N.N.; Volkova, A.M., 1980:
The importance of repair processes in diagnosing drought resistance in wheat varieties

Kumakov, V.A.; Matveeva, N.F.; Pavlova, S.S.; Popova, V.M.; Kotlyar, L.E.; Igoshin, A.P., 1979:
The importance of reutilization in grain ripening of different spring wheat cultivars

Abutalybov, M.G.; Samedova, A.D., 1981 :
The importance of root zones of pumpkin seedlings in the metabolic transformation of amino acids

Bohles, H.; Segerer, H., 1980:
The importance of serum glucose, urine glucose and HbA1c for long-term supervision of juvenile diabetes

Lupton, F.G.H.; Oliver, R.H.; Murthy, K.S.; Ruwali, K.N., 1979:
The importance of sink/source balance in determining yielding capacity in wheat

Rocha, M.O.; Coelho, P.M., 1980:
The importance of skin and pulmonary phases to the development of Schistosoma mansoni in albino mice

Schemel, H.J.; Englmaier, A., 1982:
The importance of small natural structures for agriculture in a land consolidation framework

Steinbrenner, K.; Hoflich, G., 1980:
The importance of soil-borne foot rot and take-all pathogens in specialized cereal rotations and possibilities for their control

Singer, F.; Constantinescu, C.; Draganescu, I.C.; Serban, D.; Spulber, M., 1980:
The importance of some morphological traits of the udder, assessed subjectively or objectively, for selection

Weiss, J., 1980:
The importance of special advisory programmes for efficient extension on livestock feeding

Freier, B.; Reinsch, B.; Wetzel, T., 1980:
The importance of species determination of cereal aphids for observation and systematic control

Hansen, J.; Nansen, P.F.ldager, J., 1981:
The importance of stocking rate to the uptake of gastrointestinal nematodes by grazing calves

Ildefonse, P.; Proust, D.; Meunier, A.; Velde, B., 1979:
The importance of structure in the weathering of crystalline rocks within microsystems. Description of the succession of events during destabilisation and recrystallisation

Yates, R.A.; Boto Dantas, R.; Eden, R.Q.E., 1980:
The importance of sugar cane as a raw material for alcohol production.

Vigoa, R.; Egana, J.M., 1978:
The importance of sugar cane irrigation using a method suited to the characteristics of the region

Vestman, G., 1980:
The importance of sugar content and degree of hardening in the overwintering of grasses

Hartmann, W., 1982:
The importance of sugar content and pattern of plums for brandy production

Mead Briggs, A.R.; Vaughan, J.A., 1980:
The importance of the European rabbit flea Spilopsyllus cuniculi (Dale) in the evolution of myxomatosis in Britain

Rogalska, S., 1981:
The importance of the Giemsa chromosome staining technique in cytogenetic investigations on triticale

Zaman, S.M.H., 1980:
The importance of the IRTP in BRRI's varietal improvement work

Muller, P.; Schumann, H.; Betke, P.; Schultka, H.; Ribbeck, R.; Hiepe, T., 1981:
The importance of the Musca domestica antagonist Ophyra aenescens (Diptera: Muscidae). I. The occurrence of Ophyra aenescens in animal production installations

Onuoha, O., 1980:
The importance of the agricultural trading community for the industrialization of Nigeria: an attempt at a business management solution

Eriksson, G., 1980:
The importance of the correct location of seed orchards

Hormann, D.M., 1980:
The importance of the enlargement of the EC for Moroccan horticulture. Paper presented at the 21 Annual Meeting of the Association of Agricultural Economists, October, 10th 1980 in Hanover

Kato, F., 1981:
The importance of the forest as an economic factor in agricultural operations

Anonymous, 1981:
The importance of the land organization act for those involved in practice

Bigler, F., 1982:
The importance of the oleaster for the attack of olives by the olive fly, Dacus oleae Gmel. (Dipt., Tephritidae) in western Crete

Riem Vis, F., 1980:
The importance of the pH of the top soil layer of turf

Mengel K.; Busch R., 1982:
The importance of the potassium buffer power on the critical potassium level in soils

Yalav, E.; Okten, I., 1977:
The importance of the serological findings in pulmonary hydatidosis

Elsen, P., 1981:
The importance of the study of the movement of food through the digestive tract of larvae of Simulium damnosum s.l. in the control of this vector of onchocerciasis

Zajonc, I.; Borchmann, W.; Makowski, N., 1978 :
The importance of the trace element manganese for lipoferous plants

Messeliere, C. de la, 1981:
The importance of the yellow pan in the control of insects of colza

Attwood, P.J., 1980:
The importance of timeliness

Tomity, I.T.; Martinovits, J.; Nagymajtenyi, E.; Ribari, O., 1979:
The importance of toxoplasmosis for oto-rhino-laryngology

Merwe, P.J. van der, 1982:
The importance of training of workers and healthy industrial relationships for the future of the South African dairy industry

Fesenmaier, D.R.; Goodchild, M.F.; Leiber, S.R., 1981:
The importance of urban milieu in predicting recreation participation: the case of day hiking

Remeslo, V.N.; Saiko, V.F.; Zhudra, S.N.; Borsuk, G.E.; Kuperman, F.M.; Murashev, V.V., 1979:
The importance of vertical and horizontal synchronization of productivity elements in the formation of the yield of intensive-type wheats

