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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1980:
Tuscan Farms introduces yoghurt drinks in quarts

Crosta, G., 1981:

Lee, H., 1981:
Tuscany's hidden treasure

Egolf, D.R., 1982:
Tuscarora offers year-round interest

Garg, A.K.; Sethi, G.R., 1980:
Tussock caterpillar, Psalis pennatula (Fabricius) feeding on rice at Delhi

Guenet, J.L.; Condamine, H.; Gaillard, J.; Jacob, F., 1980:
twPa-1, twPa-2, twPa-3: three new t-haplotypes in the mouse

Anonymous, 1979:
Twelfth Annual Meeting, August 21-24, 1979, Society for the Study of Reproduction, Laval University, Quebec, Canada. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1980:
Twelfth annual conference, University of New England, Armidale, August 27-29, 1980. Program and abstracts of papers

Anonymous, 1981:
Twelfth annual meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology, Oulu, Finland, 15-19 September 1981. Abstracts of papers to be presented

Rebsamen, A.; Blum, J.; Schworer, D., 1978:
Twelfth report of the Swiss Society for Fattening and Carcass Performance Tests in Pigs 1978

Luz, W.C. da; Hosford, R.M.J., 1980:
Twelve Pyrenophora trichostoma races for virulence to wheat in the Central Plains of North America

York, J.O.; Dale, J.L.; Phillips, J.R., 1979:
Twelve inbred corn lines with resistance to the corn virus complex are released

Patzold, G., 1979:
Twelve years' results of an apple variety trial

Anonymous, 1981:
Twentieth-century popular culture in museums and libraries

Holzschuh, C., 1981:
Twenty new longhorn beetles from Europe and Asia (Cerambycidae, Col.)

Khalil, M.A.K., 1979:
Twenty year results of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence region white spruce provenance test in Newfoundland

Khalil, M.A.K., 1981:
Twenty year results of the red spruce provenance study in Newfoundland

Khalil, M.A.K., 1977:
Twenty year results of the study of premature loss of growth of balsam fir in southeastern Newfoundland

Magasi, L.P.; Balch, R.E.; Pond, S.E.; Smith, C.C.; Urquhart, D.A., 1981:
Twenty years of Dutch elm disease in Fredericton, N.B. (1961-1980)

Meyer, D.W.; Dodds, D.L., 1980:
Twenty years of alfalfa variety testing in North Dakota

Mildner, H., 1982:
Twenty years of forest inventory and its further development

Raguenez, P.; Jondet, R., 1980:
Twenty years of genetic improvement in dairy cattle in Brittany: the beneficial effects of artificial insemination

Mackman, B.J., 1980:
Twenty years of griseofulvin therapy?

Bon, M., 1980:
Twenty years of housing finance by the Credit Agricole (Agricultural Credit Bank) 1959-1979

Ockert, G., 1980:
Twenty years of parasitology in the Halle district Institute of Hygiene

Crill, P., 1981:
Twenty years of plant pathology at the IRRI

Ruegsegger, A., 1980:
Twenty years of progeny testing Simmental cattle for milk yield

Anonymous, 1981:
Twenty-eighth annual report for the year ended 30 September 1980

Anonymous, 1980:
Twenty-eighth report from the Committee of Public Accounts together with an appendix, the proceedings of the Committee, the minutes of evidence and appendices. UK contributions to the general budgets of the European Communities

Anonymous, 1980:
Twenty-fifth anniversary of the Federal Research Institute for Virus Diseases of Animals, Tubingen (German Federal Republic)

Anonymous, 1980:
Twenty-fifth annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 1980

Anonymous, 1981:
Twenty-first Report from the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Communities. Development aid policy. Observations by the government

Ticheler, J., 1979:
Twenty-five hectares of onions treated with sterile onion flies (Delia antiqua Meig.)

