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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hunter, A.R.; MacKenzie, G., 1982:
The pathogenesis of a single challenge dose of Haemonchus contortus in lambs under six months of age

Potts, B.J., 1981:
The pathogenesis of border disease virus in sheep

Krakhmal' nikova, G.K.; Lomovitskaya, T.S.; Stepula, V.V.; Titarenko, V.I.; Engel' shtein, A.S., 1978:
The pathogenesis of experimental toxoplasmosis in infections caused by an avirulent strain of Toxoplasma

Morrison, W.I.; Murray, M.; Sayer, P.D.; Preston, J.M., 1981:
The pathogenesis of experimentally induced Trypanosoma brucei infection in the dog. I. Tissue and organ damage

Morrison, W.I.; Murray, M.; Sayer, P.D.; Preston, J.M., 1981:
The pathogenesis of experimentally induced Trypanosoma brucei infection in the dog. I. Tissue and organ damage. II. Changes in the lymphoid organs

Troup, C.M., 1982:
The pathogenesis of field rickets in turkey poults

Cork, L.C.; Narayan, O., 1980:
The pathogenesis of viral leukoencephalomyelitis-arthritis of goats. I. Persistent viral infection with progressive pathologic changes

Stepanyan, S.G.; Zakharyan, V.A.; Chubaryan, F.A.; Avakyan, S.O.; Pkhrikyan, L.V.; Zakharyan, O.M.; Nikogosyan, M.A., 1976:
The pathogenetic effect of colamine phosphate in ascaridiasis in chicks

Hurley, R., 1980:
The pathogenic Candida species and diseases caused by candidas in man

Cho, H.W., 1980:
The pathogenic external and internal flora of the American roach (Periplaneta americana L.) in Baguio City, Philippines

Willers, P., 1979:
The pathogenicity and control of eelworms on citrus

Ooi, P.A.C., 1980:
The pathogenicity of Bacillus thuringiensis for Crocidolomia binotalis

Atuahene, S.K.N.; Teyegaga, A., 1979:
The pathogenicity of Beauveria bassiana (Bals) Vuill on larvae of Lamprosema lateritalis Hamps (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), a pest of afrormosia in Ghana

Kheir, A.M.; Shafiee, M.F.; Yassin, M.Y., 1979:
The pathogenicity of Meloidogyne javanica to wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Nagai, Y.; Yoshida, T.; Hamaguchi, M.; Naruse, H.; Iinuma, I., M.; Maeno, K.; Matsumoto, T., 1980:
The pathogenicity of Newcastle disease virus isolated from migrating and domestic ducks and the susceptibility of the viral glycoproteins to cleavage

Mosimabale, F.; Gyles, C.L., 1982:
The pathogenicity of Yersinia enterocolitica strains isolated from various sources in four test systems

Peppersack, T., 1981:
The pathogenicity of larvae of Toxocara canis in mice

Fimmen, H.O.; Dillmann, S.; Dovie, A., 1980:
The pathogenicity of two Avetonou field strains T. brucei and T. congolense in cross-breeds

Larionova, L.I.; Ellanskaya, I.A., 1981:
The pathogens of root rots of winter vetch and their role in the pathogenic process

Kung, T.H.; Shen, C.Y.; Chen, H.C.; Liu, H.Y., 1981:
The pathogens of some virus diseases of cereals in China VIII. Studies on maize rough dwarf virus

Melchinger, H.; Muller, J.; Witzleben, E. von; Polz, E.; Nold, B., 1980:
The pathognomonic significance of yeast cell-fixed antibodies in clinical specimens

Clark, E.G.; Theede, D.A.; Yong, C.W., 1980:
The pathologic diagnosis of subclinical leptospirosis in Saskatchewan swine

Inoue, K.; Serizawa, S., 1981:
The pathological causes of abnormal defoliation of citrus trees regenerated by top grafting

Allan, E.M.; Pirie, H.M.; Msolla, P.M.; Selman, I.E.; Wiseman, A., 1980:
The pathological features of severe cases of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis

Hartley, W.J.; Kuberski, T.; LeGonidec, G.; Daynes, P., 1982:
The pathology of Gomen disease: a cerebellar disorder of horses in New Caledonia

Lewis, A.R., 1981:
The pathology of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus infestation of eland Taurotragus oryx

Coetzer, J.A., 1982:
The pathology of Rift Valley fever. II. Lesions occurring in field cases in adult cattle, calves and aborted foetuses

Sosipatrova, L.A., 1977:
The pathology of Toxocara infection in non-specific hosts

Jansen, B.C., 1980:
The pathology of bacterial infection of the genitalia in rams

Fauveau, V., 1981:
The pathology of immigrants: paragonimiasis (or pulmonary distomiasis)

Colles, C.M., 1980:
The pathology of navicular disease and its treatment using cumarin (warfarin)

Kaarma, A.I., 1977:
The pathology of oesophagostomiasis in pigs

Dorchies, P.; France, M.; Luffau, G., 1981:
The pathology of strongyliases and fascioliasis

Haskins, M.E.; Aguirre, G.D.; Jezyk, P.F.; Patterson, D.F., 1980:
The pathology of the feline model of mucopolysaccharidosis VI

Lukshina, R.G.; Moskalenko, I.K.; Rubalka, V.N.; Korobova, V.A.; Butenko, T.A., 1979:
The pathology of the organs of digestion in patients with helminthiases and with giardiasis

Cirenei, A.; Chirletti, P., 1980:
The pathology of the pericyst in liver hydatidosis

Rieth, J.; Richardson, W.; Storey, R., 1981:
The pathway of 14CO2 fixation in young greenhouse-grown jojoba seedlings

Patrick, J.W.; Turvey, P.M., 1981:
The pathway of radial transfer of photosynthate in decapitated stems of Phaseolus vulgaris L

Koning, J. de; Dieten, H.A.M.J. van; Rees, G.P. van, 1980:
The pattern of LH release of rat pituitary glands during long-term exposure to LH-RH in vitro

Hedayat, S.; Farhud, D.D.; Montazami, K.; Ghadirian, P., 1981:
The pattern of bean consumption, laboratory findings in patients with favism, G-6-P-D deficient, and a control group

Gayed, S.K., 1980:
The pattern of blue mold incidence and spread in the United States and Canada and losses incurred. 1979

Mhando, P.A.; Yudkin, J.S., 1980:
The pattern of diabetic complications in African patients in Dar es Salaam

Darmandono, 1980:
The pattern of feeder roots of tea plants: results of observational research

Gataulin, A.M., 1980:
The pattern of material inputs in agriculture when capital is substituted for labour

Tucker, G.G., 1981:
The pattern of pesticide usage on crops in Scottish agriculture and horticulture

Frischknecht, P.M.; Baumann, T.W., 1980:
The pattern of purine alkaloid formation in suspension cultures of Coffea arabica

Farrar, J.F., 1980:
The pattern of respiration rate in the vegetative barley plant

Nwufoh, K.J.; Amakiri, S.F.; Ola Ojo, M., 1981:
The pattern of sensitivity of a Dermatophilus congolensis (D. congolensis) strain to various antibiotics in vitro, in Nigeria

Saini, RK., 1981:
The pattern of sound production by the tsetse fly Glossina morsitans morsitans Westwood, 1850 (Diptera, Glossinidae)

Colvill, K.E.; Marshall, C., 1981:
The patterns of growth, assimilation of 14CO2 and distribution of 14C-assimilate within vegetative plants of Lolium perenne at low and high density

Komarova, G.F., 1981:
The peach fruitmoth

Grigorov, I. (Grigorov, Y), 1979:
The peach variety Yulska Edra

Grise, Vn, 1982:
The peanut program for 1982-85

Lobanov, G.A., 1981:
The pear Kosmicheskaya

Fol' kina, M.Ya, 1980:
The pear bug in Southern Kazakhstan

Bootsma, J.H., 1980:
The pear cultivar Condo

Yang, C.K.; Li, F., 1981:
The pear psylla (Homoptera) of China with descriptions of seven new species

Shalamberidze, N.Sh, 1980:
The pear psyllid

Geoffrion, R., 1981:
The pear psyllids

Nguyen, T.X.; Bouyjou, B.; Delvare, G., 1981:
The pear psyllids and their parasite complex