Rohloff, H., 1980:
The importance of virus diseases of broad bean (Vicia faba L.) for resistance breeding

Tsiropoulos, GJ., 1980:
The importance of vitamins in adult Dacus oleae (Diptera: Tephritidae) nutrition

Wolff, P., 1980:
The importance of water analysis with respect to the evaluation of irrigation water

Terplan, G., 1980 :
The importance of water in the production and processing of milk

Karl, E.; Proeseler, G.; Hartleb, H., 1981:
The importance of weeds for the anholocyclic overwintering of Myzus persicae (Sulz.) and M. ascalonicus Donc. as vectors of beet mild yellowing virus

Schuck, H.J., 1982:
The importance of wet heartwood in silver fir dieback

Shaituro, L.F.; Aliev, N.A.; Akhmedov, D.S., 1980:
The importance of wide-interrows and high-training in lowering the incidence of grapevine pests and diseases

Aerts, J., 1981:
The importance of wild vegetation for the spread of strawberry viruses

Grootenhuis, J.G.; Young, A.S., 1981:
The importance of wildlife in the epidemiology of theileriosis

Gotz, U.; Gotz, E., 1980:
The importance of winter weather in beekeeping

Willeitner, H., 1977:
The importance of wood preservation for timber consumption

Dzhaparidze, T.G.; Mutaev, M.M., 1981:
The importance of wool fineness in the breeding of sheep

Schmitz, P., 1981:
The importance to the EC agricultural sector of the most recent decisions concerning currency

Nikolic, D.; Trajic, D., 1979:
The important production characters in backcrosses of Sjenica sheep with improver breeds

Vigier, P. (et al ), 1980:
The important turning point of the 19th century

Lang, I., 1979:
The improved utilisation of ecological resources

Hsieh, S.Y., 1981:
The improvement and development of upland crops in the Al-Hassa area, Saudi Arabia

Mullin, L.J.; Barnes, R.D.; Barrett, R.L., 1981:
The improvement of Eucalyptus in Zimbabwe

Anonymous, 1979:
The improvement of Italian coppice stands

Sul, D.S., 1981:
The improvement of Korean native cattle for beef production

Dmitrieva, V., 1980:
The improvement of Russian Brown cattle

Basso, M.; Natali, S.; Triolo, E., 1981:
The improvement of Tuscan viticulture. Three new clones of Sangiovese, Trebbiana and Canaiolo Nero

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The improvement of birch for forestry and amenity

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The improvement of coffee cultivation in Timor, with regard to Hemileia vastatrix B. et Br

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The improvement of economic traits in reindeer

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The improvement of meiotic stability in triticale

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The improvement of mutton-wool breeds of sheep

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The improvement of performance potential in crop and livestock production and its utilization in agriculture in the USSR

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The improvement of production characters of Standard Sable mink

Grigorovich, I.V., 1980:
The improvement of prognosis

Balogh, G., 1982:
The improvement of settlement patterns and environmental protection in Nograd county

Vale, GA., 1982:
The improvement of traps for tsetse flies (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Zelenskii, G., 1981:
The improvement of undercoat quality of Orenburg goats

Nakano, T.; Yamashina, H.; Kawakami, H., 1980:
The improvement of wood by impregnation and polymerization in wood of functional oligomer and water type emulsions

Kepczynski, J., 1979:
The improving of Antirrhinum majus seed germination

Hussain, H.; Casten, C., 1981:
The in vitro antimycotic effect of a nystatin-containing suspension under the influence of gastric juice of different pH-values and with varying duration of action

Venturi, V.; Rossi, V., .:
The in vitro behaviour of some chicory cultivars

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The in vitro cultivation of Taenia pisiformis to sexually mature adults

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The in vitro culture of Plasmodium falciparum as the first step in the development of a malaria vaccine

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The in vitro culture of Plasmodium falciparum, a new contribution to the control of malaria

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The in vitro culture of Trypanosoma lewisi in the presence of kidney cells from vervet monkeys (VERO)

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The in vitro culture of young embryos in polembryonic citrus. Raising hybrids by means of embryo culture

Xiao Shuhua; Shao Baoruo; X.Y.eqin, 1980:
The in vitro effect of Pyquiton on Schistosoma japonicum

Pelayo Ulacia, S., 1979:
The in vitro efficacy of a solution containing salicylic, benzoic and boric acid and thymol diiodate on several species of dermatophytes

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The in vitro mammary gland response to mammotropic hormones in mice with different mammary tumorigenesis

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The in vitro metabolism of flavonoids by whole rumen contents and its fractions

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The in vitro multiplication of Actinidia chinensis

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The in vitro phagocytic activity of neutrophils after T. congolense infection in cattle

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The in vitro precipitation around the juveniles of Hymenolepis nana in the sera from infected mice.

