The suitable protein level for feeding dairy cattle. II. Protein requirement for milk production

Abd, E.H.fiz, G.A.; Darwish, A.; Mosselhy, S.

Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarium Hungaricae 30(1/2): 75-82


Accession: 001018648

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In 3 switchback trials with 60-day periods 15 lactating, non-pregnant Jersey cows were given diets supplying 182% of the amount of protein secreted in milk (control, protein utilization 55%), or supplying 154, 133.3 or 125% of the amount of protein secreted in milk when given the control diet (utilization 65, 75 or 80%). Only the last diet decreased daily milk yield significantly compared with that of the control diet; high yielding cows were most severely affected by restriction in dietary protein supply. When protein supply was reduced to 154% of milk protein, the gross efficiency or protein utilization was not affected but on return to the control diet gross efficiency was decreased (P <0.01). Reducing protein supply to 133.3% of milk protein increased the efficiency of protein utilization from 38 to 47%, but a further reduction to 125% did not significantly increase the gross efficiency of protein utilization.