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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Egwuatu, R.I., 1980:
The role of food plants in the development and survival of Dysdercus superstitiosus F. (Hemiptera, Pyrrhocoridae)

Anton' ev, A.A.; Bannikov, E.A., 1979:
The role of foot mycoses in the pathogenesis of occupational dermatoses of chemical etiology

Wheeler, J.L., 1981:
The role of forage in animal production in Australia

Barnes, R.F., 1981:
The role of forage in the United States

Prikhod' ko, N.N., 1981:
The role of forest stands in preventing water pollution

Delwaulle, J.C., 1977:
The role of forestry in combatting desertification and its contribution to development

Enabor, E.E., 1977:
The role of forestry in the amelioration of drought in Nigeria

Zehetmayr, J.W.L., 1981:
The role of forestry in the future environment of Mid Wales

Souza, R. de, 1978:
The role of formal and non-formal training in the contribution of women to rural development: the example of Benin

Tomasovicova O., 1981:
The role of fresh water fish in transfer and maintenance of trichinellae under natural conditions

Varraud, J., 1982:
The role of full-time farms in French agriculture

Maguire, M.; Younger, D.R., 1980:
The role of futures forecasts in recreation: some applications in the third nationwide outdoor recreation plan. In: Proceedings 1980 National Outdoor Recreation Trends Symposium, University of New Hampshire, April 20-23, 1980. Volume I

Afifi, A.F.; Abdulla, M.E.S., 1978:
The role of gaseous and volatile root metabolites of Lupinus termis on the spore germination of rhizospheric mycoflora

Maddison, S.; Rolls, B.J.; Rolls, E.T.; Wood, R.J., 1980:
The role of gastric factors in drinking termination in the monkey

Reynolds, J.C.; Falko, J.M.; O.D.risio, T.M.; Cataland, S., 1980:
The role of gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) in the hyperinsulin response to oral sucrose

Basavaraju, R.; Safeeulla, K.M.; Murthy, B.R., 1980:
The role of gene effects and heterosis for resistance to downy mildew in pearl millet

Ernst, L.K.; Zhigachev, A.I., 1981:
The role of genetic factors in umbilical hernia in cattle 1. Frequency of the defect, and genealogical data

Sidhu, P.S.; Sandhu, T.S., 1981:
The role of genetical studies in developing new cultivars of pigeonpea for nontraditional areas of north India

Clayton, G.A., 1980:
The role of genetics in improving the efficiency of poultry in the 1980's

Coyne, D.P., 1980:
The role of genetics in vegetable improvement

Ronsisvalle, G.A.; Silvetti, E.; Scossiroli, R.E., 1978:
The role of genotype and environment in competition between species. Observations on Phleum hirsutum Honckeny and Festuca stenantha (Hackel) K. Richter

Lojda, L.; Stavikova, M.; Polacek, J., 1982:
The role of genotype in the functionality of supernumerary teats in cows, in relation to incidence of mastitis

Donald, W.W., 1978:
The role of gibberellins in EPTC (S-ethyl dipropylthiocarbamate) injury to corn (Zea mays L.)

Hoad, G.V.; Ramirez, H., 1980:
The role of gibberellins synthesized in seeds in the control of flowering in apples

Kolanowski, J., 1980:
The role of glucagon in the natriuresis of fasting

Olah, A.F.; Schmitthenner, A.F.; Walker, A.K., 1982:
The role of glyceollin in soybean root tolerance to Phytophthora root rot

Ginetsinskaya T.A.; Dobrovol' skii, A.A.; Oksov, I.V., 1981:
The role of glycogen in the biology of the larval stages of trematodes

Vasil' eva, D.V., 1980:
The role of glycols in the diagnosis of trichinelliasis of animals

Sullivan, G.M.; Farris, D.E., 1982 :
The role of government policies in agricultural development: the case of the cattle industry in Tanzania

Walsh, A., 1981:
The role of grass in milk production -- recent impressions

Amies, S.J.; Wragg, S.R., 1981:
The role of grassland in milk production

Sebillotte, M., 1980:
The role of grasslands in crop rotations

Kolawole, A., 1982:
The role of grassroots participation in national development: lessons from the Kwara State of Nigeria

DeFronzo, R.A.; Tobin, J.; Boden, G.; Andres, R., 1979:
The role of growth in the glucose intolerance of uremia

Adams, D.M., 1980:
The role of heat resistant bacterial enzymes in UHT processing

Verigin, B.V., 1979:
The role of herbivorous fishes at reconstruction of ichthyofauna under the conditions of anthropogenic evolution of waterbodies

Delone, N.L.; Solonichenko, V.G.; Nesterova, T.V., 1978:
The role of heterochromatin in regulating heterosis

Bingham, E.T., 1979:
The role of heterozygosity in alfalfa yield: report of 10 years of research

Ruitenberg, E.J.; Kruizinga, W.; Steerenberg, P.A.; Elgersma, A.; Jong, W.H. de, 1981:
The role of histamine-2-receptor bearing cells in the immunomodulation caused by Trichinella spiralis

Nitsch, C.; Godard, M., 1979:
The role of hormones in promoting and developing growth to select new varieties in sterile culture

Burreson, E.M.; Zwerner, D.E., 1982:
The role of host biology, vector biology, and temperature in the distribution of Trypanosoma bullocki infections in the lower Chesapeake Bay