Rugini, E., 1981:
The in vitro propagation of an olive cultivar: evaluation of various cytokinins and auxins

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The in vitro propagation of onion from apical meristem cultures

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The in vitro release of amino acids by rumen papillae

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The in vitro response to mitogens of leucocytes from cattle infected with Trypanosoma congolense

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The in vitro transmission frequency of the t12 mutation in the mouse

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The in vitro uptake of 14C-praziquantel by cestodes, trematodes, and a nematode

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The in vivo effect of levamisole on phytohaemagglutinin stimulation of lymphocytes in normal and Marek's disease virus inoculated chickens

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The in vivo estimation of body composition of beef cows

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The in vivo regulation of rat liver 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase. Phosphorylation of the enzyme as an early regulatory response following cholesterol feeding

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The inability of horses to absorb calcium from calcium oxalate

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The inadequate supervision of efficiency and results in the UN system. The example of the FAO

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The incidence and cause of citrus spoilage

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The incidence and clinical picture of filariasis and the rate of infectivity of mosquitoes in Giza and Sharkia Governorates, A.R.E

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The incidence and control of mildew in the industrialized production of apples

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The incidence and distribution of Profilicollis botulus (Acanthocephala), in the eider duck, Somateria millissima, and in its intermediate host the shore crab, Carcinus maenas, in north east Scotland

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The incidence and implications of coccidioidouria

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The incidence and importance of wounds which penetrate the vascular ring

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The incidence of African horse sickness antibodies in animals of various species in Egypt

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The incidence of Echinococcus infection in dogs, sheep and goats slaughtered in Ibadan, Nigeria

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The incidence of Ganoderma root and bole rot of coconut in Sri Lanka

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The incidence of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in Ferrara district

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The incidence of anencephalus in the Fylde peninsula 1956-76 and changes in water hardness

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The incidence of aneuploidy and polyploidy in relation to genetically controlled types of serum proteins and blood groups

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The incidence of angular leaf spot (Isariopsis griseola Sacc.) in two systems and two seasons of cultivation of French bean

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The incidence of anoestrus in Romney ewes over the breeding period

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The incidence of antibody to Aino virus in animals and humans in Fukuoka

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The incidence of black spot in potatoes in relation to storage treatments, sites and years

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The incidence of coeliac disease in children in south-east Sweden

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The incidence of endoparasitism of Dendroctonus frontalis Zimm. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) by Contortylenchus brevicomi (Massey) Ruhm (Nematoda: Sphaerulariidae)

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The incidence of exobasidiosis of red bilberry (pathogen Exobasidium vaccinii Wor.) in the forests of the Leningrad region

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The incidence of fungus species of the genus Fusarium in ears of winter wheat and an assessment of its economic significance

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The incidence of gastro-intestinal parasitism in sheep and goats of Jhelum Valley (Azad Kashmir)

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The incidence of honeybee diseases in 1970-1979 based on examinations performed at the Centre of Veterinary Hygiene at Rzeszow

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The incidence of human paragonimiasis in Ecuador 1972-76

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The incidence of insect pests in certain crops in the south-west of Quebec in 1979

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The incidence of intestinal parasites among patients in a tuberculosis hospital near Madras

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The incidence of leucaemia in some herds of cattle in relation to blood group and transferrin genotypes

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The incidence of lymphoid leukosis in chickens in the Netherlands

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The incidence of opaque-2 endosperm modifier genes in 25 Mexican maize races and their effect on the texture and protein quality of the grain

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The incidence of some erythrocyte antigens in Ile-de-France sheep at Experiment Stations Rzaska and Racot

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The incidence of some pathogenic organisms associated with abortion in ewes in Iran

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The incidence of supernumerary teats and their classification in cows

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The incidence of the co-operative movement in local economic sectors

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The incidence of urino-genital trichomoniasis in the aetiology of cancer of the cervix of the uterus

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The incidence of veld-fire in the Etosha National Park, 1970-1979

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The incidence of weeds in grassland

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The incidence of wild oats (Avena spp.) and the possibility of its control

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The incidence of yeast-like fungi in denture wearers' oral cavities

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The incidence of yeasts in the oral cavity of patients with parodontopathies

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The incidence, epidemiologic factors and public health implications of mycobacteriosis in swine

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The inclusion of beef cattle in the optimal enterprise organization

Corbea, L.A.; Martinez, H.L., 1980:
The inclusion of cultivated pasture species by means of seeds into natural pastures

Simon, W.; Korschens, M., 1981:
The inclusion of fodder species in the rotation as main and catch crops

Foltyn, J., 1979:
The inclusion of net production rate (NPR) in the wheat breeding process

Anonymous, 1981:
The income and production of Guyana rural farm households; an analysis based on the 1979 Guyana rural farm household survey

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The incorporation of 2-14C-acetate into lipids of maize coleoptile segments under the influence of indolylacetic acid

Warboys, J.B.; Gooderham, P.T.; Wilkes, J.M., 1979:
The incorporation of fertilizers into subsoil by the Wye Double Digger

Skiebe, K.; Neumann, M., 1980:
The incorporation of the A genome from Triticum monococcum into wheat/rye allopolyploids to increase their genetic variability

Semkov, P., 1979:
The increase in raspberry production at the Agricultural Complex in Teteven

Weber, W., 1982:
The increase in semi-automated milking units

Szabo, E., 1982:
The increase of agricultural fixed assets

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The increase of diacetyl biosynthesis in starters, cultured cream and butter

Romany, P., 1980:
The increase of economic output in food production

Mikolai, F.; Basa, J., 1980:
The increase of efficiency in fodder usage

Marchuk, I.U., 1980:
The increasing fertilizer rates, yield and quality of sugar beet

Palmer, F., 1981:
The increasing importance of plantation timber

Greene, J.L., 1979:
The increment contract

Orley, J., 1980:
The indication field and therapeutic use of Canesten (R) in paediatric gynaecology

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The indigenous cattle of Ethiopia. II

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The indigenous migration organization of South Bihar

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The indigenous sheep of Nigeria