Shankarnarayan, K.A.; Lahiri, A.N., 1978:
Twenty-five years of arid zone research

Portier, G., 1980:
Twenty-five years of control and warnings of the Colorado potato beetle in the Department of Manche (1950-1975)

Anonymous, 1979:
Twenty-five years of village education. Tirol cultural workshop. Preparing for the work in future years. Anniversary volume

Siminovitch, D.; Cloutier, Y., 1982:
Twenty-four-hour induction of freezing and drought tolerance in plumules of winter rye seedlings by desiccation stress at room temperature in the dark

Werther, G.A.; Jenkins, P.A.; Turner, R.C.; Baum, J.D., 1980:
Twenty-four-hour metabolic profiles in diabetic children receiving insulin injections once or twice daily

Thun, R.; Eggenberger, E.; Zerobin, K.; Lüscher, T.; Vetter, W., 1981:
Twenty-four-hour secretory pattern of cortisol in the bull: evidence of episodic secretion and circadian rhythm

Anonymous, 1979:
Twenty-ninth Annual Report 1978

Anonymous, 1978:
Twenty-ninth annual meeting of the Tissue Culture Association, June 4-8, 1978, Denver Hilton Hotel, Denver, Colorado

Anonymous, 1981:
Twenty-seventh annual report and statement of accounts for year ended 31 August, 1980

Anonymous, 1980:
Twenty-seventh annual report for the year ended September 30th 1979

Anonymous, 1979:
Twenty-seventh progress report of the Cooperative Forest tree Improvement Program

Tamayo, D.B.Jr, 1979:
Twenty-seventh year - BAEx succeeds in improving life in rural areas

Anonymous, 1981:
Twenty-sixth annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 1981

Reuter, G., 1981:
Twenty-year experiments in Rostock on humus formation in the soil. 1. Experimental conditions and development of humus content

Forcella, F., 1981:
Twig nitrogen content and larval survival of twig-girdling beetles, Oncideres cingulata (Say) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Singh, S.P., 1980:
Twin effect of age on chlorophyll development in greening organs

Sreenan, J.M.; Morris, D., 1980:
Twin induction studies

File, G.; Whale, D., 1981:
Twin lambs: cause for celebration or concern?

Marusi, A., 1981:
Twin pregnancy in cattle and current management techniques

Golz, W., 1976:
Twin uncapping knife for extracting from hive boxes

Everts, D., 1981:
Twin- and single-rope gravity rollers - a site-preparation technique developed in New Zealand

Samarineanu, M.; Granciu, I.; Livescu, B.E.; Turculet, G., 1981:
Twinning and freemartinism in a Holstein-Friesian population

Kozlovskaya, E.N., 1978:
Twinning in Russian Black Pied cows

Kogel, S.; Strasser, H.; Lampeter, W.W., 1980:
Twinning in a Simmental beef herd

Boland, M.P.; Crosby, T.F.; Gordon, I., 1980:
Twinning in beef and dairy cattle by embryo transfer

Boland, M.P.; Crosby, T.F.; Gordon, I., 1981:
Twinning in beef and dairy cows

Boland, M.P.; Moloney, J.; Gordon, I., 1981:
Twinning in lactating Friesian cows following non-surgical transfer

Smirnov, Y.A.; Zhukov, O.S.; Smirnova, G.S., 1979:
Twinning tests in breeding and genetical studies

Tischler, K.; Kes, E.W.G.; Hendriques, R.M. de C.; Schuster, H., 1979:
Twist reduction by mechanical restraint during kiln drying

Harcourt, D.G.; Guppy, J.C.; MacLeod, D.M.; Tyrrell, D., 1981:
Two Entomophthora species associated with disease epizootics of the alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), in Ontario

Odening, K.; Bockhardt, I., 1982:
Two European forms of Spirometra (Cestoidea: Diphyllobothriidae) with a different sparganum growth factor

Larsen, K., 1982:
Two Microlepidoptera new for the Danish fauna: Trifurcula amani (Svensson, 1966) and Phyllonorycter platani (Staudinger, 1870) (Lepidoptera)