Hanchey, P.; Wheeler, H., 1979:
The role of host cell membranes

Moldenke, A.R., 1979:
The role of host-plant selection in bee speciation processes

Romany, P., 1980:
The role of human factors in agricultural production

Abdussalam, M., 1977:
The role of human factors in the emergence of food-borne zoonoses

Dodman, N.H.; Brito Babapulle, L.A.P., 1981:
The role of humidification in anaesthesia

Lesovoi, V.S.; Prokof' eva, E.I., 1981:
The role of humoral antibodies in the immunity against coccidioidosis

Evans, H.J.; Emerich, D.W.; Lepo, J.E.; Maier, R.J.; Carter, K.R.; Hanus, F.J.; Russell, S.A., 1980:
The role of hydrogenase in nodule bacteroids and free-living rhizobia

Hardt, W.F., 1979:
The role of hydrology in water law

Issekutz, B., 1980:
The role of hypoinsulinemia in exercise metabolism

Abdul Fattah, A.F., 1978:
The role of iceberg utilization in solving the Saudi Arabian water problems

Kusayer, T.A., 1978:
The role of iceberg utilization research and development in enhancing the transfer of technology in Saudi Arabia

Evstaf' ev, M.N., 1980:
The role of immunity during Hypoderma infestation of cattle

Zimmerman, H.G.; Malan, D.E., 1981:
The role of imported natural enemies in suppressing re-growth of prickly pear, Opuntia ficus-indica, in South Africa

Ruelke, O.C., 1980:
The role of improved forage crops in livestock systems

Beauchesne, G., 1980:
The role of in vitro culture in plant multiplication

Umnov, A.M.; Artemenko, E.N.; Chkanikov, D.I., 1981:
The role of indolyl-3-acetic acid in the life activity of urediospores of wheat stem rust

Mehrotra, N.; Chaudhary, B.D., 1979:
The role of induced mutations in evolving phenotipically stable green gram (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilezek) for stress conditions

Angst, C.L., 1980:
The role of industry in dairy development

Zyl, J.C. van, 1981:
The role of inflation in relation to the production, and consumption of dairy products in South Africa, with particular reference to the expected population growth rate coupled with the need to satisfy the requirement for essential protein

McAnany, E.G., 1980:
The role of information in communicating with the rural poor: some reflections

Elistratov, G., 1982:
The role of innovation, positive experience and progress for the development of agriculture

Penman, D.R.; Wearing, C.H.; Collyer, E.; Thomas, W.P., 1979:
The role of insecticide-resistant phytoseiids in integrated mite control in New Zealand

Goddeeris, B., 1980:
The role of insects in dispersing eggs of tapeworms. II. Personal investigations

Theron, C.H.B.; Duvel, G.H., 1979:
The role of internal dynamic factors in the functioning of soil conservation committees

Sierra Garcia, A.; Cruz Caro, F. de la, 1981:
The role of intubation in the treatment of hepatic hydatidosis

Preto, G., 1980:
The role of inventories in forest planning

Kamar, G.A.R.; Hasan, H.A.M.A.M., 1979:
The role of iodine and thyroid gland on reproduction and production of chickens. III. Semen characteristics

Cheng, B.T., 1981:
The role of iodine, silicon and titanium on manganese toxicity in an acid soil

Jensen, M.E.; Harrison, D.S.; Korven, H.C.; Robinson, F.E., 1980:
The role of irrigation in food and fiber production

Santa, M., 1980:
The role of irrigation in intensive fodder production in the maize production region

Koentoro, A., 1981:
The role of irrigation in the smallholder sugarcane growing intensification programme in East Java

Macpherson, C.N.L.; Karstad, L., 1981:
The role of jackals in the transmission of Echinococcus granulosus in the Turkana District of Kenya

Kurt, L.A., 1980:
The role of karyology in the taxonomy of root-knot nematodes

Price, W.J., 1980:
The role of laboratory spectroscopy in agricultural sciences

Ross, M.S., 1980:
The role of land clearing in Indonesia's transmigration program

Bushkova, L.N., 1980:
The role of latent form of black leg

Batuman, V.; Maesaka, J.K.; Haddad, B.; Tepper, E.; Landy, E.; Wedeen, R.P., 1981:
The role of lead in gout nephropathy

Nel, P.C.; Hammes, P.S.; Smit, N.S.H.; Billot, M.R. le Court de, 1980:
The role of leaf area during spraying in the tolerance of Inia wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to 2,4-D amine

Pinchinat, A.M., 1977:
The role of legumes in Tropical America

Hutton, E.M., 1977:
The role of legumes in pastures

Thomas, L.K.; Ittmann, M.; Cooper, C., 1982:
The role of leucine in ketogenesis in starved rats

Dodge, A.D., 1981:
The role of light and oxygen in the action of photosynthetic inhibitor herbicides

Krasochkin, R.V., 1980:
The role of light in developing resistance of winter wheat to temperatures below freezing. (Preliminary data)

Edmeades, D.C.; O.C.nnor, M.B.; Saunders, W.M.H.; Toxopeus, M.R.J., 1981:
The role of lime in agriculture: some recent results

Howarth, B.Jr, 1980:
The role of lipids in avian sperm survival

Crawford, M.; Hassam, A., 1979:
The role of lipids in maternal and infant undernutrition during pregnancy and lactation