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The indirect fluorescent antibody test as a method for detecting antibody in dogs infected with Babesia gibsoni

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The indirect haemagglutination test in seroepidemiological studies on Chagas' disease

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The indirect haemolysis test (IHLT) for bovine brucellosis - comparisons with the complement fixation test (CFT) in vaccinated and experimentally infected cattle

Kühn, G., 1981:
The indirect immunofluorescence method for the detection of Candida antibodies

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The indirect immunofluorescence test in the diagnosis of E. histolytica infection

Chroust, K., 1979:
The indirect immunofluorescence test in the diagnosis of trichinelliasis in man

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The individual dietary intake of some children living in a children's home in Quezon City, Philippines

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The individual oils of the 1958 cooperative creosote stake tests: the log probability model and the performance index

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The induced resistance response of carrot root slices to heat-killed conidia and cell-free germination fluid of Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Pers. 2. Nuclear migration, nucleolar volume and uptake of tritiated uracil

Heale, J.B.; Dodd, K.S.; Gahan, P.B., 1982:
The induced resistance response of carrot root slices to heat-killed conidia and cell-free germination fluid of Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Pers. I. The possible role of cell death

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The induced synthesis of aconitate isomerase in different plant species

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The induction and formation of organs in callus cultures from twigs of mature Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.)

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The induction effect of somatic tissues in the anther cultured in vitro on androgenesis and its control

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The induction of albino pollen plants and preliminary observation of their ploidy in Triticum durum Desf

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The induction of calving in dairy cows with dexamethasone

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The induction of cell-mediated immunity in cattle inoculated with cell lines parasitized with Theileria parva

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The induction of endosperm plantlets of barley in vitro and their ploidy

Gowers, S.; Barclay, D., 1980:
The induction of flowering in swedes (Brassica napus ssp. rapifera)

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The induction of gastric mucosal tolerance to alcohol by chronic administration

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The induction of genetic recombinations by means of distant hybridization in the genus Juglans L

Chuvashina, N.P., 1979:
The induction of genetic recombinations in the genus Ribes L

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The induction of haploid plantlets by anther culture in vitro for the apple cultivar Delicious

Wikel, S.K., 1981:
The induction of host resistance to tick infestation with a salivary gland antigen

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The induction of male sterility in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by 2-chloroethanephosphonic acid (Ethrel)

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The induction of ovulation and luteal function in seasonally anoestrous ewes treated with small-dose multiple injections of Gn-RH

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The induction of parturition in ewes with dexamethasone

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The induction of parturition in sows using prostaglandin F2 alpha

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The induction of resistance in promising tomato varieties and hybrids

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The induction of resistance or susceptibility

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The induction of sensitivity to gibberellin in aleurone tissue of developing wheat grains : I. The effect of dehydration

Norman, H.A.; Black, M.; Chapman, J.M., 1982:
The induction of sensitivity to gibberellin in aleurone tissue of developing wheat grains : II. Evidence for temperature-dependent membrane transitions

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The induction of variability in the protein content of barley by thermal neutrons and N-nitroso-N-methylurea

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The industrial basis for agriculture in the eleventh Five-Year-Plan

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The industrial rearing of young animals in the German Democratic Republic and pasture grazing

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The industrial revolution impact on the future development of rural areas

Sima, J., 1981:
The industrialization of agriculture and the process of bringing the living conditions in town and country closer together

James, K.A.; Hove, E.L., 1980:
The ineffectiveness of supplementary cystine in legume-based rat diets

Young, A.M., 1981:
The ineffectiveness of the stingless bee Trigona jaty (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponinae) as a pollinator of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)

Cross, K.W., 1982:
The infant's fall in cerebral blood flow after a meal

Stuttaford, I.T., 1980:
The infected traveller

Eppler, A.; Sander, E., 1981:
The infection of German hops with Prunus necrotic ringspot virus

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The infection of colonies of various Hymenoptera with honeybee paralysis virus

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The infection of larvae of blood-sucking mosquitoes with the infusorian Tetrahymena stegomyiae (Hymenostomata, Tetrahymenidae)

Dzerzhinskii, V.A.; Nakanova, K.G., 1981:
The infection of larvae of blood-sucking mosquitoes with the infusorian Tetrahymena stegomyiae (Hymenostomatidae, Tetrahymenidae)

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The infection period of Lophodermium seditiosum Min., Stal & Mill. and the possibility of its control in nurseries

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The infection rates in inoculation of apple by scab

Skachkov, B.I., 1980:
The infectious origin of burrs

Mineev, V.V., 1980:
The infectivity of larvae of bird helminths

de Hollanda, J.C.; Denham, D.A.; Suswillo, R.R., 1982:
The infectivity of microfilariae of Brugia pahangi of different ages to Aedes aegypti

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The infectivity of the tick Boophilus calcaratus with Piroplasma and Babesia on cattle treated with Azidin

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The inferior vena cava and the suprahepatic veins in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis. Angiographic study

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The infestation of sheep and goats with lice in Ibadan, Nigeria

Andersson, H.; Smedhagen, J., 1981:
The inflationary protection of agricultural products

Smedhagen, J., 1981:
The inflationary protection of agricultural products - regulations of January 1st 1981

Smedhagen, J., 1982:
The inflationary protection of agricultural products following the price adjustments of 1st July 1982

Smedhagen, J., 1981:
The inflationary protection of agricultural products. Settlement regulations of January 1st 1982

