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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Boshier, D.P.; Holloway, H.; Millener, N.M., 1981:
Triacylglycerols in the rat uterine epithelium during the oestrous cycle and early pregnancy

Kingsland, G.C., 1982:
Triadimefon for control of powdery mildew of wheat

Tromp, A.; Marais, P.G., 1981:
Triadimefon, a systemic fungicide against Uncinula necator (oidium) on wine grapes: disease control, residues and effect on fermentation and wine quality

Popa, Y.N., 1981:
Trial at constructing a classification of oak forests in Moldavia, taking into account their impairment by man

Fomina, V.I.; Telishevskii, D.A.; Khorechko, A.G., 1980:
Trial at growing Pleurotus ostreatus as a 'plantation' crop

Krushev, L.T.; Marchenko, Y.I., 1981:
Trial at using bacterial preparations against Lymantria monacha

Fisher, K., 1979:
Trial compares milking units

Carballo, R.; Basso, C.; Scatoni, I.; Comotto, F., 1981:
Trial for Scrobipalpula absoluta control in 1980-1981

Hellmann, M.; L.B.n, Y., 1981 :
Trial for control of Cynodon dactylon in plots of sugar-cane before planting

Rouas, G., 1981:
Trial for control of Epilobium tetragonum and Solanum nigrum in Champagne

Martino M.I., 1977:
Trial for control of Senecio sp. in natural pasture with Krenite

Yakovlev, G.V., 1981:
Trial in selective logging management in uneven-aged forests of the southern taiga

Shut' , G.E.; Osipenko, A.I., 1981:
Trial in the use of single-cable grabs

Kunitsyn, N.A.; Panev, V.V.; Kushlyaev, V.F.; Kolobov, E.A.; Kopylov, V.P., 1981:
Trial in using feller-skidders

Goto, K.; Kamiyama, N.; Yamashita, R., 1980:
Trial manufacture and test of simplified pneumatic conveyor

Nukerbaeva, K.K.; Svanbaev, S.K., 1980:
Trial of Khimokoktsid (or Chemococcid, a robenidine analogue) for coccidiosis in nutria

Reiffers, J., 1981:
Trial of a new antifungal and antibacterial cream with a triclosan (CGP 433-Logamel (R) ) base

Kwack, B.H., 1981:
Trial of a summer vegetable as a substitute for spinach

Cacchione, R.A.; Cascelli, E.S.; Saravi, M.A.; Martinez, E.S., 1981:
Trial of a trivalent antileptospira vaccine in cattle and swine in Argentina

Corleto, A.; Venezian, M.E.; Magini, L.; Eroli, A.; Cordella, S., 1980:
Trial of adaptability and production of forage shrubs in different areas of Puglia and Basilicata

Morah, S.C., 1980:
Trial of an aluminium phosphide formulation in bags as a substitute for tablets for disinfestation of guinea-corn in a standard stack

Rodriguez Amieva, P.J.; Mujica, F.L.; Frencha, J.H., 1978:
Trial of disease resistance of wheat, oats, barley, rye and linseed in the Argentine cereal-growing region during 1977

Bertholdi, R.E.; Raupp, A.A.A.; Silva Filho, A.E.P. da; Silveira Junior, P.; Silva, L.C.M. da, 1978:
Trial of grain sorghum in southern Rio Grande do Sul 1977/78

Babras, M.A.; Suryavanshi, B.D.; Rajagopalan Nayar, P., 1979:
Trial of hamycin in field outbreak of aspergillosis

Valarini, P.J., 1980:
Trial of herbaceous cotton cultivars in the ecological conditions of southern Mato Grosso

Bankov, D.; Gradinarski, I., 1980:
Trial of praziquantel in the treatment of lambs for Cysticercus tenuicollis infection

Supanvanich, K.; Supanvanich, S.; Pawabut, P., 1982:
Trial of praziquantel in the treatment of opisthorchiasis

Cosoroaba, I.; Orbulescu, D.; Moldovan, M., 1978:
Trial of praziquantel to control echinococcosis in dogs