Ciaccio, C., 1980:
The role of local community groups in the tourist development of Sicily and tourism planning on the Messina Province coastline

Obura, W.B., 1978:
The role of local institutions in integrated approach to rural development

Wright, C.L.; Vasconcelos, T.A.C. de; Amabile, F.W., 1979:
The role of local roads in agricultural development: a new analysis

Carroll, E.J., 1979:
The role of lysozyme in killing and lysis of coliform bacteria in the bovine animal. I. Serum and milk concentrations of lysozyme and susceptibility of coliform strains to its action

Carroll, E.J., 1979:
The role of lysozyme in killing and lysis of coliform bacteria in the bovine animal. II. Effect of absorbing serum with bentonite or bacteria

Hara, T.; Sonoda, Y., 1981:
The role of macronutrients in cabbage-head formation. II. Contribution to cabbage-head formation of calcium, magnesium or sulfur supplied at different growth stages

Hara, T.; Kizawa, T.; Sonoda, Y., 1981:
The role of macronutrients in cabbage-head formation. III. Cabbage-head development as affected by nitrogen and light

Hara, T.; Sonoda, Y., 1981:
The role of macronutrients in cabbage-head formation. IV. Efffect of nitrogen supply or light intensity on the growth and 14CO2 and 15NO3-N assimilation of cabbage plants

Preston, P.M., 1981:
The role of macrophages in protective immunity and immunosuppression in bovine theilerioses

Oosthuizen, L.K.; Janovsky, E., 1981:
The role of management in efficient pig production, with specific reference to personnel practices

Buccola, S.; Bentley, E.J.ssee, W., 1980:
The role of market price-weight relationships in optimal beef cattle backgrounding programs

Fekete, F., 1980:
The role of marxist agricultural economists

Osmolovskaya, N.G.; Krengauz, L.M.; Chesnokov, V.A., 1980:
The role of medium neutralization in accumulation of organic acids and in optimization of ion composition of plants under ammonium nutrition conditions

Aloia, R.C., 1980:
The role of membrane fatty acids in mammalian hibernation

Nussenzweig, V.; Nussenzweig, R.S., 1981:
The role of membrane studies in parasitology

Shcherbakova, L.M., 1979:
The role of membranes in respiratory gas exchange of germinating sunflower seeds

Izmailov, S.F.; Bruskova, R.K.; Kiristaeva, N.M.; Arman, L.A.; Piskorskaya, V.P.; Smirnov, A.M., 1982:
The role of mesocotyls in nitrogen nutrition of maize seedlings. Experiments on feeding different organs with 14C-sugars

Cragg, B.A., 1980:
The role of micro-organisms in the deoxygenation of water treated with herbicides

Cox, S.W.R., 1982:
The role of microelectronics in agriculture and horticulture

Zelinskaya, L.M., 1980:
The role of microsporidia in the population dynamics of the gypsy moth (Porthetria dispar L.) in forest plantations in the lower cis-Dneiper region

L' vov, D.K., 1982:
The role of midges (Ceratopogonidae) in the circulation of arboviruses (review)

Gillespie, J.H., 1981:
The role of migration in the genetic structure of populations in temporally and spatially varying environments. III. Migration modification

Porter, J.W.G., 1980:
The role of milk and milk constituents in the human diet

Martin Prevel, P., 1978:
The role of mineral elements in plants

Pratt, C.R., 1980:
The role of mineral nutrition in the structure and function of an old field plant community

Merkushina, A.S.; Ol' khovskaya Burkova, A.K., 1980:
The role of minor elements and their combinations with chemicals in increasing pea resistance to pests and diseases

Greenwood, M.S.; Marino, T.M.; Meier, R.D.; Shahan, K.W., 1980:
The role of mist and chemical treatments in rooting loblolly and shortleaf pine cuttings

Numata, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Yamura, T., 1980:
The role of mite, house dust and Candida allergens in chronic urticaria

Pratt, J.M., 1979:
The role of molybdenum in nitrogen fixation

Wuttke, W.; Honma, K.; Lamberts, R.; Höhn, K.G., 1980:
The role of monoamines in female puberty

Germidis, D., 1980:
The role of multinationals in vocational training

Kas' yanenko, A.G., 1980:
The role of mutation in the evolution of imperfect fungi

Gorgidze, A.D., 1980:
The role of mutation in the evolution of some species of cultivated wheat

Khemnark, C., 1980:
The role of mycorrhiza in forestry development in Thailand

Mosse, B., 1977:
The role of mycorrhiza in legume nutrition on marginal soils

Meador, R.E., 1977:
The role of mycorrhizae in influencing succession on abandoned Everglades farmland

Wasilewska L.; Paplinska E.; Zielinski J., 1981:
The role of nematodes in decomposition of plant material in a rye field

Wasilewska, L., 1976:
The role of nematodes in the ecosystem of a meadow in Warsaw environs

Oh, W.; Vohr, B.R., 1980:
The role of neonatal metabolic disorders on the neurological and developmental outcome of LBW infants

Young, P.L.; Spradbrow, P.B., 1980:
The role of neutrophils in bovine ephemeral fever virus infection of cattle

Schoental, R., 1977:
The role of nicotinamide and of certain other modifying factors in diethylnitrosamine carcinogenesis: fusaria mycotoxins and 'spontaneous' tumors in animals and man

Steer, B.T., 1980:
The role of night temperature in the bulbing of onion (Allium cepa L.)