Savkovskii, P.P., 1981:
The pear saturniid

Fischer Colbrie, P., 1981:
The pear tortrix - an important pest in some pear-growing areas of eastern Austria

Gorgoni, M., 1980:
The peasant between the farm and the labour market. A theoretical model of the peasant farm

Gonzales de Olartes, E., 1980:
The peasant economy of the Peruvian Andes

Schejtman, A., 1980:
The peasant economy: internal logic, articulation and persistence

Anonymous, 1981:
The peasant schools of Avila: an experience from Spain

Thrupp, A., 1981:
The peasant view of conservation

Cifric, I., 1979:
The peasantry - a social and political force in the social development of Yugoslavia

Dowlat, M. et al., 1980:
The peasantry and the Iranian revolution

Anonymous, 1979:
The peasantry of Eastern Europe, Volume II. 20th century developments

Hammond, R.F., 1981:
The peatlands of Ireland

Ivanov, A.I.; Ivanova, O.A., 1979:
The peculiarities of growth and development of lucerne species under variable photoperiod

Klimov, S.V.; Dzhanumov, D.A.; Bocharov, E.A., 1980:
The peculiarities of heterotrophic nutrition in frost-resistant genotypes of winter cereals

Gasilin, V.S.; Kurdanov, K.A.; Perova, N.V.; Torkhovskaya, T.I.; Polessky, V.A.; Matveeva, L.S., 1981:
The peculiarities of lipid and protein components of the high- and low-density lipoproteins in patients suffering from coronary atherosclerosis with different number of affected coronary arteries

Kulakova, I.A.; Shmeleva, V.I., 1980:
The peculiarities of the action of auxin on absorbtion of dyes during the process of formation of adventitious roots

Baskakov, Y.A.; Shapovalov, A.A.; Konstantinova, N.V., 1979:
The peculiarities of the herbicidal activities of derivatives of 4-bromophenyl-bis-trifluoromethylmethanol

Yakushkina, N.I., 1980:
The peculiarities of the hormonal regulation of plant growth and development

Yakubova, M.M.; Khramova, G.A.; Krendeleva, T.E., 1980:
The peculiarity of the structural organization and functional activity of the photosynthetic electron-transport chain in connection with the productivity of cotton

Maaren, H., 1980 :
The pedo-hydrological response unit approach to catchment management modelling

Galvan J.; Rodriguez C.; Ascaso C., 1981:
The pedogenic action of lichens in metamorphic rocks

Adamczewski, K., 1979:
The penetration and translocation of diclofop-methyl in different plant species

Antukhaev, I.K.; Khaltueva, R.G., 1982:
The penetration of Eimeria kotlani into the nucleus of the epithelial cell

Renaudin, S., 1980:
The penetration of absorbing cells of Lathraea clandestina L. haustoria into the host root tissues

Hart, R.; Beadle, D.; Botham, R., 1980:
The penetration of ionic lanthanum into the central nervous system of the tick, Amblyomma variegatum

Ninomiya, H., 1980:
The penile cavernous system and its morphological changes in the erected state in the dog

Tomokuni, M., 1979:
The pentatomid fauna of the Kii Peninsula

Ramalingaswami, V., 1980:
The people. Methods, equipment and techniques for rural health care and their evaluation

Burke, H.R.; Woodruff, R.E., 1980:
The pepper weevil (Anthonomus eugenii Cano) in Florida (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Martin, F.W.; Santiago, J.; Cook A.A., 1979:
The peppers, Capsicum species

Higgins, C.F.; Payne, J.W., 1981:
The Peptide pools of germinating barley grains: relation to hydrolysis and transport of storage proteins

Long, R.G.; Albuquerque, R.H.; Bishop, A.E.; Polak, J.M.; Bloom, S.R., 1980:
The peptidergic system in Chagas's disease

Alawad, K.H.; Toma, S.J., 1978:
The peptides produced during the ripening of Cheddar cheese made from buffaloes' milk, cows' milk and a mixture of both

Talamo, J.D., 1982:
The perception of machinery indicator sounds

Williams, M., 1979:
The perception of the hazard of soil degradation in South Australia: a review

Hoestlandt, H., 1980:
The perch in France; biology and dwarfism

Staib, F., 1981:
The perfect state of Cryptococcus neoformans, Filobasidiella neoformans, on pigeon manure filtrate agar

Steopan, E., 1981:
The performance and carcass quality of Romanian White X Landrace crossbreds compared with the parental breeds

Ponomareva, T., 1979:
The performance and genotypes of polymorphic proteins

Poltarsky, J.; Bulla, J.; Chrastina, J., 1980:
The performance and meat quality of pigs in relation to halothane test

Nation, H.J., 1980:
The performance and stability of spray booms

Scholtyssek, S., 1981:
The performance capacity of poultry

Draper, S.R., 1979:
The performance in micro-malting tests of twenty varieties of spring barley

Slanev, S.; Velikov, V.P.; Stoikov, A., 1979:
The performance of Camborough sows

Whitney, J.B.R., 1980:
The performance of Chinese farming regions

Alim, K.A.; Taher, A., 1979:
The performance of Friesian and buffalo calves

Opiyo, E.A., 1979:
The performance of Glossina pallidipes Austen maintained on oxen at EATRO

Shornikov, A.A.; Andryushin, S.S., 1980:
The performance of Hereford and Aberdeen-Angus crossbreds of different types

Anonymous, 1982:
The performance of Holstein crosses and British Friesian steers

Ozcan, H.; Yalcin, B.C.; Evrim, M.; Oguz, H., 1980:
The performance of Imroz sheep under semi-intensive conditions. 1. Growth, survival rate and body weight

Yalcin, B.C.; Ozcan, H.; Evrim, M.; Altinel, A., 1980:
The performance of Imroz sheep under semi-intensive conditions. 2. Fertility, milk production and wool characteristics

Puente, J.; Guzman, R.L., 1980:
The performance of Krovar I and Krovar II herbicides in 'Frost Marsh' grapefruit

Wertheim, S.J., 1981:
The performance of M & B 25 105-treated trees in the orchard

Firempong, S., 1982:
The performance of Planococcoides njalensis (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) on some cocoa cultivars

Purser, A.F., 1981:
The performance of Welsh Mountain and Scottish Blackface sheep in a Welsh hill environment

Rice, C.E.; Gwinn, W.R., 1981:
The performance of a modified coshocton-type runoff sampler

Iibuchi, S.; Yano, T., 1980:
The performance of a multi-stage bubble separator

Burton, J.W.; Brim, C.A., 1979:
The performance of a non-nodulating soybean genotype in mixed culture with nodulating genotypes

Patterson, D.E., 1982:
The performance of alternative cultivation systems

Patterson, D.E., .:
The performance of alternative cultivation systems. Paper presented at the Joint ADAS/Institution of Agricultural Engineers Conference on Soil management for cereal production, St. Ives, Cambridge, 10 November 1981

Miles, R.D.; Wilson, H.R.; Arafa, A.S.; Coligado, E.C.; Ingram, D.R., 1981:
The performance of Bobwhite quail fed diets containing Lactobacilli

Vit' ko, L.N.; Pachkovskii, L.V., 1978:
The performance of crossbreds of Latvian Darkheaded with coarse-wooled Tsigai sheep

Gotkiewicz, J.; Gotkiewicz, M., 1979:
The performance of different rates of applied nitrogen on old and newly established meadows (1970-1976)

Petchey A.M.; Broadbent P.J., 1980:
The performance of fattening cattle offered barley and grass silage in various proportions either as discrete feeds or as a complete diet

Volkov, A.D., 1980:
The performance of fine-wooled crossbreds

Havel, J,; Indra, J.; Sroller, J., 1980:
The performance of fodder beet grown under large scale production methods

Sammons, D.J.; Baenziger, P.S., 1981:
The performance of four wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars in blended populations in Maryland

Petrovic, V.; Rankovic, M.; Velickovic, G.; Pavlovski, Z., 1980:
The performance of hybrid ducks

Karpova, O.S., 1981:
The performance of important sheep breeds from the Volga basin

Timko, L.; Dobos, M., 1982:
The performance of improved types of Slovakian Pinzgau cattle under large-scale conditions

Sozzi, A.; Gorini, F.L.; Soressi, G.P., 1980:
The performance of nor2 tomato hybrids during storage at controlled temperatures