Mutuura, A., 1980:
Two Pandemis species introduced into British Columbia, with a comparison of native North American species (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Moran, R., 1980:
Two Penstemons of Baja California, Mexico--one new, one used (Scrophulariaceae)

Gorza, C., 1981:
Two Ram breeds compared

Chen, C.; Cai, F.; Chang, Z., 1981:
Two Verticillium species parasitic to Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing

Druilhe, P.; Trape, J.F.; Leroy, J.P.; Godard, C.; Gentilini, M., 1980:
Two accidental human infections by Plasmodium cynomolgi bastianellii. A clinical and serological study

Glancey, B.M., 1981:
Two additional dragonfly predators of queens of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren

Crins, WJ., 1980:
Two aggregations of Calosoma frigidum (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Ontario during 1976

Robinson, P.J.; Graf, L.; Sege, K., 1981:
Two allelic forms of mouse beta 2-microglobulin

Srivastava, S.S.; Dayal, R., 1981:
Two appendiculate conidial Zoopagales capturing amoebae

Trujillo, E.E.; Schroth, M.N., 1982:
Two bacterial diseases of papaya trees caused by Erwinia species in northern Mariana Islands

Shute, D.A.; West, N.E., 1982:
Two basic methodological choices in wildland vegetation inventories: their consequences and implications

Brasseur, P.; Brasseur, G.; Lemeland, J.F.; Langlois, J., 1981:
Two cases of Candida albicans endophthalmitis. Diagnostic and therapeutic problems

Percebois, G.; Contet Audonneau, N., 1981:
Two cases of Trichophyton erinacei infection in patients from Alsace and Lorraine

Musierowicz, A.; Karasewicz, B., 1981:
Two cases of abdominal actinomycosis simulating malignant infiltration of the bladder wall

Campos Nieto, E.; Cruz, A.; Leyva, J., 1980:
Two cases of abortion in pigs probably associated with aflatoxin B1

Profirov, D.; Molkho, L.; Vlashev, D.; Atanasov, V., 1978:
Two cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Hodgson, D.R.; Jacobs, K.A., 1982:
Two cases of Fusarium keratomycosis in the horse

Leveque, B.; Rousseau, A.; Gourmelen, M., 1979:
Two cases of gluten intolerance presenting as dwarfism

Fossati, C.J., 1980:
Two cases of human hydatid disease of difficult diagnostic interpretation

Ashizawa, H.; Usui, M.; Horii, Y.; Nosaka, D.; Tateyama, S.; Owada, K., 1980:
Two cases of lungworm infection in zebra

Tassara, A.; Zanello, A.; Traverso, A.; Panio, R.; Montanera, G., 1980:
Two cases of malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum: clinical considerations

Nomura, Y.; Tsuckiya, T.; Saito, Y., 1980:
Two cases of malignant mastocytosis of swine

Sheklakov, N.D.; Stepanova, Z.V.; Klimova, I.Y.; Il' chenko, L.S., 1981:
Two cases of microsporosis caused by M. gypseum

Lamey, B., 1981:
Two cases of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis from Zaire

Solov' eva, I.P.; Zotova, L.A., 1978:
Two cases of pulmonary histoplasmosis in combination with tuberculosis

England, A.C.; Weinstein, M.; Ellner, J.J.; Ajello, L., 1981:
Two cases of rhinocerebral zygomycosis (mucormycosis) with common epidemiologic and environmental features

Carlier, V.; Aubertot, P.; Jouve, J.L.; Riviere, J., 1980:
Two cases of sarcosporidiosis

Govi, G.; Zambonelli, A., 1982:
Two cases of surgical operation against rot of shade trees

Nakatomi, M.; Nasu, M.; Hirota, M.; Kanda, T.; Oye, T.; Ueda, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Era, O.; Tsuno, S.; Mori, N.; Hara, K.; Nakamura, Y.; Ayabe, H.; Kawahara, K., 1980:
Two cases with primary pulmonary cryptococcosis diagnosed by transbronchial biopsy