Groenwold, J.; Heringa, J.W., 1980:
The role of nitrogen compounds from cow urine in grass and soil

Pedrosa Garcia, A., 1980:
The role of non-formal education in rural development: a 10-year case study of the Cauca River Valley, Colombia

Kambulin, V.E.; Bugaev, G.S., 1980:
The role of non-gregarious grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Acrididae) in gramineous associations in the western part of central Kazakhstan and the zones of vittate pine forests in north-eastern Kazakhstan

Kaulitzki, G.; Kruse, D., 1980:
The role of normatives, guide values, and norms in the socialist agriculture and food industry (of the GDR)

Yurkiw, M.A.; Krondl, M., 1979:
The role of nutrient supplements in the nutrition of seniors

Ruberg, R.L., 1980:
The role of nutrition in plastic surgical practice: a review

Bissenden, J.G., 1982:
The role of nutrition in pregnancy

Zanforlin, M.; Saviolo, N., 1980:
The role of ocelli in the landing response threshold in flies Pollenia rudis F. (Diptera Calliphoridae). only

Fakhfakh, M.; Labaied, H., 1980:
The role of oil production in the geography, economy and society of Tunisia

Perry, F.G., 1981:
The role of oils and fats in ruminant diets

Perry, G.C., 1982:
The role of olfaction in the reproductive behaviour of pigs

Goldman, R.H., 1980:
The role of on-farm testing and evaluation in agricultural research and policy management

Chidlow, J.W.; Porter, P., 1979:
The role of oral immunisation in stimulating E. coli antibody of the IgM class in porcine colostrum

Flinn, D.W.; Squire, R.O.; Farrell, P.W., 1980:
The role of organic matter in the maintenance of site productivity on sandy soils

Corbineau, F.; Come, D., 1980:
The role of oxygen and temperature in the germination of seeds of Oldenlandia corymbosa (tropical Rubiaceous plant)

Neskovic, M.; Naunovic, G.; Grubisic, D., 1979:
The role of pH changes in phytochrome-mediated rapid responses in pea stems

O.C.nnor, B.P.; Mackay, A.G., 1978:
The role of paraquat for conserving time in seedbed preparation

Odendaal, W.A.; Duvel, G.H., 1979:
The role of part-time farming in some areas of the Eastern Cape Province

Anonymous, 1979:
The role of peasant farmer training in rural development. Vols I and II

Uoti, J., 1980:
The role of pesticide producer in biological control

Ofosu, A., .:
The role of pesticides in post-harvest protection of cereal grains with particular reference to Ghana

Imam, M.; Miseha, W.I., 1978:
The role of phenyl mercuric acetate (PMA) antitranspirant on moisture conservation for wheat. 1. Effect of PMA concentrations on yield component, grain yield and grain quality

Imam, M.; Miseha, W.I., 1978:
The role of phenyl mercuric acetate (PMA) antitranspirant on moisture conservation for wheat. 2. Effect of PMA concentrations on evapotranspiration control

Kuznetsova, I.A.; Tyshchenko, V.P., 1979:
The role of photoperiod and temperature in the regulation of diapause termination in Drosophila transversa Fll. and D. phalerata Mg. (Diptera, Drosophilidae)

Wilson, D., 1981:
The role of physiology in breeding herbage cultivars adapted to their environment

Oku, H.; Shiraishi, T.; Ouchi, S., 1979:
The role of phytoalexins in host-parasite specificity

Bidinger, B.D.; Nag, B., 1981:
The role of pigeonpea in village diets

Harbers L.H.; Raiten D.J.; Paulsen G.M., 1981:
The role of plant epidermal silica as a structural inhibitor of rumen microbial digestion in steers

Lodge, G.M., 1981:
The role of plant mass, basal area and density in assessing the herbage mass response to fertility of some native perennial grasses

Lyubimova, N.V., 1982:
The role of plant plasmalemma in host plant and pathogen interrelations

Winkel, A.; Feyerabend, G.; Neuhaus, W., 1982:
The role of plant protection for increasing and stabilizing cereal yields

Dodd, J.L., 1980:
The role of plant stresses in development of corn stalk rots

Morgan, E.H., 1980:
The role of plasma transferrin in iron absorption in the rat

Kempler, G.M., 1981:
The role of plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid in Streptococcus lactis subsp. diacetylactis

Hussein, M.A., 1979:
The role of political and social organization in health development

Frilli, F.; Barbattini, R., 1980:
The role of pollinators in the production of sweet cherries

Liang, Y.F.; Ao, L.D.; Wang, M.X.; Yi, W.J., 1982:
The role of polygalacturonase (PG) in the ripening of apple fruits

Sunderland, K.D.; Stacey, D.L.; Edwards, C.A., 1980:
The role of polyphagous predators in limiting the increase of cereal aphids in winter wheat

Salem, M.A.; Michail, S.H., 1981:
The role of polyphenols, oxidative and macerating enzymes in onion bulb cultivars infected with Botrytis allii

Crossland, N.O.; Stephenson, R.R., 1980:
The role of pond studies in assessing the hazard of toxic chemicals to freshwater ecosystems

Peoples, T.R., 1979:
The role of potassium in carbon-dioxide metabolism, growth and yield of alfalfa

Coetzee, J.G.K., 1980:
The role of potassium in citrus production

Wood, R.A., 1980:
The role of potassium in the production of sugarcane in South Africa