Petrovic, V.; Jocic, M.; Carcev, J.; Mitrovic, S., 1980:
The performance of parent stock of Vedette hybrids under practical conditions

Inson, R.T.; Alcala, E.A., 1981:
The performance of peanut to tillage practices and calcium levels

Kirkland, K., 1980:
The performance of pendimethalin alone and in combination with other herbicides for control of weeds in winter cereals in Europe

Velich, J.; Klesnil, A.; Strafelda, J., 1980:
The performance of permanent grasslands under long term nitrogen applications and the optimization of fertilization rates from the economic and energy viewpoint

Ivanov, G., 1979:
The performance of rams - an important breeding aim

Frycek, A.; Rais, I.; Kralovec, J., 1980:
The performance of selected grass cultivars in simple mixtures with white clover

Rahovic, D., 1980:
The performance of some apple varieties in dense plantings

Drobota, M.; Drobota, G.; Strimbu Vasilache, M., 1979:
The performance of some black currant varieties at Iasi

Macesanu, D.; Macesanu, M., 1980:
The performance of some forage rape varieties and lines at the Lovrin Agricultural Research Station

Draganescu, E.; Predescu, G., 1978:
The performance of some pear varieties trained in palmette form at the Timisoara Experimental and Teaching Establishment

Moisuc, A.; Nedelea, G.; Butnaru, G., 1978:
The performance of some promising maize hybrids

Dirdjosoemarto, S., 1981:
The performance of some small tree legumes on eroded lands at Wanagama experimental forest

Moisuc, A., 1978:
The performance of some wheat lines in the M4 and M5

Filatov, A.; Simolkin, L., 1980:
The performance of sows from a herd selected for low backfat thickness

Miskovic, M.; Simic, M.; Stancic, B.; Mrvic, V., 1981:
The performance of sows under large-scale conditions of production. 1. The effect of season on some reproductive characters

Miskovic, M.; Simic, M.; Stancic, B.; Isakov, V., 1981:
The performance of sows under large-scale conditions of production. 2. The effect of parity on some reproductive characters

Sukhova, N.O.; Mayorov, A.P.; Ovsyanov, N.I.; Kryukovetz, V.V.; Nabrodova, N.M.; Kolomnikov, V.A., 1981:
The performance of sows with different blood group genotypes at large units

Patterson, D.E., 1979:
The performance of tillage machinery in long term cereal experiments in U.K

Gaplevskii, I.N.; Dunyakov, A.G.; Ryzhenko, R.P.; Kanareikin, N.A., 1981:
The performance of turkey hens in cages

Miles, PW.; Aspinall, D.; Correll, AT., 1982 :
The performance of two chewing insects on water-stressed food plants in relation to changes in their chemical composition

Kairu, G.M., 1980:
The performance of various spray programmes in controlling bacterial blight of coffee (Elgon/Solai die-back) using copper-based bactericides

Berezhnaya, L.A., 1978:
The performance of young Caucasian ewes

Potke, D.; Lindemann, E.; Spangenberg, P., 1980:
The performance results of the Jersey gene-pool herd for 1966-79

Sorokina, V.I.; Yavishchenko, V.R., 1980:
The performance testing of young Ukrainian Spotted Steppe pigs and the use of results in selection

Hanna, M., 1981:
The performing arts

Ebong, I.A., 1980:
The performing arts and community recreation and education in Africa

Padfield, C.A.F., 1980:
The performing arts in Edmonton. A survey of selected audiences

Bourgeon, R.; Isman, H.; Brisard, M., 1979:
The pericyst and pericystectomy during hydatid disease of the liver. 178 personal observations

Eouzan, J.P.; Bouchite, B.; Ferrara, L., 1979:
The peridomestic behaviour of Glossina palpalis palpalis (R.D.) - the resting places of Glossina

Soares, A.A.; Galvao, J.D.; Silva, J.C., 1981:
The period from pollination to the formation of the black layer in maize grains. Inheritance and genetic correlation with some agronomic characters

Dekatov, N.N.; Kendysh, A.N., 1981:
The period of depression in diameter growth of Norway spruce after selective logging

Izmodenov, A.G., 1979:
The period of technical maturity

Agarwal, G.P.; Saxena, A.K., 1981:
The perioesophageal nephrocytes of some ischnoceran Mallophaga (Phthiraptera)

Orsler, R.J.; Stone, M.W.S., 1979:
The permanence of pentachlorophenol in preserved joinery timbers

Henshaw, B.G.; Laidlaw, R.A.; Orsler, R.J.; Carey, J.K.; Savory, J.G., 1978:
The permanence of tributyltin oxide in timber

Rattin, S., 1982:
The permanent paid agricultural labour force in 1970 and 1979

Tepfer, M.; Taylor, I.E., 1981:
The permeability of plant cell walls as measured by gel filtration chromatography

Krasnoshchekov, G.P., 1975:
The permeability of the tegument of cysticercoids from the genus Aploparaksis Clerc, 1903

Costa, N.P. da; Pereira, L.A.G.; Franca Neto, J. de B., 1979:
The peroxidase method for the identification of soyabean cultivars

Webley, D.J.; Kilminster, K.M., 1981:
The persistence and activity of insecticide spray deposits on woven polypropylene fabric

Kansouh, A.S.H.; Afifi, F.A.; Hosny, M.M.; Khalid, R.A., 1976:
The persistence and degradation of Dursban and Nuvacron on cotton plants, in relation to variations in temperature and humidity

Melkebeke, G.; Heungens, A.; Steurbaut, W.; Dejonckheere, W.; Kips, R.H., 1981:
The persistence and distribution of some insecticides-nematicides in pine litter

Khubutiya, R.A.; Dzhugeli, M.G.; Mikadze, L.D.; Gigineishvili, A.A., 1980:
The persistence of Caragard at different fertilizer levels under citrus

Davies, F.G., 1981:
The persistence of Cytoecetes ondiri in naturally infected bushbuck

Liang, D.R., 1981:
The persistence of Pieris rapae granulosis virus in soil and on foliage and its natural spread

Gorbunova, L.A.; Genis, D.E.; Gasanzade, G.B.; Eremin, I.G.; Shek, D.M., 1977:
The persistence of antibodies in patients recovered from visceral leishmaniasis

Egan, J.; O.C.nnor, F., 1980:
The persistence of commercial antibiotic preparations in milk following intramammary infusion

Spielberger, U.; Manno, A., 1979:
The persistence of dieldrin and endosulfan in residual spraying against tsetse, using helicopters

Lebedeva, G.F.; Epishina, L.V.; Chernova, N.I., 1981:
The persistence of prometryne and propazine in a derno-podzolic soil

Zandvoort, R.; Braber, J.M., 1981 :
The persistence of some herbicides after soil fumigation with metham-sodium

Sampaio, V.R.; Barbin, D., 1978:
The persistence of the juvenile phase in nucellar Citrus clones

Pollard, H.J., 1981:
The personal factor in the success of planned agricultural development schemes

Boraiko, A.A., 1980:
The pesticide dilemma

Hepworth, H.M., 1977:
The pesticide dilemma

Paradis, R.O.; Rivard, I.; Mailloux, M., 1980:
The pests of apple in Quebec in 1980

Rivard, I.; Paradis, R.O.; Mailloux, M., 1980:
The pests of fruit crops in Quebec in 1979

Paradis, R.O.; Rivard, I.; Mailloux, M., 1981:
The pests of fruit crops in Quebec in 1980

Genty, P., 1979:
The pests of palm in tropical America

Alam, M.M., 1980:
The pests of sugarcane in the Caribbean

Giustina, W. della, 1981:
The pests of the aerial parts of cucumber grown under cover

Galun, R.; Gothilf, S.; Blondheim, S., 1979:
The phago-stimulatory effects of protein hydrolysates and their role in the control of medflies

Gouranton, J.; Thomas, D., 1981:
The phagocytosis of cells with intranuclear crystals in the mid-gut epithelium of the larva of Tenebrio molitor L

Rechenberg, W. v; Sandow, J.; Scholkens, J.; Hahn, M., 1981:
The pharmacological effects of tiaprost (Iliren (R) )

Fadeeva, T.S.; Podol' skaya, A.P.; Babanazarov, B.K., 1979:
The phenocopy method of analysing gene action during ontogeny as exemplified by mutants of diploid strawberry