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The influence of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) on the release of K, Na, Ca, Mg and P from barley roots

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The influence of 2-chlorethyl phosphonic acid on morphological changes in cereal plants after application of the sodium salt of 2,3-dichloroisobutyric acid (DCiB)

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The influence of 3,4-DCA on the saprophytic bacteria content of a grey forest soil

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The influence of 67Cu on the nitrogenous metabolism of maize with the use of atrazine

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The influence of Aceria chondrillae on the growth and reproductive capacity of Chondrilla juncea

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The influence of Alar (succinic acid 2,2-dimethyl hydrazide), nitrogen fertilization and the picking date on the incidence of storage diseases and the climacteric of McIntosh apples

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The influence of Avadex BW on the yield and chemical composition of spring barley cv. 'Aramir' with different NPK fertilization

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The influence of Bidisin on the uptake, transport and metabolism of 32P, 45Ca and 86Rb in wild oat and barley plants

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The influence of CCC on yield, starch content and infection by Rhizobium solani and Streptomyces scabies in potato cv. Krab and Notec

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The influence of CCC on the development of the rye stalk

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The influence of Ca2+ on the size and light scattering properties of casein micelles. I. Ca2+ removal

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The influence of Cu2+ ion concentration and pH on inhibitory effects against pycnospore germination of Diaporthe citri

Komarova, T.I., 1978:
The influence of Diplostomatidae metacercariae on the survival of young fish in experimental conditions

Ryll, E., 1981:
The influence of EC agricultural market policy instruments on supply induced fluctuations in world market prices taking account of related disturbing variables with an additive or multiplier effect

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The influence of G-6-PD activity on the response of erythrocyte glutathione reductase to riboflavin deficiency

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The influence of H2S on the distribution of soil mites

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The influence of K, cultivar, and season on blotchy ripening of Florida grown tomatoes

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The influence of Maloran on the microflora of derno-podzolic and alluvial soils

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The influence of Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White 1919) Chitwood 1949 on infection and disease symptoms on glasshouse cucumber caused by Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. emend. Sny. et Hans. f.sp. cucumerinum Owen

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The influence of Mg2+ on the transformation of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate in aqueous systems

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The influence of N status on NH4+ absorption and C2H2 reduction in Glycine max

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The influence of N, K, and irrigation on tree size and fruit production of 'Valencia' orange

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The influence of N, P and K application on stalk rot, lodging and yield in maize (Zea mays L.)

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The influence of NAC aerial spraying on the insect fauna of pine forest in Mashiko, Tochigi-Prefecture

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The influence of NH4-N and NO3-N nutrition of maize on content of nitrogen fractions and ionic balance in the xylem sap

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The influence of NPK fertilizers on some physiological processes in sugar beet

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The influence of Na+ and K+ on crop unloading, absorption and excretion in the tsetse Glossina morsitans (Diptera: Glossinidae)

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The influence of Qinghai-Xizang plateau uplift on soil genesis and evolution

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The influence of SO2 on the water economy of wheat

Hammerberg, C., 1981:
The influence of TOrl upon male fertility in t-bearing mice

Seczkowska, K., 1980:
The influence of Thrips angusticeps Uz. (Thysanoptera) on the seed yield of bean (Vicia faba ssp. minor)

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The influence of Tur on sugar beet productivity in the Northern Caucasus

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The influence of UHT heating and sterilization on lysine in milk

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The influence of Verticillium alboatrum Rke. et Berth infection on yield and different quality traits of lucerne varieties and strains differing in resistance

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The influence of a 48-hour fast on thermoregulatory responses to graded cooling

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The influence of a cholesterol-free semisynthetic diet on the lipid metabolism in rabbits

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The influence of a drying plant on intensification and development of industrialized fodder production

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The influence of a growth regulator on growth and yield of winter barley at various degrees of lodging

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The influence of a linoleic acid-rich diet and of acetyl salicylic acid on NaCl induced hypertension, NA+- and H2O-balance and urinary prostaglandin excretion in rats

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The influence of a long-term latent deficiency of vitamin C in guineapigs on the metabolism of the fat-soluble vitamins A and E

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The influence of a no-sugar diet on the composition of VLDL-fraction in patients with idiopathic hyperlipoproteinemia of type IIb and IV

Imamaliev, A.I.; Kimsanbaev, K.K.; Diab, M.M., 1980:
The influence of a phenyldialkylurea herbicide on the nucleic acid metabolism of broad-leaved plants

Hamann, J.; Heeschen, W., 1980:
The influence of a single application of Panacur or thiabendazole on milk production

Laszczka, A.; Oramus Kasprzyk, B., 1980:
The influence of abrupt changes of feeding rations on the freezability and electrophoresis of the protein plasma in bull semen

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The influence of acquired immunity in Hypoderma infestation in cattle on the warble-flies Hypoderma bovis and H. lineatum (Hypodermatidae)

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The influence of age at slaughter and the composition of diet on yields of slaughter chickens

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The influence of age at weaning and type of rearing pen on the post-weaning performance of pigs

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The influence of age on the uptake of stable strontium by various bones in pigs

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The influence of age, diet and body weight on the levels of non-esterified fatty acids, total lipids, and cholesterol in the serum of pigs and cattle

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The influence of age, position, and environmental variables on net photosynthetic rate of sour cherry leaves

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The influence of age, sex and strain on yield and cutting of broilers