Pinho, J.L.N. de; Melo, F.I.O.; Gomes, V.V.; Melo, Q.M.S.; Teixeira, L.M.S.; Oliveira, F.C. de, 1979 :
Trial of production systems for cassava

Knoepffler, L.P., 1979:
Trial of rearing the crayfish Pontastacus leptodactylus leptodactylus on an industrial scale

Meshcheryuk, G.I.; Sergeeva, E.A., 1981:
Trial of recommended Soviet varieties of essential-oil crops of the Umbelliferae in Moldavia during 1974-79

Megie, C., 1980:
Trial of the growth regulator BAS 083 01 W on cultivated cotton (G. hirsutum) in the polders of Bol (Lake Chad)

Cuenot, E.; Mandrin, J.F., 1980:
Trial of training systems for high density cherries

Atta, I.; Barhouma, N.; Saber, S.; Sabban, M.S., 1979:
Trial of transmission of the viscerotropic velogenic Newcastle disease virus from parakeets to chickens and from chickens to parakeets

Zied, A.A.; Sami, A.A.; Basioni, A.A.; Barhouma, N.M.; Ibrahim, S.N.; Sabban, M.S., 1981:
Trial of transmission of velogenic viscerotropic Newcastle virus from infected doves (Streptopelia senegalensis aegyptiacus) to susceptible chickens, and from infected chickens to susceptible doves

Dromigny, E.M.E., 1978:
Trial of treatment of otitis externa in domestic carnivores with a miconazole preparation

Andrade, J.M.V. de; Silva, A.R. da; Leite, J.C., 1981:
Trial of wheat varieties and lines on the Central Plain in 1980

Queiroz, G.M. de; Pinho, J.L.N. de; Melo, F.I.O.; Verde, N.G.L.; Oliveira, F.C. de, 1980:
Trial on a production system for cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Tang, J.R., 1981:
Trial on heading stage top dressing in middle-season rice

Lucifero, M.; Secchiari, P.; Ferruzzi, G., 1978:
Trial on induction of oestrus to improve reproductive efficiency in extensively managed cows

Akatnova, A.G.; Ulanovskii, V.P.; Ostrovskaya, L.K., 1981:
Trial on the control of lime chlorosis

Dushkov, V.Yu, 1981:
Trial on the restoration of dying stands of Ulmus pumila var. arborea on the dark soils of depressions

Werner, K., 1981:
Trial plots show freeze factors for leafy greens

Granges, A.; Jacot, D., 1982:
Trial results and heat savings in market garden crops in a glasshouse clad with glass of reduced emissivity

Aguilera, R.; Martinez, E., 1979:
Trial use of sulfamethoxypyridazine for treating Nocardia mastitis in cows

Caussin, R.; Gaspar, S., 1981:
Trial using models to study the dispersion of pesticides in spray tanks

Benavides, S.; Santacruz, L.; Bernal Nino, F., 1981:
Trial with different herbicides, mixtures and rates for weed control in oil palms

Raupp, A.A.A.; Porto, M.P.; Brancao, N.; Silveira Junior, P.; Soares, G.J. dos S., 1980:
Trial with grain sorghum in Rio Grande do Sul -- 1979/80

Nurdin ; Mangoensoekarjo, S., 1979:
Trial with herbicides for poisoning oil palms

Raupp, A.A.A.; Porto, M.P.; Silveira Junior, P.; Petrini, J.A., 1980:
Trial with new cultivars of sweet sorghum -- 1979/80

Acosta M.T., 1981:
Trial with ten herbicides at various rates in direct-drilled tomatoes in the plains of Guadiana, 1977

Anonymous, 1978:
Trial work on the propagation of Corylus avellana from hardwood cuttings

Montoya, J.L.; Borrero, A., 1980:
Trials and experiments with soya bean. 1974 and 1975 seasons and 1976 in part. National cereals and legumes programme, soya bean subprogramme. Annexes

Mollova, N., 1980:
Trials at using lime ash in building forest lorry-roads in Bulgaria

Drogoszewski, B.; Wlazelko, M., 1980:
Trials determining the preference of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) for particular willow varieties