Gutierrez, AP.; Summers, CG.; Baumgaertner, J., 1980:
The phenology and distribution of aphids in California alfalfa as modified by ladybird beetle predation (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Kniepert, F.W., 1981:
The phenology and fluctuation of horse-flies in the Central European mountain zone as in the case of the Vogelsberg (Diptera: Tabanidae)

Vickerman, GP., 1980:
The phenology of Oscinella spp. (Diptera: Chloropidae)

Shapiro, A.M., 1979:
The phenology of Pieris napi microstriata (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) during and after the 1975-77 California drought, and its evolutionary significance

Yap, S.K., 1982:
The phenology of some fruit tree species in a lowland dipterocarp forest

Aliev, M.I., 1979:
The phenology of the principal vector of malaria Anopheles sacharovi Favre in the Kura-Araksinskiy Lowland

Szeniawska D.; Gasparska J., 1979:
The phenomenon of asymmetrical heredity of the serum transferrin genotypes in mice

Budkin, R.D., 1980:
The phenomenon of elimination in experimental infection of chicks with the nematode Syngamus trachea

Aboul Nasr, A.; Mansour, M.H.; Salem, N.Y., 1981:
The phenomenon of induction of preference in the cotton bollworm Heliothis armigera

Vartapetyan, V.V.; Kocheshkova, T.V., 1981:
The phenomenon of metaxenia in apple

Coe, E.H.; Walbot, V.; Thompson, D., 1981:
The phenotype of iojap plants: sorting-out of plastids vs. incoordination

Siler, R.; Pavlik, J., 1981:
The phenotypic and genetic analysis of fertility in sows

Pavlova, N.A., 1980:
The phenotypic basis for population differentiation following mass selection

Schwammenhoferova Stranska, K., 1979:
The phenotypic plasticity of Brassica oleracea L. cultivars and their allocation to particular varieties

Carneiro, A.C., 1981:
The phenoxy alkanoic herbicides and difficulties in analyzing them

Anonymous, 1981:
The phenoxyalkanoic herbicides. Volume 1. Chemistry, analysis and environmental pollution

Francke, W.; Sauerwein, P.; Vite, J.P.; Klimetzek, D., 1980:
The pheromone bouquet of Ips amitinus

Pain, J.; Barbier, M., 1981:
The pheromone of the queen honeybee. Evidence of a deactivating system for queen substance

Atha, B., 1980:
The philosophical basis and financial arrangements for the partnership of bodies sponsoring integrated facilities

Churchman, C.W., 1978:
The philosophy of planning

Knipscheer, N., 1981:
The phosphate rock of South Africa

Yogaratnam N.; Allen M.; Greenham D.W.P., 1981:
The phosphorus concentration in apple leaves as affected by foliar application of its compounds

Blair, G.J.; Till, A.R.; Smith, R.C.G., 1976:
The phosphorus cycle - what are the sensitive areas ?

Cassman, K.G., 1979:
The phosphorus nutrition of two grain legumes as affected by mode of nitrogen nutrition

Vander Zaag, P., 1979:
The phosphorus requirements of root crops

Lemeza, N.A.; Lemeza, Z.F.; Reshetnikov, V.N., 1980:
The photoactivation of glycollate oxidase and chlorophyll biosynthesis in rye seedlings

Vechar, A.S.; Lemyaza, M.A., 1980:
The photoactivation of malate dehydrogenase and enzymes of glycollate metabolism in seedlings of rye and barley

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The photoperiodic regime of the species of the genus Gossypium L

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The photoregulation of ontogeny in soyabean in relation to breeding problems

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The photosynthetic CO2 exchange in wheat leaves: analysis of the Warburg effect

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The photosynthetic activity of sunflower in relation to the conditions of cultivation

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The photosynthetic apparatus and light regime

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The photosynthetic function of the C4 mesophyll cell: integration of carbon metabolism, energy provision and metabolite transport

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The photosynthetic metabolism of carbon in higher plants

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The physical and chemical changes in irradiated potatoes

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The physical and chemical properties of whey proteins

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The physical distribution of poultrymeat from the point of view of a poultry slaughterhouse

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The physical environment of forest soils

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The physical principles in determining the rate of irrigation

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The physical properties of ensiled grass and maize

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The physical properties of milk fat and of blends of milk fat with other oils and fats

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The physical properties of wool of good and poor quality

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The physical structure of the feed and its influence on feed intake and growth of fattening chickens

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The physics of a saturated Na2O.2B2O3.10H2O non-convecting solar pond

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The physiological and biochemical indices of wheat seeds under long-term storage

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The physiological bases of host-plant specificity of phytophagous insects

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The physiological basis and potential for the development of the potato for medium and low elevations

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The physiological basis for calcicoly of Larrea divaricata

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The physiological basis for the conservation of food crops

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The physiological basis of seasonal differences in the growth of an infrequently cut ryegrass crop

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The physiological basis of variation in the yield of grass/clover mixtures

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The physiological causes of teratological changes in plants

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The physiological characteristics of the causal organism of blister canker on poplar tree

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The physiological mechanism of photoperiodic reaction regulating the onset of pupal diapause in Lepidoptera

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The physiological mechanisms of plant adaptation to different stress conditions

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The physiological role of carotenoids in pollen grain

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The physiological significance of lithium for plants

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The physiological significance of molybdenum for plants

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The physiological significance of pyridine nucleotides with special reference to the energy metabolism of plants

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The physiology of biennial bearing of mango trees

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The physiology of calcium nutrition of lucerne plants. III. Absorption and accumulation of calcium by lucerne grown for fodder

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The physiology of calcium nutrition of lucerne. IV. Effect of calcium deficiency on formation of dry matter and reproductive organs, its absorption and accumulation by plants

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The physiology of gibberellin-induced elongation

Anonymous, 1980:
The physiology of growth processes

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The physiology of hardening and frost resistance of plants

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The physiology of in vitro asexual embryogenesis

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The physiology of phenolic compounds in plants

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The physiology of plant growth with particular reference to the concept of photosynthetic efficiency in mungbean (Vigna radiata (Roxb) Wilczek)

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The physiology of plant resistance to low temperatures and frosts

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The physiology of the koala

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The phytoalexins of the potato

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The phytochrome regulation of the formation of adenyl nucleotides in etiolated barley seedlings

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The phytocoenological features of evergreen broad-leaf forest in Guangxi

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The phytogeochemistry of the Mine de l'Etoile (Shaba, Zaire)

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The phytogeography of the Xizang Ranunculaceae

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The phytohormonal effect on the appearance and development of plant embryo

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The phytonematode fauna in the roots and rhizosphere of the rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) in Bulgaria

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The phytosanitary protection of grain after harvest

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The phytotoxicity of herbicides on selected varieties of spring wheat

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The phytotoxicity of some herbicides in preliminary experiments in which they were applied in the irrigation water

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The picking stage determines the quality of roses

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The pickling quality of parthenocarpic gherkin varieties

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The pig and its diseases

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The pineapple in Brazil

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The pinta could have big future in Britain's pubs

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The pipe trap, an efficient method for sampling resting adult Culex tarsalis (Diptera: Culicidae)

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The pituitary-ovarian complex in the aged C57BL/6 female mouse

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The pituitary-ovarian complex in the aged anoestrous golden hamster

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The place and the role of graduate tourism specialists in production industries

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The place of agriculture in the economy of Pakistan

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The place of coppice in energy conservation: technological aspects

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The place of education in a national nutrition policy

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The place of fertilizers in the development of Moroccan agriculture

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The place of forestry in the Wairoa District Scheme

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The place of hardwoods in British forestry

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The place of potato in the rice-based cropping systems

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The place of potato production in modern agriculture

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The place of second dwellings in the urban system - the example of Vienna

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The place of the cerrado in Minas Gerais and its floristic composition

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The place of weed control in farm management development

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The placing of tree stakes

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The plane tiger

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The planning and technical activity of the ISV

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The planning of nonformal education

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The planning of rural areas

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The planning of training in the Third World

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The planning, management and control of research and development (R & D)

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The plans for water recreation in rural areas. Volume 1: a survey report. Volume 2: development and organizational principles and guidelines

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The plantain in the Ouragahio region

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The plantation as a social system

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The plantation economy model and the Caribbean