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The influence of aggregation pheromones on the behavior of Argas cooleyi and Ornithodoros concanensis (Acari: Ixodoidea: Argasidae)

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The influence of agricultural development on ecological factors and on the spread of parasitic diseases in UzSSR

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The influence of agricultural production on surface water quality in the water-supply reservoir at Prisecnice in the Ore Mountains

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The influence of agronomic characters of parents on the selection of progenies in potato breeding

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The influence of air temperature and humidity on the survival of eggs and duration of embryonic development of the Comstock mealybug

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The influence of alachlor and alachlor in a mixture with atrazine on the fractional composition of maize proteins

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The influence of aliphatic alcohols on leaf senescence

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The influence of allelochemical substances of crucifers on insects

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The influence of alternate flooded and nonflooded conditions on nitrogen fixation (C2H2 reduction) in paddy soils

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The influence of altitude on the productivity of natural and sown grasslands in the Slovakian area of the Carpathian mountains

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The influence of aluminum on iron oxides. VI. The formation of Fe(II)-Al(III) hydroxy-chlorides, -sulfates, and -carbonates as new members of the pyroaurite group and their significance in soils

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The influence of aluminum on iron oxides. VII. Substitution of Al for Fe in synthetic lepidocrocite

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The influence of anions on plant uptake and soil sorption of molybdate

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The influence of anthropogenic factors on the morphology and carbohydrate metabolism of the digestive gland of Lymnaea stagnalis

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The influence of anti-theta serum on experimental trichinellosis in mice

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The influence of antiandrogens on the development of vaginal candidosis

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The influence of application timing on cereal yield of products based on substituted phenoxy alkanoic herbicides

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The influence of application variables on the biological performance of foliage-applied herbicides

Luckhurst, R.J., 1981:
The influence of applications of sequential broad-leaved weed herbicides and tank mixtures with fungicides on the performance of benzoylprop-ethyl, flamprop-methyl and L-flamprop-isopropyl on the control of Avena spp. in cereals

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The influence of aqueous extracts of Pteridium aquilinum var. latiusculum (Desv.) Underw. on seed germination

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The influence of artificial photoperiod, diet and temperature upon endocrine aspects of sexual maturity in the ewe lamb: changes in prolactin, LH and T4

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The influence of atmospheric pollution on the populations of aphids of Scots pine in the Roumare forest (Seine-Maritime)

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The influence of atrazine on maize at the optimum element composition in the nutrient medium

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The influence of atrazine on nitrogenase activity in maize crops

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The influence of auxin on the activity of auxin oxidase in kidney bean stem and leaf cuttings during root formation

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The influence of available nitrate levels on nitrogen fixation in three cultivars of cowpea

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The influence of awns on grain yield and kernel weight in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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The influence of barley mixtures on mildew populations

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The influence of beta -ecdysone on the induction of wheat pollen plantlets in anther culture

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The influence of bird feeding on the number of overwintering larvae of codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella (L.), in orchards of central Poland

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The influence of birthweight and rearing status on the growth rate and weaning weight of hill lambs

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The influence of body weight restriction during the growing and holding periods on reproduction of turkey females from strains differing in body weight

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The influence of boron deficiency on fruit quality

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The influence of breed on the efficiency of growth and muscle deposition in bulls and heifers

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The influence of breeding management efficiency on dairy herd performance

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The influence of buds from old clones and from nucellar material in Citrus grafts

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The influence of calcium intake and the status of intestinal calcium absorption on the diagnostic utility of measurements of 24-hour cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate excretion

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The influence of caloric restriction on serum prolactin

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The influence of canal-side shelterbelts on wind speed and direction

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The influence of carbohydrate gelling agents on rat intestinal transport of monosaccharides and neutral amino acids in vitro

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The influence of carbon sources on formation and growth of root-tuber callus of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam.)

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The influence of carrier solvents on the fungicidal efficacy of bis (tri-n-butyltin) oxide in wood

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The influence of cellophane on the germination of conidia of Drechslera turcica

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The influence of certain environmental and edaphic factors on germination and emergence of Bromus tectorum L

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The influence of certain factors and inhibitors of metabolism on the ion exchange capacity of roots

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The influence of certain factors of pre-sowing electrical treatment of spring wheat seeds on the harvest and nutrient absorption in different phases of ontogenesis

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The influence of changed price/cost relationships on the gross margins for selected procedures in livestock farming

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The influence of chemical regulation of egg-laying in pullets and hens on the quality of eggs for breeding

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The influence of chemical substances on the seed yield of lucerne

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The influence of chromatin structure on the distribution of DNA repair synthesis studied by nuclease digestion

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The influence of chromosome substitutions on some agronomic characteristics of hexaploid triticale

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The influence of citrus nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans, on the performance of trees growing under saline conditions

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The influence of citrus varieties on the susceptibility of the rootstock to Phytophthora

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The influence of climatic conditions on activity and vertical distribution of earthworms in a Danish arable soil

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The influence of climatic conditions, variety and level of production on the effect of trunk girdling on the refractive index of table grapes of several varieties in Apulia

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The influence of clonal rootstocks on the storage of Annurca apples

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The influence of closantel administration to sheep on the ultrastructure of the adult liver fluke Fasciola hepatica L

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The influence of colostrum on certain immunologic responses in calves

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The influence of comb building before and during the main honeyflow on the swarm tendency and honey yield of honey bee colonies

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The influence of combined action of heating temperature, active acidity and of CaCl2 supplements on milk protein coagulation

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The influence of concentrate supplementation during the post-partum period on ovarian activity and conception in Afrikaner cows

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The influence of concentration (at medium volume) on the activity of plant protective chemicals applied to grapevine

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The influence of concentration and specialization on the organization of farm businesses

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The influence of constant and alternating temperatures on the duration of development of the cereal aphid (Macrosiphum avenae (Fabr.)) and the oat aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi (L.))