Anonymous, 1980:
Trials for chemical weed control in shelterbelts

Salembier, J.F.; Haquenne, W.; Gomand, M.; Belien, J.M., 1979:
Trials for control of Cirsium arvense in sugar-beet

Debrand, M.; Audy, J.M.; Dumont, R., 1979:
Trials for control of grass weeds in grass seed crops

Roccia, A.O.; Lordello, L.G.E.; Lordello, R.R.A., 1977:
Trials for control of nematodes on sugar-cane with Aldicarb

Masserano, P.C.; Mainenti, E., 1980:
Trials for control of shrubs and bracken with Krenite

Civantos L.V.L.; Torres M.J., 1981:
Trials for soil management in olive groves 1976 to 1980

Kaspers, H.; Patel, N.K., 1980:
Trials for the control of coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix Berk. et Br.) in Kenya

Bonnet, M.; Garin, J.P.; L.F.lce, E., 1980:
Trials for the prevention of recurrence of toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis by immunotherapy with BCG

Gothe, H.; Schober, R.; Bork, H., 1980:
Trials in crossing Larix europaea (Schlitz provenance) and Larix leptolepis. 6

Simonin, A.; Guinefoleau, J.P.; Lebosse, J.C., 1979:
Trials in maize to control weeds that have developed resistance to triazines

Tham, C.K., 1979:
Trials of Acacia mangium Willd. as a plantation species in Sabah

Palit, S., 1980:
Trials of Albizia falcataria (L.) Fosberg and Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) De Wit in North Bengal

Trajkovski, V.; Andersson, G., 1980:
Trials of Balsgard apple and pear rootstocks

Trajkovski, E.K.; Trajkovski, V.; Nilsson, K., 1980:
Trials of Balsgard breeders' varieties of strawberries, 1973-1979

Almeida, L. d' A. de; Pompeu, A.S.; Bulisani, E.A.; Ronzelli Junior, P.; Bortoleto, N., 1982:
Trials of French bean cultivars and lines in the north-western region of Sao Paulo State

Ayoade, G.O.; Sharma, B.M.; Sridhar, M.K.C., 1982:
Trials of Pistia stratiotes L. as animal feed

Sapozhnikov, G.I., 1979:
Trials of acemidophen for Sanguinicola infection in carp

Kuznetsov, Y.V.; Krakatitsa, T.F.; Grobov, A.G.; Domaskii, V.V.; Shtyrkina, L.F., 1980:
Trials of an apparatus for rearing oysters in the open sea

Lisitsina, R.A., 1979:
Trials of apple cultivars for resistance to scab

Mackiewicz, S.; Zub, J., 1978:
Trials of chemical control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary on oleaginous sunflower

Deuse, P.L.; Hernandez, S.; Diallo, S., 1980:
Trials of chemical weed control in upland rice in Senegal

Mikityuk, V.V.; Grobov, O.F.; Chigareva, O.I., 1979:
Trials of chemicals for controlling Varroa jacobsoni infestations of bees

Gnezdilov, Y.A., 1979:
Trials of clonal rootstocks for stone crops

Artem' ev, G.M., 1978:
Trials of combined prophylactic treatment of gastro-intestinal helminthiases in sheep in a farm of the Pavlodar (Pre-Irtysh) region (USSR)

Kimber, D.; McCullagh, S., 1979:
Trials of commercial varieties of beet

Kimber, D.; McCullagh, S., 1980:
Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Magerramova, E.S., 1977:
Trials of crystal violet K against Ichthyophthirius infection in Salmo trutta caspius

Pereira, Ada S., 1981:
Trials of cultivars and lines of processing tomatoes -- 1980/81

Zorovska, N., 1980:
Trials of different amounts of protein for fattening hybrid piglets. 1. Gain, feed utilization and digestibility of nutrients

Batalova, T.S.; Zinov' ev, L.S., 1978:
Trials of fungicide seed protectants safe for nodule bacteria

Anonymous, 1981:
Trials of grazing systems

Brand, J.C.; Miller, J.J., 1980:
Trials of lactose hydrolysed milk in Australian aboriginal children