Bolchi Serini, G.; Colombo, M., 1980:
Two curious cases of abnormality

Kimura, F.; Kawakami, M., 1980:
Two daily surges of prolactin secretion in the immature female rat

Kimura, F.; Kawakami, M., 1981:
Two daily surges of prolactin secretion preserved after ovariectomy in the immature rat

Fradkin, G., 1980:
Two decades of cooperation in agricultural training

Zurek, E., 1980:
Two decades of public expenditure on the common and national agricultural policy -- pre-programmed calamity

Zurek, E.C., 1980:
Two decades of public spending on Community and national agricultural policies - The foreprogrammed calamity

Nielsen, P.G., 1982:
Two different methods for direct microscopy of mycotic material

Gabriel, S.; Guinet, R., 1981:
Two dimensional immuno-affino-electrophoresis of yeast antigens

Tokuhisa, T.; Taniguchi, M., 1982:
Two distinct allotypic determinants on the antigen-specific suppressor and enhancing T cell factors that are encoded by genes linked to the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus

Auchincloss, H.; Ozato, K.; Sachs, D.H., 1981:
Two distinct murine differentiation antigens determined by genes linked to the Ly-6 locus

Strahler, J.R.; Meisler, M., 1982:
Two distinct pancreatic amylase genes are active in YBR mice

Dijk, S.J, van de, 1980:
Two ecologically distinct subspecies of Hypochaeris radicata L. I. Nitrate uptake and nitrate utilization

Dijk, S.J. van de, 1980:
Two ecologically distinct subspecies of Hypochaeris radicata L. II. Growth response to nitrate and ammonium, growth strategy and formative aspects

Shimshi, D., 1979:
Two ecotypes of Iris atrofusca Bak. and their relations to man-modified habitats

Goodman, R.L.; Legan, S.J.; Ryan, K.D.; Foster, D.L.; Karsch, F.J., 1980:
Two effects of estradiol that normally contribute to the control of tonic LH secretion in the ewe

Lee, Y.W.; Yamazaki, S.; Osaki, T.; Inouye, T., 1979:
Two elongated viruses in garlic, garlic latent virus and garlic mosaic virus

Trung, L.T.; Escano, J.R., 1980:
Two energy and three protein levels in complete rations for dairy replacement heifers

Dunn, H.O.; Smiley, D.; Duncan, J.R.; McEntee, K., 1981:
Two equine true hermaphrodites with 64,XX/64,XY and 63,XO/64,XY chimerism

Mortensen, H.P.; Madsen, A.; Larsen, A.E., 1980:
Two feed mixtures for fattening pigs or continuously decreasing amounts of supplementary feed

Leahy, MG.; Hajkova, Z.; Bouchalova, J., 1981:
Two female pheromones in the metastriate tick Hyalomma dromedarii (Acarina, Ixodidae)

Balsbaugh, E.U.J.; Riley, E.G., 1980:
Two foreign tortoise beetles newly recorded from the United States (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae)

Yamasaki, Y.; Suzuki, Y., 1980:
Two forms of alpha -glucosidase from sugar-beet seeds

Vasquez, C.G.; Bohren, B.B., 1981:
Two generations of relaxed selection in commercial crosses of poultry

Phillips, D.V.; Boerma, H.R., 1982:
Two genes for resistance to race 5 of Cercospora sojina in soybeans

Aragoncillo, C.; Sanchez Monge, R.; Salcedo, G., 1981:
Two groups of low molecular weight hydrophobic proteins from barley endosperm

Sharma, N.; Khan, A.M., 1978:
Two hitherto unrecorded diseases of banana fruits

Mahley, R.W.; Hui, D.Y.; Innerarity, T.L.; Weisgraber, K.H., 1981:
Two independent lipoprotein receptors on hepatic membranes of dog, swine, and man. Apo-B,E and apo-E receptors