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The plantation of rapid-growth leafy tree species in the Mediterranean zones

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The plantation redistribution scheme: a case-study of Matupi plantation in the Mandang Province

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The planting and culture of peach: analyses and prospects of present-day tendencies

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The plastics cup - what's in it for you

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The plum industry in the southeastern United States

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The polder drainage of inundated and low-lying land

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The political detection of an Australian forestry perspective

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The political economy of agricultural extension services in India

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The political economy of ecological destruction in the West African Sahel

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The political economy of specialized farm credit institutions

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The political economy of the famine in Ethiopia

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The political history of establishing a Regional Park System in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (Volume I and II)

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The political importance of the Alpine pastures and of the Alps. Regional structures and planning principles in the GFR Alpine region. (2 papers)

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The political nature of human service planning: a study of the variety village sport training and fitness centre

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The political response to immiseration: a case study of rural Ghana

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The political spectrum of western education in Ethiopia

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The political uses of tourism: a Philippine case study

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The political, economic, and social implications of Pueblo Indian water rights in New Mexico

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The politics of agricultural modernization

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The politics of aid: the Northern Samar integrated rural development scheme

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The politics of food

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The politics of food and nutrition planning. A preliminary working paper on its socioeconomic context

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The politics of labour and leisure

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The politics of mechanization in Sudanese agriculture

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The politics of policy implementation in the USSR: Soviet policies on agricultural integration under Brezhnev

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The politics of poverty in rural Asia: review article

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The politics of rural stagnation: development policy, local organizations and agrarian change in Jamaica

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The pollination mechanism and the optimal time of pollination in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

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The pollination of Bryonia dioica

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The pollination of Echinops ritro

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The pollination of Lantana camara

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The pollination of apples along the upper reaches of the river Peixe, Santa Catarina

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The pollination triangle and time of blossoming chart for apples

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The polyenes

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The polymorphism of Proteocephalus exiguus (Cestoidea: Proteocephalidae), a mass parasite of coregonid fish

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The polypeptide synthesis by purified plant chromatin

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The polyphagous leaf-beetle in the Far East

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The poplar scale infests apple

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The poplars

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The popular festival and the development of popular culture in Quebec: a critical approach

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The population dynamics of mammalophilous blackfly species

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The population dynamics of weed beet

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The population of the Anopheles maculipennis-complex (Diptera, Culicidae) in SW Macedonia, Yugoslavia

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The population structure, density and prevalence of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis) in badgers (Meles meles) from four areas in south-west England

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The populations of specific helminths of beavers and the role of the spatial factor in regulating the intensity of infection

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The porcine ovarian follicle. VII. FSH stimulation of in vitro [3H]-glucosamine incorporation into mucopolysaccharides

Anonymous, 1981:
The pork sector

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The portal system and hepatic, splenic and superior mesenteric arteries in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis. Angiographic study

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The position and the character of the large-scale farming in the United States: Part 1 and 2. From family farms to capitalistic farms

Anonymous, 1981:
The position in Enigheten

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The position of Cnidosporidia in the system of Protozoa

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The position of Hungary in international tourism

Mea, J., 1981:
The position of a buyer

Billion, F., 1980:
The position of local recreation and short-stay tourism in the GFR 1977/78

Cseres, Zs, 1981:
The position of small scale agricultural production

Bernard, H., 1980:
The position of technical universities in the agricultural educational system

Frey, M., 1981:
The position of the agricultural labour force in the sixth five year plan period

Gay, J., 1981:
The position of the dairy industry in the EEC

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The position of women in an Iranian village. Abstract

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The position of young managers on co-operative farms

Lewis, R.C., 1981:
The positioning statement for hotels

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The positive effect of potassium and magnesium fertilizing treatments on the volcanic soils of the Massif Central of France. Evolution of K+ in soils and plants during production of English ryegrass for five years

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The possibilities and outlook for decreasing the incidence of mastitis using genetic measures

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The possibilities for growing Lepista nuda

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The possibilities of Grodan rockwool in horticulture

Nes, C.R. van, 1980:
The possibilities of a second cut from Lilium longiflorum

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The possibilities of a village agro-industrial complex in Venezuela: the case of the oil palm

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The possibilities of attracting and baiting house-flies (Musca domestica L.)

Anonymous, 1978:
The possibilities of economizing on wood by reducing sawing losses. Final report

Chevassus, B., 1980:
The possibilities of genetic manipulation in fish production in ponds

Nicotra, A., 1980:
The possibilities of growth regulator application on pears

Almlid, T., 1980:
The possibilities of including constitutional traits into performance tests of bulls

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The possibilities of increasing the crude protein content of various types of grass stand in different ecological conditions of Slovakia

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The possibilities of increasing the income of Egyptian agriculture through optimal regional and seasonal distribution of water and by increasing labour productivity: an analysis using an inter-regional linear programming model

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The possibilities of nitrogen losses from soils under rubber plantations in North Sumatra

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The possibilities of the forecast of infection and the indication of wheat treatment against root rot (Cercosporella herpotrichoides)

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The possibilities of the production of a microsporidian infectious to Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say

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The possibilities of using insulating double glass with fused edges

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The possibilities of using summer fallow lands for producing forage crops

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The possibility of a recombinogenic effect in intergeneric grafts

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The possibility of an in vivo diagnosis of early ascariasis in piglets

Shekhtov, Kh, 1980:
The possibility of automated quality control of particleboards

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The possibility of blocking with bis-phenols the cyanide-resistant pathway of electron transmission in helminths

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The possibility of catching hungry larvae and nymphs of the taiga tick (Ixodes persulcatus) from vegetation

Ruszkowski, M., 1980:
The possibility of changing the yielding ability of buckwheat by breeding the homostyle varieties

Ladygin, V.G.; Tageeva, S.V.; Semenova, G.A., 1979:
The possibility of combining chloroplast characteristics by means of hybridization

Baatar, D., 1981:
The possibility of creating homozygous grey Karakuls

Barybkina, M.N., 1980:
The possibility of differentiating the structurally close compounds of males of the gypsy moth

Kolesnikov, I.M., 1979:
The possibility of early prediction of the breeding value of hybrids and the effectiveness of selection in the F2

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The possibility of effects of the immunological reactions inherent in fertilisation on the molecular mechanism of evolution

Ivanek, V., 1978:
The possibility of evaluating the changes in the botanical composition of hay from natural meadow associations due to PK fertilization

Petkov, N., 1981:
The possibility of forecasting the effectiveness of selecting lines of the silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) based on weight and silk content of cocoons

Izyumova, N.A.; Mashtakov, A.V., 1976 :
The possibility of freeing Abramis brama and A. ballerus from monogeneans with the help of ammonia baths

David, A.; Kiraly, J., 1979:
The possibility of improvement in sugar-beet section technology within the scope of HCR

Herve, J.J.; Delabarre, M., 1979:
The possibility of improving cacao production in farming areas with the aid of decamethrin

Lehmann, G.; Moller, S., 1981:
The possibility of improving world nutrition by use of cassava, soya beans, milk protein and blood plasma

Suchanek, B.; Nakladal, J., 1979:
The possibility of increasing meat production of different categories of cattle

Zhu, B.L., 1981:
The possibility of increasing rice production in Tongren area in view of climate conditions

Niklewski, M.; Kalembasa, S.; Kania, R., 1979:
The possibility of increasing the effectiveness of cow slurry by separating the faeces and urine

Chirila, C.; Feredean, T., 1980:
The possibility of influencing the reproductive performance of sows with stimulatory feeding

Szikora, A., 1979:
The possibility of intensive production of guinea-fowl meat

McNaughton, I.H., 1976:
The possibility of leafy, biennial radishes from hybridization of Raphanus sativus (fodder radish) and R. maritimus (sea radish)

Mistinova, A., 1979 :
The possibility of making use of incompatibility in the breeding of hybrid lucerne

Czarnecki, J., 1978:
The possibility of obtaining three crops of lambs in two years from Polish Merinos

Nikitchenko, I.N.; Gorin, V.V., 1981:
The possibility of predicting growth and carcass characters of pigs using an index of protein metabolism

Kolgo, S., 1980:
The possibility of predicting milk yield from the first recorded milking

Lakhonina, G., 1978:
The possibility of preparing axenic cultures of Giardia lamblia on solid media and determination of their saccharolytic properties