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The influence of constant and changing radiation on the phenological development and the accumulation and distribution of dry matter in Trifolium pratense L

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The influence of container type and potting medium on growth of black walnut seedlings

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The influence of copper on the metabolism of malic acid in intact barley roots

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The influence of corm source, age and size on growth and flowering of Liatris

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The influence of crop rotations and fertilizers on the weediness of cereal crops in the Priangar'e forest-steppe

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The influence of crown shape and pruning on subsequent growth of blackwood

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The influence of cultivar and K nutrition on the susceptibility of tomato fruits to bacterial-induced graywall

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The influence of cultivation management on the biological value of seeds in some grass species

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The influence of cutting and grazing management on herbage growth and utilisation

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The influence of cutting dates, nitrogen fertilization and simazine treatment on the crude protein yield of lucerne under a four-cut regime

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The influence of cutting height and nitrogen fertility on dollar spot incidence in Tifgreen Bermudagrass

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The influence of cutting seed tubers on potato yield

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The influence of date of sowing and environment on the relative predominance of two species of Cercospora on groundnut

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The influence of days-open, initial production and other effects on the 305-day yields of Swiss Brown cows

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The influence of decreasing evening temperatures on the activity of Aedes sollicitans

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The influence of deep loosening on some physical properties of soil and plant crops

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The influence of defoliants on cotton boll dehiscence

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The influence of density of stand and the pattern of plant spacing on maize yield

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The influence of desiccation on the yield and health of potato cv. Wisla tubers

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The influence of diet on the exocrine pancreatic secretion of growing pigs

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The influence of dietary cholesterol and fat on the homeostasis of cholesterol metabolism in early life in the rat

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The influence of dietary energy and amino acid levels on abdominal fat pad development of the broiler chicken

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The influence of dietary energy density on protein utilization in rats

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The influence of dietary fats on lipid synthesis by human mononuclear cells

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The influence of dietary ingredients, photoperiod, and cage density on egg shell pimpling

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The influence of dietary molybdenum and copper supplementation on the contents of serum uric acid and some trace elements in cocks

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The influence of dietary obesity on milk composition in the rat

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The influence of dietary protein on the development of malaria

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The influence of different N-supply and light quantity on the growth of Aphelandra stock plants

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The influence of different culture media on the viability of some Leishmania strains

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The influence of different dispensers on the attraction efficiency and duration of sex pheromone traps of the oriental fruit moth

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The influence of different factors on the quality of seed potatoes

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The influence of different feedstuffs containing fat and protein on the digestibility of crude nutrients in young calves

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The influence of different haymaking methods in losses and quality of hay

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The influence of different host plants on some biological aspects of Heliothis armigera (Hub.)

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The influence of different irrigation methods on evapotranspiration, pasture yield and forage quality

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The influence of different nitrogen and phosphorus amounts on maize photosynthesis productivity. A. The influence of nitrogen

Kummerova, M., 1980:
The influence of different nitrogen and phosphorus amounts on maize photosynthesis productivity. B. The influence of phosphorus

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The influence of different parts of haricot beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) on the development of the larvae of Acanthoscelides obtectus (Coleoptera Bruchidae)

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The influence of different temperature and food conditions on the growth and rate of development of roach Rutilus rutilus (Pisces: Cyprinidae)

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The influence of different thinning patterns on the development of Scots pine stands

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The influence of different wood species on the properties of three-layer particleboards and their surface layers

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The influence of diflubenzuron on several weight characteristics in growing male broiler and layer chickens

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The influence of disbudding on the productivity and quality of Isabel grapevines

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The influence of divergent inocula on in vitro digestibility

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The influence of double-rowed corn at 1, 2 and 3 m spacings on various growth parameters of associated cowpeas

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The influence of drought on the sunflower's photosynthetic activity and productivity

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The influence of early age mastectomy and unilateral ovariectomy on reproductive performance of the bovine

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The influence of early and late breeding of dairy cows on reproduction and production of the present and subsequent lactation

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The influence of ecological environment on the wheat-like cereals' production in Xizang

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The influence of ecological factors on the architectonics and absorption capacity of pomegranate root systems

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The influence of electric discharges on soil nitrogen content

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The influence of electro-magnetic treatment of seeds on rice yield

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The influence of endotoxins of entomopathogenic fungi on their virulence

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The influence of engine and hydraulic transmission synchronization and of operating regimes on a tractor with hydrodynamic transmission

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The influence of environmental and processing conditions on the physical carcass quality factors associated with oily bird syndrome

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The influence of environmental conditions and parasite-intermediate host-related factors on the transmission of Echinostoma liei

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The influence of environmental conditions on the resistance of the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) to the preparation Milbol 18.5 EC

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The influence of environmental factors on reproduction of Aphidius ervi Haliday (Hymenoptera)

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The influence of environmental factors on the sensitivity of Phleum pratense L. to SO2 and NO2 pollution

