The nature park 'Upper Danube'. Statement of the Sigmaringen working group of the Baden-Wurttemberg Action Group for the Protection of Nature and the Environment -- State Association for the Protection of Nature


Naturpark ' Obere Donau' Denkschrift des Arbeitskreises Sigmaringen der Aktionsgemeinschaft Natur und Umweltschutz Baden Wurttemberg Landesnaturschutzverband: 65


Accession: 001013107

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The nature park 'Upper Danube' is one of the most recent nature parks to be established in the GFR, and is the second in Baden-Wurttemberg. This brochure, published by the Association for the Protection of nature, presents the park and its importance for the study of nature and local customs. The aims and duties of the nature park are presented: maintenance and protection of recreation areas (the mapping of animals' habitats; the determining of preservation areas); resistance to opening-up the countryside under the guise of increasing travel opportunities; integration of villages and transport provisions into the plan of the nature park with appropriate suggestions as to planning and development. Finally, a catalogue of proposals and suggestions is presented aimed at the various representatives of the public interest.