Crisan, A.; Hodisan, V., 1980:
The possibility of preventing some mycoses of stored fruits and vegetables by using essential oil mixtures

Banoch, Z.; Raszka, P., 1980:
The possibility of rationalizing winter wheat irrigation regimes by using reserve irrigation

Pilipyuk, V.I.; Bugaeva, L.N.; Baklanova, E.V., 1982:
The possibility of rearing the predacious beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Muls. (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) on eggs of the Angoumois grain moth

Diveeva, G.M.; Novikova, T.G.; Shelina, N.P., 1978:
The possibility of selecting arctic foxes for fur characters

Venev, I., 1980:
The possibility of selecting pigs for litter size

Martincic, J.; Kovacevic, J., 1980:
The possibility of selecting winter rye varieties according to yield and grain quality and their interaction with the cultivation site

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The possibility of selection in favour of red Patna type rice in the course of varietal maintenance. I. Early behaviour of F1 hybrids of cultivated red rice

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The possibility of semen collection from arctic foxes (Alopex lagopus)

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The possibility of shortening the service period in cows

Bessonova, N.N.; Erykhov, B.P.; Naumov, A.N.; Skripova, V.I., 1979:
The possibility of single-parameter non-destructive quality control of particleboards

Klanica, J., 1978:
The possibility of staining Trichomonas vaginalis with acridine orange

Lohr, A., 1978:
The possibility of structural improvements in the disposal of animal carcasses from both economic and hygienic viewpoints - the example of North Rheine Westphalia

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The possibility of the acclimatisation of Podisus

Gutman, T.S.; Shiryaeva, G.A.; Yatsenko Khmelevskii, A.A., 1980:
The possibility of the preservation of phytocoenotic relationships in joint tissue culture

Khudyakov, I.V.; Postnikov, V.A., 1981:
The possibility of the simultaneous evolution of oxygen and hydrogen from aqueous solution on irradiation with near ultraviolet or visible light

Trenchev, G., 1981:
The possibility of using Phytomyza orobanchia Kalt. for the control of broom rape

Subda, H.; Bogdanowicz, M.; Biskupski, A., 1980:
The possibility of using a biuret method for the determination of crude protein content in wheat and rye grain

Rouskas, D.; Hugard, J., 1982:
The possibility of using a cytokinin alone or with other growth regulators to break the dormancy of seeds of rosaceous fruit trees of the genus Prunus

Marco, O.; Guido, B., 1979:
The possibility of using alternative sources of energy in crayfish-culture

Kaminski, E., 1979:
The possibility of using artificially moistened ears of maize in drying experiments

Lee, C.C.; Lin, C.J., 1981:
The possibility of using azolla as a source of nitrogen for rice in Taiwan

Valenta, M.; Stratil, A.; Kalal, L.L.; Smisek, J., 1980:
The possibility of using carp polymorphic proteins for estimation of offspring viability and resistance to branchiomycosis

Parrini, C., 1980:
The possibility of using chemical and mechanical methods to control Coryneum cardinale

Yatsenko, R.M., 1980:
The possibility of using differential chromosome staining in the cytological analysis of maize-Tripsacum hybrids

Trusov, N.V., 1979:
The possibility of using dwarf forms of winter rye as donors of short-strawed habit

Mudrik, Z.; Blaha, J., 1979:
The possibility of using endoindicators in determining the digestibility of the nutrients from tropical and subtropical fodder crops

Alekseev, A.A., 1978:
The possibility of using entomogenous fungi for controlling populations of blood-sucking mosquitoes

Leonova, N.S., 1980:
The possibility of using ethephon as a gametocide in hybridization

Ronoprawiro, S., 1981:
The possibility of using glyphosate to control mosses in tea

Fasko, J.; Fl' ak, P.; Chrenek, J., 1979:
The possibility of using heterosis in crossing Slovakian Pied with black pied cattle

Podgornova, G.P.; Dmitrieva, T.Y.; Chinenkov, V.A., 1979:
The possibility of using karyology in the taxonomy of nematodes

Babrikova, T., 1980:
The possibility of using larvae of Chrysopa septempunctata Wesm. and Chrysopa formosa Br. for the control of Myzodes persicae Sulz. on tobacco

Bilonozhko, V.Ya, 1980:
The possibility of using laser radiation to produce initial breeding material in buckwheat

Gornostaeva, R.M., 1981:
The possibility of using light-traps for studying the seasonal dynamics of abundance and age composition of midges of the species Culicoides sinanoensis (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) in the south of the Krasnoyarsk region

Bartels, S.; Bruns, E.; Glodek, P., 1980 :
The possibility of using multi-stage selection in breeding the Gottingen Miniature pig

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The possibility of using nematophagous fungi in the control of some plant nematodes under enclosed conditions

Starodumov, I.M.; Dubrovskaya, R.M.; Kopeikina, L.V., 1981:
The possibility of using serum transferrin allotypes to predict reproductive ability of horses

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The possibility of utilizing molasses, sodium metabisulphite and ground maize in ensiling fresh lucerne

Milashchenko, N.Z.; Izakov, F.Y.; Ionin, P.F.; Matveev, B.A.; Taratorin, A.S., 1980:
The possibility of weed control by the use of an ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field

Cadahia, D.; Ruperez, A., 1980:
The possible appearance of Phoracantha semipunctata (F.) in Spain

Kiyozawa, S., 1979:
The possible application of gene for gene concept in blast resistance

Seaman, J.T.; Smeal, M.G.; Wright, J.C., 1981:
The possible association of a sorghum (Sorghum sudanense) hybrid as a cause of developmental defects in calves

Roling, N., 1980:
The possible contribution of the (Netherlands) Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to development co-operation

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The possible interrelationship between plant-parasitic nematode (Tylenchorhynchus) and a root-rot fungus from gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

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The possible mechanism of the formation of mycelial structures by Verticillium fungi

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The possible mode of action of mebendazole in Ascaris suum

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The possible relation between cytokinins and secondary xylem formation in Pinus silvestris I. Seasonal corrections

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The possible role of GA3 in promoting flowering in the short-day plant Pharbitis nil

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The possible role of a fibrous body in the generative cell of the pollen grain of Tillandsia caput-medusae Morr. (Bromeliaceae)

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The possible role of abscisic acid in the mechanism of the herbicidal action of 2,4-D and picloram

Downey, N.E.; Moore, J.F., 1980:
The possible role of animal manures in the dissemination of livestock parasites

Seed, J.R., 1980:
The possible role of aromatic amino acid catabolites in the pathogenicity of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense

Gruodene, Y.P., 1980:
The possible role of beta -indolylacetic acid and cytokinins in the vitality of nodule bacteria

Abou-Shady, A.F.; Ali, M.M.; El-Kholy, S.I., 1981:
The possible role of farm animals, dogs and rodents as reservoir hosts for human schistosomes in Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt

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The possible role of fungal sensitization in the pathogenesis of generalized essential pruritus

Kentzer, T., 1976:
The possible role of hormonal factors in the phenomenon of dormancy

Uvalieva, K.K., 1976:
The possible role of molluscs in the circulation of Trichinella

Lea, R.W.; Dods, A.S.; Sharp, P.J.; Chadwick, A., 1981:
The possible role of prolactin in the regulation of nesting behaviour and the secretion of luteinizing hormone in broody bantams

Thomas, L.H.; Stott, E.J.; Jones, P.W.; Jebbett, N.J.; Collins, A.P., 1980:
The possible role of respiratory syncytial virus and Pasteurella spp in calf respiratory disease

Lonc, E., 1980:
The possible role of the soil fauna in the epizootiology of cysticercosis in cattle. I. Earthworms - the biotic factor in a transmission of Taenia saginata eggs. II. Dung beetles - a biotic factor in the transmission of Taenia saginata eggs

Lonc, E., 1980:
The possible role of the soil fauna in the epizootiology of cysticercosis in cattle. I. Earthworms - the biotic factor in the transmission of Taenia saginata eggs. II. Dung beetles - a biotic factor in the transmission of Taenia saginata eggs

Onitiri, T.C., 1978:
The possible role of unusually composed lipoproteins in the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic vascular disorders

Khan, A.M., 1981:
The possible share of soft/decentralized renewables in meeting the future energy demands of developing regions