Morallo Rejesus, B.; Eroles, L.C., 1978:
Two insecticidal principles from marigold (Tagetes spp.) roots

Clement, S.L.; Norris, R.F., 1982:
Two insects offer potential biological control of common purslane

Karvonen, J.; Aalto, A.; Laasonen, E., 1980:
Two introduced Lepidoptera species new to Finland (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae)

Chuyan, A.Kh, 1979:
Two isolates of potato virus X from petunia and hogbean

Koenig, R.; Lesemann, D.E., 1980:
Two isometric viruses in poinsettias

Davies, H.M.; Delmer, D.P., 1981:
Two Kinds of Protein Glycosylation in a Cell-Free Preparation from Developing Cotyledons of Phaseolus vulgaris

Paningbatan, R.A.; Ilag, L.L., 1981:
Two leafspots of peanut in the Philippines: etiology and host response to infection

Alderwegen, H.A. van; Locht, L.J., 1979:
Two methods for appraisal of the recreational benefits of woodlands

Mello, F. de A.F. de, 1978:
Two methods for calculating the modified X value of Waugh and Fitts (1966)

Westcott, B., 1981:
Two methods of early generation yield assessment in winter wheat

Akao, S.; Tsukahara, S., 1981:
Two methods of injecting phosphorus into the trunks of citrus trees

Kooistra, M.J., 1979:
Two methods of preparing thin sections of wet soil from sediments in a marine intertidal zone in the Oosterschelde (the Netherlands)

Boonwite, C., 1979:
Two methods of scoring nodal rooting ability

Lom, J.; Gayevskaya, A.V.; Dyková, I., 1980:
Two microsporidian parasites found in marine fishes in the Atlantic Ocean

Doreste, E., 1979:
Two mite pests of peach trees (Prunus persica L.) in Venezuela

Anonymous, 1981:
Two more symptoms of rice dwarf disease

Vaidya, S.M.; Joshi, A.B.; Murty, B.R., 1982:
Two most suitable indices of lodging for wheat

Raut, R.N.; Panwar, R.S., 1980:
Two mutants of cotton with wide adaptability suitable for cultivation in different cotton zones of India

Wright, D.A., 1980:
Two natural solar houses

Kawazu, K.; Nishii, Y.; Nakajima, S., 1980 :
Two nematicidal substances from roots of Cirsium japonicum

Hasegawa, H., 1981:
Two nematode species of the genus Syphacia (Oxyuridae) collected from rodents in Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Mathew, B., 1981:
Two new 'Juno' irises

Sieber, J., 1980:
Two new ADR roses, 1980

Lin, B.Y., 1979:
Two new B-10 translocations involved in the control of nondisjunction of the B chromosome in maize

Marin Sanchez, J.P.; Jimenez Diaz, R.M., 1982:
Two new Fusarium species infecting rice in southern Spain

Vivant, J., 1978:
Two new Iberian subspecies of Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) P.B

Connell, WA., 1981:
Two new Nearctic Epuraea (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)

David, A.; Dequatre, B.; Fiasson, J.L., 1982:
Two new Phellinus with globose, cyanophilous spores

Wisniewski, J., 1980:
Two new Proctolaelaps species from Poland, related to Proctolaelaps xyloteri Sams. (Mesostigmata, Blattisociidae)

Wouts, WM.; Sher, SA., 1981:
Two new Tylenchorhynchus species (Nematoda: Tylenchorhynchidae) from the sub-antarctic region

Ray, S.; Das, SN., 1980:
Two new and four known species in the family Hemicycliophoridae (Criconematoidea: Nematoda) from Orissa, India

Hodjat, SH., 1981:
Two new aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from Iran and keys to related Middle Eastern species

Naidu, TSV., 1981:
Two new ascarid nematodes from vertebrate hosts from India

Fichoux, Y.L.; Marty, P.; Barelli, L., 1981:
Two new cases of dermatophytosis caused by Nannizzia incurvata Stockdale 1963