Tomova, D.; Mandev, I.; Chotinski, D.; Tsvetanov, I.; Duneva, E., 1980:
Trials of mixed poultry feeds containing algae. 1. Effect on productivity indices of broilers

Fetisov, V.I., 1975:
Trials of new anthelmintics against dicrocoeliasis in sheep

Tomasyan, K.; Angelov, A.; Papukchieva, T.; Gadzheva, M.; Lalov, N.; Kangelova, S., 1981:
Trials of new recipes for pellets for trout

Shildrick, J.P., 1981:
Trials of perennial ryegrass mown at 8 mm (trials P1 and P2, 1978-80)

Bostanian, N.J.; Paradis, R.O.; Pitre, D., 1981:
Trials of preventive treatments in the orchard against the European red mite, Panonychus ulmi (Koch) and the apple rust mite, Aculus schlechtendali (Nalepa)

Cambra, R., 1980:
Trials of quince rootstocks for pear cvs Limonera and Agua de Aranjuez

Marinov, K.; Dimitrov, D.P.; Vladimirov, I., 1980:
Trials of schemes for fattening lambs

Campos, A.R.; Fonseca, A. da S.; Abramides, P.; Abreu, O.C.; Campos, B. do E.S. de, 1980:
Trials of six varieties of mulberry (Morus alba L.) for green matter yield

Figueiredo, P.; Matsuoka, S.; Silva, W.M. da; Tokeshi, H.; Figueiredo Jr, E.R.; Silveira, A.P. da; Mello, S.S.; Paradela Filho, O., 1980:
Trials of sugarcane cultivars for resistance to Ustilago scitaminea Syd. under field conditions

Rowe, F.P.; Plant, C.J.; Bradfield, A., 1981:
Trials of the anticoagulant rodenticides bromadiolone and difenacoum against the house mouse (Mus musculus L.)

Schnaiderowa, J.; Swiezynska, H., 1977:
Trials of the control of Paranthrene tabaniformis (Lep., Aegeriidae) with the insecticidal fungus Beauveria bassiana

Tseggai, T., 1981:
Trials of the efficacy and safety of the anthelmintic Rintal in sheep in the region of Asmara (Ethiopia)

Barzdajn, W., 1978:
Trials of the propagation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) by cuttings

McMorland, B., 1982:
Trials of two feller-bunchers in coastal B.C

Loehde, J., 1980:
Trials of variety mixtures of barley with special reference to yield and mildew attack

Sylla, B.S.; N' zi, G.; Ravelli, G.P., 1981:
Trials of winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) cultivation in the Ivory Coast

Sylla, B.S.; N' zi, G.; Ravelli, G.P., 1981:
Trials of winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) in Ivory Coast

Szoltysek, K.; Ziobrowski, J., 1981:
Trials on accelerated ripening of Rokpol blue cheese

Lanza, A.; Lanza, E., 1978:
Trials on artificial rearing of kids of Maltese breed

Berrada, A., 1979:
Trials on barley cultivation in the arid zone

Casulli, F., 1981:
Trials on chemical control in cashew in Tanzania

Aloj, B.; Garibaldi, A., 1982:
Trials on controlling collar rot of carnations

Overstijns, A.P.A., 1981:
Trials on covering compost

Hafez, M.; Bishara, S.I.; Bassal, T.T., 1981:
Trials on cross-mating between three species of Rhipicephalus sanguineus group (Ixodoidea : Ixodidae)

Novotna, I., 1978:
Trials on determining the tendency of some idiotypes of garden pansy (Viola X wittrockiana) to self- or cross-pollination

Borrelli, A., 1980:
Trials on fertirrigation of eggplant under glass

Forlani, M.; Pasquarella, C.; Pugliano, G., 1981:
Trials on flower thinning in peach

Ferreira, J.; Pastor, M.; Magallanes, M., 1980:
Trials on foliar nitrogen fertilization in olive

Bandzaitene, Z.Yu, 1980:
Trials on forecasting Vaccinium vitis-idaea berry yields based on the degree of their maturity