Claasens, A.S., 1980:
The role of potassium in vegetable production in South Africa

Beringer, H., 1980:
The role of potassium in yield formation

Schoner, H., 1980:
The role of practical training and industrial experience in dairy training courses at lower and medium level

Sannusi, A., 1979:
The role of preconditioning of Zebu cattle on the course of experimental Trypanosoma vivax infection

Cox, V.S.; McGrath, C.J.; Jorgensen, S.E., 1982:
The role of pressure damage in pathogenesis of the downer cow syndrome

Wassyliw, M., 1981:
The role of private part-time farming in raising food production

Anonymous, 1981:
The role of product development in Norway in dairying

Snodgrass, N.; Dexter, K.; Paul, G.W.; Heemskerk, H., 1981:
The role of professional advisory services in a rapidly changing agricultural environment

Martinet, L.; Allais, C.; Allain, D., 1981:
The role of prolactin and LH in luteal function and blastocyst growth in mink (Mustela vison)

Allen, W.R.; Pashen, R.L., 1981:
The role of prostaglandins during parturition in the mare

Takayama, S., 1979:
The role of protease in the ovarian follicle wall at ovulation

Barna, B.; Janos, E., 1981:
The role of protein metabolism of wheat in amino acid induced resistance to rust

Hennessy D.W.; Williamson P.J.; Lowe R.F.; Baigent D.R., 1981:
The role of protein supplements in nutrition of young grazing cattle and their subsequent productivity

Bates, G.W., 1978:
The role of protein synthesis in auxin-induced cell elongation

Saidapur, S.K.; Greenwald, G.S., 1981:
The role of protein synthesis in regulation of oestradiol-17 beta in the pro-oestrous hamster

Zimbalevskaya, L.N.; Levina, O.V.; Chernogorenko, M.I., 1975:
The role of pulmonates in the shallow waters of the Dnepr reservoirs

Stott, A.N., 1980:
The role of radiation treatment in crop storage

Dixon, R.T., 1979:
The role of radiology in the diagnosis of heartworm infestation in the dog

Kuntleuov, A., 1980:
The role of raion Soviets in directing agriculture

Krzymowska Kostrowicka, A.; Kostrowicki, A.S., 1980:
The role of recreation in rural land use systems

Turner, A., 1978:
The role of recreation in the development of national parks in New South Wales

Bhattacharyya, J.P.; Datta, A.K., 1980:
The role of relative humidity on the storage of jute seeds

Blake, T., 1980:
The role of resort associations in developing resorts

Buescher, P.J., 1979:
The role of ribosomal genes in RNA levels and nucleolar formation in Zea mays L

Soltesz, M.; Szalai, G.; Nyeki, J., 1979:
The role of ripening date for choosing fruit species and cultivars for large orchards

Romashov, B.V., 1979:
The role of rodents in the circulation of the nematode Hepaticola hepatica (Capillariidae) in natural foci

Tarzhimanov, R.A., 1975:
The role of rodents in the epidemiology and epizootiology of helminths in Azerbaidzhan

Carmi, A.; Heuer, B., 1981:
The role of roots in control of bean shoot growth

Liedholm, C.; Chuta, E., 1979:
The role of rural and urban small-scale industry in development: empirical evidence from Sierra Leone

Nadzhafov, I.G., 1978:
The role of salads, vegetables and fruit in the epidemiology of trichuriasis in the Kuba region of the Azerbaidzhan SSR

Kuz' menko, V.D.; Pankov, N.V.; Red' kin, A.A., 1979:
The role of sanitary and technical conditions in greengrocer shops in the spread of soil-transmitted helminthiases

Malohodzic, S., 1981:
The role of science in agriculture

Kormanovskii, L.; Makeenko, M., 1980:
The role of scientific and technical personnel in accelerating technical change

Idris, A.A.; Afiefy, M.M., 1978:
The role of season, vitamin A and testosterone on the initial hydrogen ion concentration of semen of buffalo and Friesian bulls

Keddy, P.A.; Reznicek, A.A., 1982:
The role of seed banks in the peristence of Ontario's coastal plain flora

Ahn, B.J.; Portz, H.L.; Preece, J., 1981:
The role of seed coverings on the dormancy of zoysiagrass

Scott, D.J., 1980:
The role of seed testing

Hampton, J.G., 1980:
The role of seed-borne inoculum in the epidemiology of net blotch of barley in New Zealand

Lew, J.D.; Wilcox, W.W., 1981:
The role of selected Deuteromycetes in the soft-rot of wood treated with pentachlorophenol

Pyl' nev, V.M.; Grizo, V.A.; Porchelli, M.D., 1980:
The role of selection in altering the content of mineral elements in the grain of winter bread wheat

Zhebrovskii, L.S., 1978:
The role of selection in the solution of the problem of the production of protein of animal origin

Pontes de Carvalho, L.C.; Templeman, J.; Wick, G.; Roitt, I.M., 1982:
The role of self-antigen in the development of autoimmunity in Obese strain chickens with spontaneous autoallergic thyroiditis

Kirsch, O.C.; Benjacov, A.; Schujmann, L., 1980:
The role of self-help groups in rural development projects

Batey, R.G.; Hussein, S.; Sherlock, S.; Hoffbrand, A.V., 1978:
The role of serum ferritin in the management of idiopathic haemochromatosis