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The influence of environmental temperatures on meat rabbits of different breeds

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The influence of estrogen binding site availability on uterine growth

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The influence of ethephon on chlorophyll metabolism and water loss in barley and tobacco

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The influence of exchangeable sodium percentage on soil erodibility

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The influence of extra pasture before and during mating on the performance of beef cows

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The influence of farmers' problem conception on planned agricultural development

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The influence of fatty acid unsaturation on fluidity and molecular packing of chloroplast membrane lipids

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The influence of fenbendazole and cambendazole on the course of experimental trichinellosis in mice. I. Intestinal phase

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The influence of fermentation on the nutritive value of silage

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The influence of fertilization on the nutritional value of two hard red spring wheat cultivars

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The influence of fertilizer on the flowering of clove trees

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The influence of fertilizer on the structure and growth of robusta coffee

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The influence of fertilizers on fodder beet yields in the Transylvanian Plain

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The influence of fertilizers on the occurrence of Armillaria mellea in Scots pine plantations I. Evaluation of the health of fertilized and non-fertilized plantations and the variability of A. mellea in the areas investigated

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The influence of fertilizers, distances between rows and seed rate on hemp fibre yields

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The influence of fertilizing a sterile mine soil on some physiological processes and yields of some field crops

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The influence of filtrates of liquid cultures of five Fusarium species on the course of mitosis in maize seedlings and on their development

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The influence of fire on the nutrition of Australian forests

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The influence of five early respacing treatments on the growth of Sitka spruce

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The influence of food density and the size of food rations on the consumption and development of aphidophagous Syrphidae (Diptera)

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The influence of food intensity on fattening and carcass results in cattle

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The influence of forages on digestion parameters of a sugar cane diet

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The influence of formalin addition on the quality of silages made of meadow grass, lucerne and red clover

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The influence of four barley cultivars on the fecundity, adult emergence and sex ratio of the Angoumois grain moth (Sitotroga cerealella Oliv.)

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The influence of fruit position on progeny performance in the tomato

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The influence of fungicides on pollen germination and yield of cranberry

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The influence of fungicides used during the season on McIntosh apples stored in normal and controlled atmospheres

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The influence of gamma irradiation on aqueous solutions of propanil and anilines

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The influence of gamma radiation on potato storage and quality

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The influence of gastric acidity on the bio-availability of ketoconazole

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The influence of genetic, nutritional and environmental factors on the composition of milk

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The influence of genotype and environment on quality characteristics

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The influence of gibberellin and chlormequat on the growth and hormone content of short stemmed wheat

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The influence of giberellic acid on the growth of Panicum maximum Jacq. grown under two levels of nitrogen

Morgan, W.M., 1981:
The influence of glasshouse environment on disease

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The influence of glucocorticoids on the inhibition of enzymatic activities by antifungal imidazole derivatives

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The influence of glucocorticoids on the membrane disrupting activity of antifungal imidazole derivatives

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The influence of glycosides of solanidine on the silk production and resistance of the mulberry silkworm to unfavourable feeding conditions

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The influence of glyphosate on the fertility of a sod-podzolic soil

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The influence of glyphosate on the soil microflora

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The influence of grazing by cattle and sheep on the population dynamics of bladder saltbush (Atriplex vesicaria) and white top (Danthonia caespitosa)

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The influence of grazing duration on breeding ewes in mid-pregnancy

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The influence of grazing intensity on the performance of tropical grasses

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The influence of green and winter pruning on coulure in grapevines, cv. Grenache, in the Aosta valley

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The influence of grinding and pelleting on the digestibility of lucerne hay

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The influence of group density of ticks (Argasidae, Ixodoidea) on moulting in experimental conditions

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The influence of groups in the success of a communication programme in the Stellenbosch extension ward

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The influence of growing fodder catch crops on yield of spring wheat

Johann, K.; Pollanschutz, J., 1980:
The influence of growing space regulation on the operational success of spruce management units

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The influence of growth conditions on concanavalin-A receptors of Herpetomonas samuelpessoai

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The influence of growth of corn plant on larval development of the oriental corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis Mutuura & Munroe. III. Effects of growth stage of corn on survival and weight of the larvae

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The influence of growth regulator treatments on Annurca apples and their storage

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The influence of growth regulators on ear and grain development in spring wheat

Banneick, A., 1980:
The influence of growth regulators on yield and yield structure of rye and wheat

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The influence of harrow disk curvature on forces

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The influence of harvest date and fertilizer application on the composition of rape seed

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The influence of harvest date on yield, early-blight tuber infection and chipping characteristics of potatoes grown with sprinkler irrigation

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The influence of harvesting strategies and economic constraints on the feasibility of farm grain drying and storage facilities

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The influence of hatching egg size on the subsequent performance of broiler chickens

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The influence of hatching egg size, age of the parents and sex of the broiler on subsequent performance during rearing

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The influence of heat treatment on the quality of several types of raw material and mixed feeds

Kremenovic, G., 1980:
The influence of height above sea level on the time of ripening and chemical composition of some strawberry varieties

Gordon, H.M.L., 1980:
The influence of helminthosis on the growth of prime lambs to market weight

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The influence of herbicides and fertilizers on the productivity of buckwheat

Prodanov, I., 1980:
The influence of herbicides and herbicide programmes on the root system and nodulation of lucerne

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The influence of herbicides on maize in the crop rotation

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