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The influence of rate and form of mineral nitrogen on seedling growth, symbiotic nitrogen fixation and mineral nitrogen assimilation in Desmodium intortum cv. Greenleaf

Kitamura, Y.; Nishimura, S.

Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science 26(3): 290-296


ISSN/ISBN: 0447-5933
Accession: 001011050

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In sand-culture experiments, D. intortum was given 0.2, 0.4 or 0.8 g N/pot (11.5 cm diam. and 13 cm deep) in the form of (15NH4)2SO4, Na15NO3, 15NH415NO3 or NH415NO3. Rate of N affected DM yield but the form did not. Increasing rate of NH4-N increased total nodule number and wt. but NO3-N did not. Wt./nodule increased at higher NO3-N rates but not with NH4-N. Plant N from symbiotic N fixation increased linearly with rate of NH4-N but decreased with NO3-N.

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