Brandsborg, M.; Nielsen, H.E.; Brandsborg, O.; Olsen, K.J.; Løvgreen, N.A., 1980:
The role of serum gastrin in the secretion of calcitonin: studies in patients with pernicious anaemia and in healthy subjects

Baranowska, B.; Zgliczyński, S., 1982:
The role of sex hormones in the mechanism of inhibited LH release in female patients with anorexia nervosa

Huyton, PM.; Langley, PA.; Carlson, DA.; Coates, TW., 1980:
The role of sex pheromones in initiation of copulatory behaviour by male tsetse flies, Glossina morsitans morsitans

Lazarev, M.M.; Pokusaev, G.A.; Baskakova, Z.T.; Smertin, E.M., 1981:
The role of shelterbelts in snow deposition

Nagarajan, V.; Miner, R.G.; Levy, A.V., 1982:
The role of silicon additions in the corrosion resistance of chromia-forming alloys in coal gasification atmospheres

Panov, N.P.; Goncharova, N.A.; Rodionova, L.P., 1981:
The role of silicon compounds in solonization

Zonneveld, I.S., 1981:
The role of single land attributes in forest evaluation (classification, evaluation and inventory)

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The role of small-scale production and the specific side of its development

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The role of social anthropology in development studies

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The role of social factors in the expression of circadian rhythmicity in a group in Periplaneta americana (Dictyopt.)

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The role of social interactions in toxicity testing

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The role of socialist finance for development of the Russian Non-black-earth region

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The role of soil taxonomy and benchmark soils in technology transfer

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The role of some water soluble organic substances in soils

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The role of species characteristics of plants in fire climates as a guide to management

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The role of sporangia in the epidemiology of pearl millet downy mildew

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The role of stabilisers

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The role of stability in orographically influenced precipitation in Israel

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The role of stable flies and mosquitoes in the transmission of equine infectious anemia virus

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The role of state purchasing in raising the efficiency of farm production

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The role of statistical consultation in research establishments in Japanese forestry

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The role of steroids in sex recognition during spawning behaviour of the goldfish, Carassius auratus L

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The role of steroids in the control of oocyte final maturation and ovulation in yellow perch (Perca flavescens)

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The role of subsoil moisture in the formation and productivity of Scots pine phytocoenoses in the Poles'e region of Belorussia

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The role of sucrose in stabilization of cut gerbera flower stalks

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The role of supplemental biotin in swine nutrition

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The role of symbionts of Trichinella in the pathogenesis of trichinelliasis

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The role of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in food legume production

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The role of systems analysis in desert management: the example of SAMDENE

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The role of temperature and photoperiod in the regulation of the development and diapause of the meadow moth (Loxostege sticticalis)

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The role of temperature in the germination of crop plant seeds under reduced water potential

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The role of termites in a desert ecosystem

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The role of terraces and soil amendments in revegetating steep, smelter-affected land

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The role of terrestrial molluscs in eliminating larvae of Strongylata

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The role of terrestrial molluscs in the epizootiology of helminthiases in domestic and commercially valuable animals

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The role of the African woman in traditional cultivation - illustrated by the example of the Dan, Ivory Coast

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The role of the Danish Forestry Society in forest politics

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The role of the Douglas-fir beetle in accelerating sapwood decay

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The role of the Education and Culture Group at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction

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The role of the I-region in the control of macrophage-T cell and T cell-B cell interactions

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The role of the IBPGR in organizing conservation networks of vegetative and seed material

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The role of the Kupffer cell in the infection of rodents by sporozoites of Plasmodium: uptake of sporozoites by perfused liver and the establishment of infection in vivo

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The role of the London estate agent in land marketing. The role of the rural surveyor

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The role of the Malaysian rubber and rubber-based industries in the 1980's

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The role of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau in feedback mechanisms affecting the planetary circulation

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The role of the Tori stud in the selection of Tori horses

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The role of the World Health Organization in the development of new antimalarials

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The role of the administrative centre in implementing legal measures in the management of unified agricultural co-operatives (UACs)

Lonsdale, Earl of, 1980:
The role of the agricultural landlord - planning for change in the 1980's

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The role of the agricultural tractor in road haulage in Sri Lanka

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The role of the alkaline phosphatase test in investigating milk and milk products

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The role of the antennae in the maintenance of flight in the cockroach Periplaneta americana

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The role of the anterior pituitary gland in progestagen-induced proliferative mammary gland changes in the beagle

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The role of the basidiospore of Rigidoporus lignosus in the spread of white root disease of Hevea

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The role of the clearing banks' agricultural staff

Anonymous, 1981:
The role of the community health worker in primary health care

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The role of the cytoskeleton in the motility of coccidian sporozoites

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The role of the earthworm Eisenia foetida in the biology of Syngamus skrjabinomorpha Ryjikov, 1948

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The role of the elevated heat source of the Tibetan Highlands for the large-scale atmospheric circulation (with some remarks on paleoclimatic changes)

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The role of the endomembrane system in the response of cereal aleurone tissue to gibberellin

Chrispeels, M.J.; Jones, R.L., 1980:
The role of the endoplasmic reticulum in the mobilization of reserve macromolecules during seedling growth

Hoare, P., 1980:
The role of the extension officer in the synthesis of the farmers' technical knowledge and institutional research

