The world water decade; Rural water supply; Problems of water pollution; Impact of water pollution control measures in Maharashtra; Drinking water for villages

Guest, I.; Shah, S.M.; Roy, B.K.; Lalwani, G.H.; Kaul, I.

Yojana 24(8): 4-22


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-0515
Accession: 001020719

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The bulk of this issue of Yojana is devoted to problems of water supply, pollution, and associated aspects such as preventive health care and sanitation. Five articles deal in turn with international efforts to draw attention to the problems and some of the broader aspects (disease, malnutrition, access to drinking water, preventive health care, community involvement, regional and international co-operation, etc.); the findings of a study carried out in 17 States in 1978 of access of the poor to rural water supply in India; problems of water pollution in India (health, infection, sewage, waste water disposal, etc.); the impact of water pollution control measures in Maharashtra State in the 1970s; and efforts made in the various national plans to improve village drinking water supplies, particularly administrative and organizational aspects, and progress to date in various Indian States.