Kishun, R.; Sohi, H.S.; Rao, M.V.B., 1980:
Two new collateral hosts for Pseudomonas solanacearum

Rajak, R.C.; Gautam, S.P., 1980:
Two new diseases of citrus fruits from Jabalpur

Vyas, K.M.; Chile, S.K.; Vyas, R.S., 1980:
Two new diseases of cultivated plants

Kadono, F., 1981:
Two new eriophyid mites from Japan (Acarina: Eriophyidae)

Zaher, MA.; Abou-Awad, BA., 1980:
Two new eriophyid species infesting olive trees in Egypt (Eriophyoidea: Eriophyidae)

Anonymous, 1979:
Two new flue-cured leaf varieties to be ready in 1980

Perez Alvarez, Z.; Lopez, E., 1980 :
Two new food-plants of Elasmopalpus lignosellus Zeller, in Cuba

Bhargava, S.N.; Shukla, D.N.; Singh, N., 1978:
Two new foot-rot diseases

Ruan, X.; Jiang, Y.; Luo, W.; Wang, J., 1982:
Two new forms of Fusarium avenaceum (Fr.) Sacc. -- the pathogen of broad bean stem-end rot

Rajak, R.C.; Gautam, S.P., 1980:
Two new fruit rot diseases of Citrus

Barron, GL., 1981:
Two new fungal parasites of bdelloid rotifers

Powell, C.C., 1981:
Two new fungicides for control of water mold root and crown rots

Pandey, R.S.; Dwivedi, D.K.; Skukla, D.N.; Bhargava, S.N., 1980:
Two new fungicides for the control of Aspergillus rot of mango

Islam, A-u.; Farooq, M.; Khanum, Z., 1979:
Two new genera of nematode parasites (Oxyuridae: Oxysomatiinae) from toad Bufo andersoni of Pakistan

Saratchandra, B., 1981:
Two new haemogregarines, Haemogregarina waltairensis n.sp. from Calotes versicolor (Dar Jin) and H. ganapatii n.sp. from Lissemys punctata granosa (Shoepff)

Pettit, R.D.; Jones, V.E., 1979:
Two new herbicides evaluated for oak control

Perez, A.Z.; Lopez, E., 1980:
Two new host plants of Elasmopalpus lignosellus Zeller in Cuba

Ghosh, R.N.; Gupta, S., 1980:
Two new host records from India

Koul, A.K., 1980:
Two new hosts for Dactuliophora

McFadyen, R.E.; McClay, A.S., 1981:
Two new insects for the biological control of parthenium weed in Queensland

Srivastava, R.C., 1979:
Two new leaf blight diseases from India

Mathur, M.; Mukerji, K.G., 1981:
Two new leaf spot diseases of Crotalaria juncea

Srivastava, H.P.; Mathur, P.K., 1979:
Two new leaf spot diseases of Jasminum sambac

Singh, I.D., 1982:
Two new leaf spot diseases of medicinal plants

Santa Rosa, C.A.; Sulzer, C.R.; de Castro, A.F.; Yanaguita, R.M.; Giorgi, W., 1980:
Two new leptospiral serovars in the Hebdomadis group isolated from cattle in Brazil

Gupta, S.P.; Sharma, R.K., 1979:
Two new monogenetic trematodes of the genus Ancyrocephaloides Yamaguti, 1938 from marine fishes of Pamban, Tamil Nadu

Gupta, S.P.; Sharma, R.K., 1979:
Two new monogenetic trematodes of the genus Pricea Chauhan, 1945 from marine fishes of Tamil Nadu

Raizada, M.B., 1980:
Two new names in Vigna Savi

Tracy, R.A.; Osgood, E.A., 1981:
Two new parasite records and notes on Petrova albicapitana (Busck) (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae) on jack pine, Pinus banksiana Lamb. in Maine