Safilios-rothschild, C., 1980:
The role of the family in development

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The role of the farm credit system in financing agriculture

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The role of the forest in Swedish land use - a development study. Part A. Introduction

Mattsson, L.; Stridsberg, E., 1981:
The role of the forest in Swedish land use - a development study. Part B. Forest management in the agrarian society

Mattsson, L.; Stridsberg, E., 1981:
The role of the forest in Swedish land use - a development study. Part C. Forest management in the industrialized society

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The role of the forest service in ski resort development: a proposal for more efficient national forest management

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The role of the genotype in the mineral nutrition of inbred maize lines

Kovacevic, V., 1980:
The role of the genotype in the mineral nutrition of inbred maize lines. 1. Dry matter weight and the content and accumulation of nitrogen

Kovacevic, V., 1980:
The role of the genotype in the mineral nutrition of inbred maize lines. 2. The content and accumulation of phosphorus

Kovacevic, V., 1980:
The role of the genotype in the mineral nutrition of inbred maize lines. 3. The content and accumulation of potassium

Kovacevic, V., 1980:
The role of the genotype in the mineral nutrition of inbred maize lines. 4. The content and accumulation of magnesium

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The role of the genotype of the mother plant in the inheritance of alpha -amylase activity in rye

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The role of the growth of the root system in the uptake of various forms of potassium from the soil

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The role of the honey-bee in the pollination of some cultivars of sweet cherry

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The role of the house mouse in disease and zoonoses

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The role of the hydric state of the porous system on weathering. Nature of weathering in low water content systems

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The role of the industry in dairying

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The role of the intestinal wall in the mechanism of passive, acquired immunity to Ascaris. I. Study of the number of A. suum larvae, retained in the wall of the caecum and in the liver in animals immunized with specific antiserum

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The role of the kinin system and cryofibrinogenic complexes in the pathogenesis of protozoan diseases of animals. (Review)

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The role of the living components of pond biocoenoses in the eradication of Sanguinicola

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The role of the mammary gland in late pregnancy and parturition in the goat

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The role of the marital deduction in planning intergenerational transfers

Antonov, S., 1982:
The role of the meat and milk processing industry within the programme for further development of the non-black-earth region of the RSFSR

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The role of the mineralogical heterogeneity of the medium on modes of weathering

Traulsen, H., 1982:
The role of the mouldboard plough?

Chadwick, A.F., 1980:
The role of the museum and art gallery in community education

Gueri, M., 1980:
The role of the nutrition officer in disasters

Csomor, J., 1980:
The role of the party in establishing democracy on co-operative farms

McClean, S.P., 1980:
The role of the plough in today's agriculture

Scholtz, H.P.J., 1980:
The role of the postal questionnaire in a survey of agricultural development problems in the Volksrust extension district

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The role of the potato in the world's tropical regions

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The role of the preadult stages in the ecological separation of two subspecies of Aedes aegypti

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The role of the principal host in the spread of Toxoplasma infection

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The role of the proton pump in the functional activity of plant cells

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The role of the public in landscape decisions: a case study in the Peak District National Park

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The role of the racoon dog in the epizootiology of rabies

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The role of the regional water authorities

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The role of the salivary glands in feeding in Rhodnius prolixus

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The role of the sink in carbon allocation

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The role of the soil as a potential reservoir for infective larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi

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The role of the state in economic development of collective farms

Smith, I., 1982:
The role of the states in tourism

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The role of the sterile insect technique in integrated pest management

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The role of the stomach and the small intestine on the development of Isospora (Toxoplasma) gondii in cats infected directly into the small intestine by laparotomy

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The role of the termite Odontotermes gurdaspurensis (Isoptera: Termitidae) in plant decomposition in a tropical grassland

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The role of the thymus in the eosinophil response of rats infected with Fasciola hepatica

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The role of the university in applied technical assistance

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The role of the upper gastrointestinal tract in hunger and satiety

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The role of the voluntary sector: partnership and alliance. In: The Countryside Recreation Research Advisory Group Conference 1980, University of Lancaster 17-18 September. Proceedings: making the most of limited resources - practical lessons in countryside recreation

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The role of tissue culture in preserving threatened and endangered plant species

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The role of total parenteral nutrition in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

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The role of total parenteral nutrition in the treatment of ulcerative colitis

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The role of tourist offices in tourist planning. The example of the Vendee

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The role of traditional water management in modern paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka

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The role of travel bureaux, and tourist organisers in the eighties

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The role of tree clinics in urban forestry

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The role of trees and shrubs in Sahelian grazing

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The role of trees and shrubs in the grasslands of the Sahel

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The role of trees and their integration in the agrarian systems of the north of Senegal

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The role of trees in agriculture in the tropical semi-arid regions of West Africa

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The role of trees in the Sahel. Proceedings of a conference held at Dakar (Senegal) on 5-10 November 1979

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The role of trees in the agrarian systems of the semiarid tropical regions of West Africa

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The role of trematodes from the genus Proctoeces Odhner, 1911 in some littoral biocoenoses of the Black Sea

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The role of utilization studies in the planning of primary health care

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The role of values in social dynamics

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The role of vascular plants in the carbon exchanges of a salt marsh

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The role of village polytechnics in Kenyan rural development

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The role of vitamin C in the prophylaxis of common cold and hay fever

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The role of vitamin E in the nutrition of premature infants

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The role of water activity in honey crystallization