Bell, E.A., 1980:
The possible significance of secondary compounds in plants

Merkis, A.I.; Darginavichene, Y.V.; Novitskene, L.L., 1980:
The possible systems of the action of beta -indolylacetic acid in the process of growth activation

Russ, K.; Faber, B., 1979:
The possible use of IIT to control Rhagoletis cerasi L. the European cherry fruit fly in Austria

Jennings, F.W.; Gray, G.D., 1982:
The possible use of Trypanosoma musculi infection in mice as a screening test for potential Trypanosoma cruzi-active drugs

Long, D.E., 1978:
The possible use of a species with the C4 photosynthetic system in British agriculture

Grace, N.D.; Body, D.R., 1981:
The possible use of long chain (C19-C32) fatty acids in herbage as an indigestible faecal marker

Saraswati, R.; Kasno, 1981:
The possible use of the combination of Neochetina eichhorniae and Myrothecium roridum to control waterhyacinth

Kasno, 1979:
The possible use of the mottled waterhyacinth weevil, Neochetina eichhorniae, to control waterhyacinth in Indonesia

Horn, G., 1981:
The possiblities of replacing interest subsidies by capitalized support grants within the development programme for individual farms and its effect on administrative and extension practice

Adekolu-John, E.O., 1982:
The post impoundment status of onchocerciasis in Kainji Lake area of Nigeria

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The post mortem diagnosis of fatal hypoglycaemia using the fatty liver and kidney syndrome of chicks as a model

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The post-embryonic development of Syngamus skrjabinomorpha Ryjikov, 1948 (Nematoda, Syngamidae)

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The post-embryonic development of Trichocephaloides megalocephala (Krabbe, 1869) (Cestoda: Dilepididae)

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The post-embryonic development of taeniids

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The post-eruptive vegetation of La Soufriere, Guadeloupe, 1977-1979

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The postpartum ovulation interval in mares and the optimum time for insemination

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The potato gene-pool, and benefits deriving from its supplementation

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The potato productivity experience during the last 30 years in Colombia, South America

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The potato seed system in the Andean region: the case of Peru

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The potato snout beetle Sciobius horni Marshall (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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The potato stem nematode and its control

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The potato variety Vilnia

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The potent heme oxygen inducing action of arsenic and parasiticidal arsenicals

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The potential benefits of reducing calving to first service interval in the dairy herd as derived from computer simulation

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The potential contribution of physiological research to pigoenpea improvement

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The potential effect of increased water prices on US agriculture

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The potential evapotranspiration of soyabean under the climatic conditions of the Voivodina

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The potential for a pulp and paper industry in Peninsular Malaysia

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The potential for agro-forestry on forest land in the Sebungwe Region

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The potential for change in beef production from grass

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The potential for controlling downy mildew of cantaloup using plant introduction sources of resistance

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The potential for expanding production on co-operative farms

Paprocki, S., 1979:
The potential for field bean production and the main problems connected with its cultivation in Poland

York, J.O., 1979:
The potential for grain sorghum in Arkansas

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The potential for grass-fed livestock: resource constraints

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The potential for ground water contamination from septic effluents

Anonymous, 1980:
The potential for increased trade in fats and oils among developing countries up to 1985

Wilkins, R.J., 1976:
The potential for increased use of ensiled crops for animal production with particular reference to support energy inputs

Harmati, I., 1981:
The potential for increasing the efficiency of maize irrigation

Tamassy, I., 1980:
The potential for integrated agricultural research

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The potential for reducing interrow cultivations in soybean grown as a second crop

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The potential for rural savings mobilization: some evidence from Latin America

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The potential for selection for freezing-tolerance in an Ontario population of Scolytus multistriatus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

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The potential for snail farming

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The potential for the establishment of commodity producing home-plot dairies on the Voros Oktober co-operative farm, Ocsa

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The potential for the transmission of Chagas' disease by blood transfusion: serological studies on donors in Oaxaca State

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The potential for the utilization of N in ionic and molecular forms by cultivars of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Imre, J., 1981:
The potential for tourism in Hungarian villages

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The potential impact of cotton insect control technology

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The potential impact of the Africanized honey bee on apiculture in Mexico and Central America

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The potential limit of high yield rainfed cultivation of cereals. The example of Morocco

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The potential market in Hong Kong and Singapore for fresh horticultural products

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The potential of Azolla as a nitrogen source for paddy soils

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The potential of Campylomma livida Reuter, and Megacoelum modestum Distant, (Hemiptera: Miridae) to damage cotton in Queensland

Lapinskas, P.G.W., 1980:
The potential of Phaseolus coccineus and of hybrids with P. vulgaris as pulse crops for the U.K

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The potential of Pleistophora schubergi in microbial control of forest insects

Sattarov, B.Kh, 1979:
The potential of a collection of the cotton species Gossypium barbadense L

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The potential of a fluidized-bed heating system for the disinfestation of grain

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The potential of anaerobic digestion

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The potential of associative symbioses between nitrogen fixing bacteria and forage grasses

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The potential of biomass

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The potential of biomass conversion in meeting the energy needs of the rural populations of developing countries - an overview

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The potential of cacti and acacias as fodder in south Spain

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The potential of conserved forage for beef production

Mo, M., 1980:
The potential of conserved forage for milk production

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The potential of cyanazine for weed control in corn

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The potential of dynamic physiological models for crop loss assessment

Knipscheer, H.C.; Quin, F.M., 1980:
The potential of early maturing maize as a first season crop in the forest zone of West Africa

Knipscheer, H.C.; Quin, F.M., 1980:
The potential of early maturing maize as a first season crop in the tropical forest zone of West Africa

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The potential of energy saving in milking parlours in the United Kingdom

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The potential of fluorescence polarization for measuring sorption isotherms of organics

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The potential of high-quality grass silage for the January-calving animal

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The potential of indigenous plant resources

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The potential of legumes as a nitrogen source for the reclamation of derelict land

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The potential of linseed in the west of Scotland

Finch, A.H., 1980:
The potential of man-made fog to improve citrus fruiting in inland areas

Ghodake, R.D., 1981:
The potential of mathematical programming for the analysis of yield gaps in semi-arid tropical agriculture

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The potential of obtaining energy from agriculture

Zusevics, J.A., 1981:
The potential of plant nutrient leaching from light tropical soil during the seasonal changes

Stjernberg, E.I., 1981:
The potential of power assisted trailers in logging operations

Ahman, I., 1981:
The potential of some brassica species as host plants of the brassica pod midge

Parker, K.J., 1980:
The potential of sugar as a chemical feedstock

Harper, F.; Donaldson, E.; Henderson, A.R.; Edwards, R.A., 1981:
The potential of sunflower as a crop for ensilage and zero-grazing in northern Britain

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The potential of the Canadian winter climate for the freeze-drying of degraded waterlogged wood: part II

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The potential of the Cape Flats Aquifer for the storage and abstraction of reclaimed effluents (South Africa)

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The potential of whole maize plants in feeding animals

Parra, R.; Viera, J.; Escobar, A.; Parra, O. de, 1979:
The potential of whole sorghum plants in feeding animals

Krieg, A., 1982:
The potential pathogenicity of some spore-formers (genus: Bacillus) to larvae of Galleria mellonella and its causes

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The potential possibilities of photosynthetic intensity and productivity of sugar beet under different conditions of the soil moisture regime

Hurtado, Z.H.; Galmez, M.A., 1980:
The potential profitability of crop, livestock and forestry activities in the VII Region

Lewis, C., 1980:
The potential role of biofuels within the built environment

Lin, C.Y., 1980:
The potential role of lectins in the resistance of tomato to Pseudomonas solanacearum

FitzGerald, R.E., 1981:
The potential role of legumes in the rehabilitation of levelled gold dredge tailings, Taramakau River, N.Z

Candler, W.F.rtuny-Amat, J.M.carl, B., 1981:
The potential role of multilevel programming in agricultural economics

Grootenhuis, J.G., 1980:
The potential role of zoos in the control of livestock diseases

Ogborn, J.E.A., 1979:
The potential use of germinators for Striga control by African peasant farmers

Kruse, A., 1980:
The potential use of heterosis in Beta vulgaris L. I. The production of monoploids, pure lines and polycross hybrids

Borkent, A., 1980:
The potential use of larvae of Chaoborus cooki Saether (Diptera: Chaoboridae) as a biological control of mosquito larvae