Fain, A.; Portus, M., 1979:
Two new parasitic mites (Acari, Astigmata) from the Algerian hedgehog Aethechinus algirus, in Spain

Hadac, E.; Rambouskova, H., 1980:
Two new plant communities on trampled soils of limestone regions

Eder, R., 1975:
Two new records for Stenonchulus troglodytes

Sattar, A.; Husain, A., 1979:
Two new records of ascomycetes on cauliflower from India

Russo, S., 1981:
Two new rice varieties

Chaudhary, R.C.; Saran, S.; Prasad, S.C., 1979:
Two new rice varieties released in bihar, India

Kulkarni, S.; Siddaramaiah, A.L.; Hegde, R.K.; Hosmani, S.A., 1979:
Two new root rot diseases of buckwheat in India

Dwivedi, D.K.; Shukla, D.N.; Bhargava, S.N., 1982:
Two new root-rot diseases of spices

Mowery, PD.; Hull, LA.; Asquith, D., 1980 :
Two new sampling plans for European red mite surveys on apple utilizing the negative binomial distribution

Pangtey, Y.P.S.; Sinha, S., 1980:
Two new seed-borne leaf-spot diseases of horsegram in Kumaum hills

Parodi, R.A.; Scantamburlo, J.L., 1979:
Two new sorghum varieties

Zhang, G.X.; Zhong, T.S.; Tian, Z.J., 1980:
Two new species and a new subspecies of Adelgidae from Sichuan, China (Homoptera: Adelgidae)

Kingsolver, JM., 1981:
Two new species of Acanthoscelides (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) associated with Phaseolus (Leguminosae) from Argentina, with the description of a new species-group, and a new synonym

Phukan, PN.; Sanwal, KC., 1980:
Two new species of Aglenchus and record of Cephalenchus leptus (Tylenchidae: Nematoda) from Assam

Sharma, B.; Malhotra, YR., 1981:
Two new species of Agnesiella (Draberiella) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) from Jammu and Kashmir infesting Alnus nitida

Bily, S., 1982:
Two new species of Anthaxia from Crete (Coleoptera, Buprestidae)

Stary, P.; Carver, M., 1979:
Two new species of Aphidius Nees (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea: Aphidiidae) from Australia

Machida, M., 1981:
Two new species of Ascarophis (Nematoda, Spirurida) from marine fishes of Japan and Palau

Thatcher, V.E., 1980 :
Two new species of Caballerotrema (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) from Arapaima gigas and Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, with a redefinition of the genus and a redescription of C. brasiliense

Sultan, MS.; Singh, I., 1981:
Two new species of Carcharolaimus Thorne, 1939 (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

Doganlar, M., 1980:
Two new species of Chrysocharis Foerster and a new synonymy and record of Sympiesis Foerster (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea; Eulophidae) from western Canada

Lang So; Tao Shuisheng, 1981:
Two new species of Dactylogyrus (Monogenea, Trematoda) from Sinibrama wai type (Rend.) and S.w. polylepis Yih et Woo

Cloutman, DG., 1980:
Two new species of Dactylogyrus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from Notropis scabriceps (Cope) and N. scepticus (Jordan and Gilbert) (Pisces: Cyprinidae)

Viggiani, G., 1981:
Two new species of Encarsia Foerster (Hym. Aphelinidae) from known hosts

Yu, Z.Z.; Yang, G.R., 1982:
Two new species of Gahrliepia from Yunnan Province (Acarina: Trombiculidae)

Ma, L.; Piao, X., 1981:
Two new species of Gamasoidea from Qinghai and Gansu

Mukhopadhyay, A.; Ghosh, LK., 1982:
Two new species of Geocoris Fallen (Heteroptera, Lygaeidae) with some notes on their food habits and habitats

Phukan, P.N.; Sanwal, K.C., 1981:
Two new species of Hadronchus Mulvey and Jensen, 1967 from Assam, India

