The use of Leucaena leucocephala or sugarcane tops as sources of forage in cattle diets based on molasses/urea, supplemented with chicken litter and/or wheat bran

Meyreles, L.; Pound, B.; Preston, T.R.

Tropical Animal Production 7(2): 92-97


Accession: 001019508

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32 Zebu bulls of initial liveweight of 154-194 kg were fed (a) sugarcane tops or (b) L. leucocephala (c) without supplementation or with (d) wheat bran, (e) chicken litter or (f) wheat bran + chicken litter. Daily liveweight gains were 241, 661, 502 and 772 g in (a) and 585, 722, 787 and 890 g in (b) with (c), (d), (e) and (f), resp.