The response of growing castrate cattle to implantation with trenbolone acetate (TBA) and resorcylic acid lactone (RAL)

Griffiths, T.W.

British Society of Animal Production Winter Meeting 23-25 March 1981, Crown Hotel, Harrogate Programme and Paper Summaries (Paper 80): 2


Accession: 001016558

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In 2 experiments, 24 Friesian steers, weighing approx. 250 kg, were implanted twice at a 70-day interval with 600 mg trenbolone acetate + 72 mg resorcylic acid lactone, or were left untreated (control). All steers were slaughtered at a live weight of approx. 400 kg, and were then dissected. Treated steers had significantly greater live-weight gains (0.81-1.07 kg per day) than controls (0.67-0.84 kg per day), a significantly greater lean percentage (72.6-73.9 vs. 69.9-70.2), a significantly lower percentage of separable fat (7.9-9.0 vs. 10.7-10.8), a significantly greater percentage of water in the edible portion (65.9-66.7 vs. 62.2-63.7), a significantly greater percentage of crude protein in the edible portion (18.3-18.6 vs. 17.4), and a significantly lower percentage fat in the edible portion.