Vorobei, Z.S., 1980:
Trials on frameworking in the crown of different apple cultivars

Florya, V.N., 1981:
Trials on growing Catharanthus roseus in Moldavia

Aleksandrova, M.S., 1981 :
Trials on growing Gaultheria in Moscow

Will, H., 1980:
Trials on inhibiting the growth of turfgrasses

Vecchiettini, M., 1980:
Trials on intercropping maize and grain sorghum

Gornitskaya, I.P., 1980:
Trials on interior landscaping of Donetsk sport centre

Melik Guseinov, V.V., 1980:
Trials on introducing Papaver lisae into cultivation in the Northern Caucasus

Dauple, P.; Andre, P.; Blanc, R.; Buret, M.; Chambroy, Y.; Flanzy, C.; Pelisse, C., 1981:
Trials on lettuce storage by the combined use of vacuum precooling, controlled atmospheres and cold

Arrivo, A.; Bellomo, F.; Catalano, V.; Giorgio, M., 1980:
Trials on mechanical harvesting by lateral shaking and effects on the quality of the wine

Carafa, A.M.; Giannattasio, M., 1979:
Trials on micropropagation of the Mediterranean carnation cultivar Astor

Laroche, M.; Verhoyen, M., 1980:
Trials on rapid multiplication in vitro of shallot (Allium ascalonicum)

Cestac, Y.; Snoeck, J., 1982:
Trials on robusta coffee planting densities, planting systems and pruning in the Ivory Coast. Results and prospects

Dipoli, P.; Vigl, J., 1980:
Trials on spraying against woolly aphid

Damiano, C.; Faedi, W.; Cobianchi, D., 1980:
Trials on stolon formation in the nursery and agronomic observations on strawberry plants obtained by in vitro culture

Andre, P.; Blanc, R.; Buret, M.; Chambroy, Y.; Dauple, P.; Flanzy, C.; Pelisse, C.; Vergniaud, P., 1980:
Trials on storing spinach, French beans, parsley and leeks by vacuum pre-cooling combined with modified atmospheres and cold

Szczgiel, A., 1981:
Trials on suceptibility of strawberry cultivars to the needle nematode, Longidorus elongatus

Szczygiel, A., 1981:
Trials on suceptibility of strawberry cultivars to the root lesion nematode, Pratylenchus penetrans

Wolffhardt, D., 1981:
Trials on sunflower cultivation

Szczygiel, A., 1981:
Trials on susceptibility of strawberry cultivars to the northern root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne hapla

Yusuf, Y.; Masdarna, B.; Rustam, Z., 1979:
Trials on the adaptibility of three potato varieties

Murolo, G.; Stanich, I., 1982:
Trials on the combined control of Uncinula necator and Plasmopara viticola on grapevines in Campania

Murolo, G.; Stanich, I., 1980:
Trials on the control of Plasmopara viticola with Ridomil in Campania

Oliveira Filho, J.C.; Carvalho, J.C.; Tavares, S.; Marconato, J.R.; Fagan, R.; Brunelli Junior, H.C.; Mariconi, F.A.M., 1980:
Trials on the control of citrus rust mite, Phyllocoptruta oleivora, with soil applied granules

Tacconi, R., 1980:
Trials on the control of epigeal nematodes of strawberry (Aphelenchoides fragariae and Ditylenchus dipsaci)

Buchi, R.; Baldinger, J.; Blasser, S.; Brunetti, R., 1981:
Trials on the control of the cornborer, Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn., with the confusion technique

Bazzocchi, R.; Rossi, F.; Ricci, F., 1981:
Trials on the cultivation of roses in unheated glasshouses

Finzi, A.; Giaccone, P.; Leto, G., 1979:
Trials on the digestibility and practical use of dehydrated Ruppia meal

Szubert, H., 1980:
Trials on the effect of hopper discharge orifice design parameters on the gravity feed rate of fodder pellets

Toma, L.D.; Ifteni, L.; Nadejde, M., 1979:
Trials on the effect of some herbicides applied at low volume on the content of assimilating pigments in pears