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The role of water and fertilizers in yield formation of maize

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The role of water shoots in modifying light climate within the apple tree canopy and in nutrition of fruits

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The role of wheat in the Indonesian food sector

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The role of wild and rare species in the evolution and breeding of wheat

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The role of wild bees in the pollination of apple blossoms in an orchard in North Tyrol (Austria)

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The role of wild plants in the ecology of nematode-borne viruses

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The role of wild ruminants in the epidemiology of nematodiasis in Kenya

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The role of women farming in Oyo State, Nigeria: a case study in two rural communities

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The role of women in agricultural production in India

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The role of zeranol in beef cattle management

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The role played by humic substances in regulating the mineral balance in plants

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The role played by toxoplasmosis in the generation of lesions of the central nervous system in children

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The roles of agriculture in economic development: the Korean experience and implications for Korean policy

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The roles of fleas and ticks in the epidemiology of human diseases

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The roles of lipid and protein in the protection of ram spermatozoa at 5 deg C by egg-yolk lipoprotein

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The roles of the public and private sectors in financing tourism projects

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The root and tuber improvement program at IITA

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The roots of hunger and the resolve to end it. A primer for World Food Day

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The ruin of Zambia's rural areas

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The rules of good milking should be known to all dairy farmers, but some simplification is possible

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The rural heritage

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The rural poor in Bangladesh: a new framework?

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The rural school

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The rural-agricultural sector

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The rust situation on wheat in Czechoslovakia in 1980

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The rust situation on wheat in Switzerland in 1980

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The ryegrass-maize succession on the Lombardy Plain

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The safest preparations for use in individual orchards and gardens

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The sale of two cities

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The salivary gland chromosomes of Culex (Culex) gelidus

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The same spinach cultivars in autumn and winter

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Anonymous, 1980:
The sanitary position and methods of control used in Egypt

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The sanitary position and methods of control used in different countries

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The self evident is no longer self evident

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The significance and role of proteins of animal and plant origin in the manufacture of meat products

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The significance of Armillaria species in eucalypt dieback

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The significance of agriculture in the Dutch Ijsselmeerpolders

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The significance of biotic pollination in Plantago lanceolata

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The significance of breed in the prediction of lamb carcass composition from fat thickness measurements

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The significance of chromosome numbers in the taxonomy of trematodes

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The significance of contamination and latent infection with Erwinia carotovora var. atroseptica (E.c.a.) in the production of seed potatoes

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The significance of deforestation and fire for the development of soils and vegetation in central Europe

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The significance of diet related to age

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The significance of differences among progeny testing stations in fattening performance and carcass quality of pigs

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The significance of environmental factors. I. Classification for parasitic infections

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The significance of food in the transmission of Toxoplasma

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The significance of free-living nematodes to the littoral ecosystem

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The significance of genotype-environment interactions in practical sheep breeding in north Europe

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The significance of immunity restriction by the major histocompatibility complex, and of the occurrence of high polymorhpism at MHC loci: two hypotheses

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The significance of inapparent infections in Chagas' disease and other forms of trypanosomiasis

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The significance of manganese, molybdenum, zinc, boron and lithium in metabolism and productivity of plants

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The significance of microorganisms in the wood of Abies alba with regard to silver fir dieback

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The significance of morphological characters in breeding high-yielding types of spring barley

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The significance of organic materials to Egyptian agriculture and maintenance of soil productivity

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The significance of oxygen transport from shoots to roots in higher plants

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The significance of physiologically adapted plant nutrition for potato quality

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The significance of potassium and nitrogen supply for drought hardiness in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) in winter

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The significance of potassium fertilization for salt-sensitive crops under irrigation with saline water

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The significance of potential difference between mesocotyl and root system for growth processes and nutrient accumulation by maize seedlings

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The significance of preselection of donors in bovine embryo transfer breeding programmes in northern Bavaria

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The significance of protein as a component of dietary fiber

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The significance of reclaimed pastures in the prophylaxis of fascioliasis

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The significance of rectoscopy for the diagnosis of intestinal amoebiasis

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The significance of shrinkage limits in clay materials

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The significance of soil nonexchangeable K in relation to sugarcane growth

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The significance of the EEC enlargement for trade in processed agricultural products and the food industry. Possible effects of the entry of Greece and Spain to the EC on competitive position of the GFR fruit and vegetable processing industry. Comment

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The significance of the acrosome in semen evaluation

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The significance of the alcohol marketing regime for potato production and utilization

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The significance of the amelioration depth for the fertility of reclaimed sulphur-containing raw dump soils, as demonstrated by farm-scale trials

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The significance of the cadmium species in uptake and metabolism of cadmium in crop plants

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The significance of the intestinal bacterial flora in the pathology of digestive organs in patients with giardiasis

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The significance of the ryegrass-growing ability of the site for intensive grassland management

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The significance of the type of feed in the prophylaxis of Oesophagostomum infection in pigs

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The significance of the uniqueness of Somali wildlife

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The significance of the use of growth regulators and fungicides in intensive barley production systems

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The significance of tomatine in the host response of susceptible and resistant tomato isolines infected with two races of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici

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The significance of variations in the distribution of copper in liver disease

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The significance of various site and agronomic factors for fertilizer recommendations for winter wheat on the basis of Nmin investigations

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The silent revolt of peasant women. Report from a village in Southern Mexico

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