Morgan, P.B., 1981:
The potential use of parasites to control Musca domestica L. and other filth breeding flies at agricultural installations in the southern United States

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The potential use of weeds in the manipulation of beneficial insects

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The potentiality of the Israeli flora for medicinal purposes

Enamul Haque; Mahiul Haque; M.N.siruddin, 1981:
The potentials of some indigenous cold tolerant rice varieties (Oryza sativa L. var. indica) of Bangladesh

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The potentiation effect of citric acid in aureomycin in turkeys

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The poultry industry in Australia: research and marketing

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The poultry industry in Pakistan

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The poultry industry in Sri Lanka

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The poultry sector in the free social market economy

Anonymous, 1980:
The poverty of the rural population in the Third World - opportunities for improving living standards

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The power guide. A catalogue of small power equipment

Minister, P., 1980:
The power of three

Jauch, D.; Kromka, F., 1981:
The power structure in formerly farming local authority areas of the GFR

Anonymous, 1982:
The power to organize

Uhmann, F.; Thalheim, C., 1982:
The practicability of milking machines employing mechanical pressure

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The practical application of artificial insemination in commercial rabbit production

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The practical importance of the survey of arthropods in Saudi Arabia and its importance in plant protection strategies

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The practical recommendations for control of nematodes and pests of maize in GDR

Kreider, J.L.; Cornwell, J.C.; Murrell, V.C., 1978:
The practical use of prostaglandins in horse breeding

Ryser, J.P., 1982:
The practical utilisation of foliar diagnosis in vineyards and orchards

Agboola, S.D., 1980:
The practicalities of legume seed inoculation with rhizobium under Nigerian conditions

Sorokowski, R., 1978:
The practically useful residual activity of herbicides applied to forests before regeneration

Owen, E., 1980:
The practice and science of goat keeping. Nutrition and feeding

Anonymous, 1980:
The practice of assisted pollination for the oil palm hybrid E. melanococca X E. guineensis

Sun, Z.G., 1981:
The practice of beekeepers in the Youyang region of raising wintering Italian bees in November should be modified

Anonymous, 1980:
The practice of local level planning. Case studies in selected rural areas in India, Nepal and Malaysia

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The pre-adult ontogenesis of the thysanopteran Hercinothrips femoralis (O.M. Reuter) (Thysanoptera, Insecta)

Mamet, J.R., 1980:
The pre-culture of Anthurium andreanum plants obtained from meristem tissue

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The pre-emergence selectivity of twelve herbicides between perennial ryegrass, white clover and four grass-weed species

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The pre-harvest destruction of potato haulms in Sakhalin province

Anonymous, 1979:
The pre-school education programme of Trinidad and Tobago, 1980

Ranneby, B., 1980:
The precision of the estimates of the growth in basal area

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The predacious fly Paraprosalpia silvestris Fll. (Diptera, Anthomyiidae) and its prey

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The predacious midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza Rond. (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) and prospects for its use in the biological control of aphids in greenhouses

Dei, E.A.; Nikitenko, G.N., 1980:
The predators and symbionts of Porthetria dispar L. (Lepidoptera) in lower cis-Dneprov'ya

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The predatory mite-genus Cheiroseius Berlese, 1916

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The predicted and observed metabolizable energy values of mixtures of maize silage and barley fed to cattle

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The predicted development of the forests of central Europe based on a study of environmental pollution and the associated theoretical risks

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The prediction analysis of freshly-harvested sunflower seeds for their germinability

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The prediction of bitter pit

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The prediction of body composition in live ewes in early lactation from live weight and estimates of gut contents and total body water

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The prediction of couch infestations - a modelling approach

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The prediction of milk protein content of cattle at an early age

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The prediction of skeletal mass in growing and adult beagles

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The prediction of water losses from a spruce forest in central Wales

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The prediction of weed infestation and cost of differing control strategies

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The predominant groups of bacteria in the rumen of cattle and buffaloes under two feeding regimens

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The predominant terpenes in the fruit peel oil of Anona squamosa

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The preleptotene stage of oogenesis in the domestic fowl

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The preliminary assessment of the cytogenetic activity and potential mutagenic risk of 22 pesticides

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The preliminary experiment on the callus tissue culture of Dioscorea zingiberensis Wright

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The preliminary study on damping-off and root rot of Paulownia seedlings in Taiwan

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The preoptic area of the domestic fowl. II. Ultrastructure of the medial preoptic area

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The preparation Tur against Ditylenchus infections in strawberry

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The preparation aerosol-dibrom for control of poultry mites

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The preparation and appraisal of co-operative development programmes and projects. Guidelines for use by Project Officers

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The preparation and comparative in vitro biological properties of derivatives formed in the reaction of nystatin with N-glucuronamides

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The preparation and partial characterization of antigenic fractions obtained from the mycelial walls of several Aspergillus species

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The preparation and properties of folate-binding protein from cow's milk

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The preparation and use of pituitary extracts for the induction of reproduction in fish

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The preparation and use of radiolabelled specific helminth antibodies

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The preparation of N-glycosyl derivatives of polyene macrolide antibiotics and their comparative antifungal activities

Anonymous, 1980:
The preparation of a beverage

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The preparation of a fluorescent serum against pig serum gamma -globulins and its use in the diagnosis of trichinelliasis in pigs

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The preparation of erythrocyte antibodies in sheep

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The preparation of input-output tables at the district level: Huescar (Granada) -- 1977

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The preparation of mosquito allergenic extract and the incidence of insect allergy in Thai allergic rhinitis patients

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The preparatory period for egg production in geese

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The prepatent and patent periods of Fasciola hepatica in cattle in Puerto Rico

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The presence and significance of the Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen in mammary gland. II. Its topochemistry in normal, hyperplastic and carcinoma tissue of the breast

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The presence of Hyphantria cunea (Drury) Lepidoptera: Arctiidae in Greece

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The presence of Xiphinema diversicaudatum and Longidorus macrosoma within the rhizosphere of vines affected by stem pitting

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The presence of a coupling factor for photophosphorylation from plastids of albino seedlings of rice

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The presence of anti-Toxoplasma antibodies in samples of human, bovine, ovine and pig sera in Sassari Province

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The presence of antibiotics in human milk

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The presence of antioxidant defence enzymes in Ascaris lumbricoides

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The presence of calcium carbonate in soil. Influence on the behaviour of Norway spruce (Picea excelsa Link.) and Austrian pine (Pinus nigra nigricans Host.)

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The presence of circulating interferon in the serum of patients with Plasmodium falciparum infection

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The presence of cyanide-resistant respiration in petals of roses harvested at the tight bud stage

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The presence of damascenone in cultivars of Vitis vinifera (Linnaeus), rotundifolia (Michaux), and labruscana (Bailey)

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The presence of foot-and-mouth disease virus in throat swabs from slaughterhouse cattle

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The presence of growth and germination inhibitors in the seeds of certain desert plants

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The presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as natural metabolites in biological substrates

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The presence of roots as a prerequisite for normal functioning of stomata on sweet potato leaves

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The presence of two forms of succinate dehydrogenase in sweet potato root mitochondria

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The presence of vascular bundles in the medulla of Golden Delicious apple shoots

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The presence of zearalenone or F2 in commercial walnuts

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The present and future for maize in India: lead paper from the international workshop on maize utilization, processing and marketing. Regional focus: South East Asia

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The present and future of rye breeding

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The present and future of vaccination for cutaneous leishmaniasis

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The present and future programme of the Soil Survey of England and Wales

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The present availability of dimethoate and permethrin in fly control in stables in the area of the Federal Republic of Germany

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The present food supply and agricultural policy situation in Poland

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The present position and prospects of the development of agroclimatic investigations

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The present position and the outlook for improved technology in the Australian grain storage system

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The present position of hydatid chemotherapy

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The present practice of breast feeding: analyses of breast feeding in 1979

Anonymous, 1980:
The present reality and future of French agriculture: opinions and prospects

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The present recommendations in Denmark

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The present requirements from weed control systems in sugar beet

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The present role of regional and settlement development

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The present significance of resistant varieties

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The present situation and developments in the conservation of green fodder and other biomass

Petelikova, J.; Pribyl, F., 1978:
The present situation and future trends of artificial insemination in the world and in Czechoslovakia

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