Bongarra, G.S., 1980:
Trials on the greenhouse control of Pyrenochaeta lycopersici of tomatoes in Sicily

Toutain, B., 1977:
Trials on the improvement of deteriorated natural pastures in the Sahel of Upper Volta

Bocsa, I.; Krisztian, J.; Kadlicsko, B.; Mate, A., 1980:
Trials on the introduction of crownvetch (Coronilla varia L.) growing in Hungary

Baldini, E.; Intrieri, C., 1979 :
Trials on the mechanical harvesting of grapes by vertical shaking. Comparison between a row-straddling and an interrow grapevine harvester

Ponchia, G.; Roselli, G., 1980:
Trials on the micropropagation of two sour cherry clones

Weichold, R.; Kampe, F.; Walter, M.; Haberland, G., 1980:
Trials on the production of cucumbers in the open

Pecen, J., 1981:
Trials on the separability of coagulated plant juice using sieves

Sozzi, A., 1980:
Trials on the short term storage of courgettes

Stanchina, G.; Pinamonti, V.; Zanon, A., 1978:
Trials on the storage of Reinette du Canada apples at high carbon dioxide levels

Urso, G. d' ; Aquila, S. dell', 1978:
Trials on the use of PGF2 alpha for oestrus synchronisation in sheep. Part 1

Leto, G.; Giaccone, P., 1981:
Trials on the use of olive cake for feeding rabbits

Selwa, J., 1977:
Trials on vegetative reproduction of different types of mahaleb cherry (Prunus mahaleb)

Bohringer, M., 1980:
Trials on weed control in pansies

Kramer, E.; Fischer, R.; Schiess, J., 1981:
Trials to compare hydraulic brake system for trailers

Pedroso, B.A.; Goncalo, J.F.; Carmona, P.S.; Reginatto, M.P.V.; Amaral, A.S.; Gastal, F.L.C.; Terres, A.L., 1978:
Trials to compare the yield of irrigated rice

Seemuller, E., 1982:
Trials to control crown rot of strawberry with metalaxyl and aluminiumfosetyl

Arrighetti, A.; Ambrosi, P.; Bonfioli, R., 1979:
Trials to determine the underground movement of soil water in forests (methodological approach)

Kayitmazbatir, N., 1977:
Trials to find high-yielding wheat varieties for Konya region

Cheng, C.C.; Arganbright, D.G., 1981:
Trials to reduce drying time of pencil slats using the drying effort method

Larsson, S., 1981:
Trials with CCC on barley. Influence of different doses and application times on yield and quality

Shipman, R.D., 1981:
Trials with DPX 3674-A and DPX 3674-LE for release of planted larch

Bernardi, G.; Fabiani, G.; Gamberini, C.; Massasso, W., 1977:
Trials with Eradicane (R) : a new selective weed killer for maize

Zimmer, K., 1980:
Trials with Impatiens

Safiullin, R.T., 1980:
Trials with Naphthamon against mixed helminthiases in pigs

Bjorklund, B.; Dahlsson, S.O.; Weibull, P., 1979:
Trials with species, varieties and mixtures on roadsides 1974-1978

Grammel, R., 1981:
Trials with a new feller-buncher for thinning operations

Fouint, M., 1979:
Trials with a permanently-mounted G.M.T. barker

Rey, C., 1982:
Trials with bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) as an ornamental ground cover plant

Ozkoc, U.; Pipano, E., 1981:
Trials with cell culture vaccine against theileriosis in Turkey

Angelov, D.; Gadzhonov, I., 1979:
Trials with chemicals for powdery mildew control on okra grown for seed

Gnezdilov, Y.A., 1979:
Trials with cultivars of cherry plum, plum and peach trees grown on their own roots

Jacobsen, E.; Skjenneberg, S., 1979:
Trials with different feed mixtures for reindeer. Feeding value of the reindeer feed RF-71

Philipps, R., 1980:
Trials with disinfectants against parasite eggs and oocysts

Blain, A.Q.M.; Dixon, G.R., 1981:
Trials with ethofumesate for control of white clover in strawberry crops

El-Abdin, Y.; Selim, M.; Abdel-Gawwad, A. , 1981:
Trials with febantel for the control of nematodes in mules

Bansal, S.R.; Gautam, O.P.; Dey Hazra, A., 1981:
Trials with fenbendazole in natural gastrointestinal nematodiasis in sheep

Borset, O., 1978:
Trials with five Scots pine provenances at Prestebakke

Schlumpberger, W.; Liebenau, H., 1978:
Trials with fry of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella Val.) and silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val.) reared in troughs at the whitefish and pike farming establishment, Eldenburg

Buitelaar, K., 1982:
Trials with grafted tomatoes

Hillemann, G., 1981:
Trials with industrial fish and fish silage

Hurka, W., 1981:
Trials with lacecap hydrangeas

Wiesner, U.; Staack, A., 1980:
Trials with machine harvesting of green asparagus

Redbond, M.R., 1980:
Trials with metoxuron for the control of Bromus sterilis in winter cereals

Moberly, P.K.; Clowes, M.S.J., 1981:
Trials with nematicides registered for use on sugarcane in South Africa

Huss, J., 1978:
Trials with new herbicides for site preparation for conifers

Rojas G.M.; Rosales, E., 1981:
Trials with new products and techniques for control of johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense)

Aprikyan, S.V.; Khachatryan, L.A., 1981:
Trials with perennial lawn grasses in the semi desert zone of the Armenian SSR

Hillemann, G., 1981:
Trials with potato starch products

Hillemann, G., 1981:
Trials with poultry fat

Vabenoe, A.W.; Boe, S., 1980:
Trials with rough pasture, cultivated pasture and indoor feeding for ewe lambs in spring

Lund, R.S., 1979:
Trials with salt

Borggaard, T., 1981:
Trials with seed and commercial crops

Berg, T.; Aase, K., 1979:
Trials with smooth meadow grass cultivars in Western Norway

Brandis, A. von, 1980:
Trials with some gloxinia varieties. Part II. Cultivars and their development

Simonov, D.; Tudzarov, T., 1977:
Trials with some onion cultivars for one-year direct sown production at Ovce Pole

Oppitz, K.; Hoeser, K., 1981:
Trials with split late N applications for winter wheat

Glem Hansen, N., 1981:
Trials with supplements of easily digestible feeds for mink in the early period of growth

Bessonov, A.S.; Uspenskii, A.V.; Shekhovtsov, N.V., 1976:
Trials with the AVT apparatus for the group diagnosis of trichinelliasis in pigs on meat processing plants

Hesselbarth, K.; Wadsack, H.J.; Hundhausen, A., 1979:
Trials with the DLG-tested detergent/disinfectant P3-dix-flussig in dairy farm installations with automatic cleaning

Archer, B.M., 1981:
Trials with the herbicide butam, investigating application timing in oilseed rape

Baranov, M.I.; Korzun, G.P., 1981:
Trials with tomato cultivars for suitability for mechanical harvesting

Njos, A.; Ekeberg, E., 1980:
Trials with two depths of ploughing in autumn and spring on a morainic soil in Stange, Southern Norway during the years 1969-1975

Jimenez Ozete, H.; Fuentes, O., 1981:
Triatoma flavida (Hemiptera: Reduviidae). I. Biometric study of nymphs

Sherlock, I.A.; Guitton, N., 1980:
Triatomine fauna of the State of Bahia, Brazil. IV - Triatoma melanocephala Neiva & Pinto, 1923

Gressel, J., 1982:
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Tubular aggregates in Mrazekia limnodrili (Microsporida). Endoplasmic reticulum

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Tubular film for packaging paste-like foods especially sausage and cheese

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Tubular film for packing and casing foodstuffs, especially sausage and cheese

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Tubular film for packing and casing paste-type foodstuffs especially sausage and cheese

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Tucker today

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Tufted apple budmoth virus protects fruits from larvae

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Tulip forcing

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Tulip nematode control by hot water treatment

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Tumours in the thoracic cavity

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Tunnel drainage of deep blanket bog

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