Teng, K.F., 1980:
Two new species of Haemaphysalis from China (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Darekar, K.S.; Khan, E., 1980:
Two new species of Helicotylenchus Steiner, 1945 (Tylenchida: Nematoda) from Maharashtra, India

Khan, E.; Saha, M.; Chawla, ML., 1980:
Two new species of Hoplolaimoidea (Tylenchida: Nematoda) from India

Kamijo, K., 1981:
Two new species of Lariophagus (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae) from Japan, with a note on a known species

Ebsary, BA., 1981:
Two new species of Macroposthonia (Nematoda: Criconematidae) from Canada

Shinde, G.B.; Deshmukh, R.A., 1980:
Two new species of Marsupiobothrium Yamaguti, 1952 (Cestoda: Phyllobothriidae) from marine fishes

Pasteels, J.J., 1978:
Two new species of Megachile collected in the Congo by Mlle S. Kelner-Pillault

Thatcher, V.E.; Varella, A.B., 1981:
Two new species of Megacoelium (Trematoda: Heploporidae), stomach parasites of fishes of the Brazilian Amazon, with a redefinition of the genus

Gupta, D.; Padhi, B.; Chowdhry, P.N., 1980:
Two new species of Mycosphaerella from India

Gordon, RD., 1982:
Two new species of Nephaspis Casey (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) from Trinidad and Colombia

Liang, Z., 1981:
Two new species of Paecilomyces from insects

Zhang, G.X., 1980:
Two new species of Pemphigidae from China (Homoptera: Aphidoidea)

Chowdhry, P.N.; Gupta, D.; Padhi, B., 1982:
Two new species of Phyllosticta from India

Stoetzel, MB., 1981:
Two new species of Phylloxera (Phylloxeridae: Homoptera) on pecan

Hunt, DJ., 1981:
Two new species of Rhigonema Cobb, 1898 (Oxyurida: Rhigonematidae)

Lopes, H. de S., 1981:
Two new species of Sarcophagidae (Diptera) living on arthropods

Sivakumar, CV.; Khan, E., 1981:
Two new species of Scutellonema (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from Tamil Nadu, India

Ganguly, S.; Patil, KJ.; Khan, E., 1980:
Two new species of Siddiqia from India

Sadana, GL.; Chhabra, SC., 1980:
Two new species of Tenuipalpus Donnadieu (Tenuipalpidae: Acarina) and distributional records of other mites from India

Wang, H.; Ma, E., 1981:
Two new species of Tetranychidae from China (Acarina: Tetranychidae)

Wang, H.F., 1981:
Two new species of Tetranychus from China (Acarina: Tetranychidae)

Khan, M.Y.; Shafee, S.A., 1981:
Two new species of Tetrastichinae Foerster (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from India

Srivastava, H.D.; Tripathy, H.N., 1980:
Two new species of amphistomes, referable to a new genus, Palamphistomum from Indian sheep, goats and buffaloes

Giles, F.E.; Wirth, W.W.; Messersmith, D.H., 1981:
Two new species of biting midges and a check list of the genus Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from Sri Lanka

Chen, X.B.; Fan, P.F.; Chen, D.X., 1980:
Two new species of chigger mites from Anhui Province

G.C.angdong; Qiu Zhaozhi; Zhu Hua; L.M.nmin, 1981:
Two new species of eucotylid trematodes from birds of Guang-dong Province, China

Tanasiichuk, V.N., 1979:
Two new species of flies of the genus Leucopis Mg. (Diptera, Chamaemyiidae) from Central Asia

Stoikov, S., 1979:
Two new species of free-living nematodes from the Black Sea

Gagarin, V.G., 1981:
Two new species of free-living nematodes from the order Dorylaimida from the Kairakkumskoe reservoir

Gagarin, V.G.; Lemzina, L.V., 1981:
Two new species of free-living nematodes of the genus Cylindrotheristus in lake Issyk-Kul' (USSR)

Abou Awad, B.A., 1980:
Two new species of genus Aculops in Egypt (Eriophyoidea: Eriophyidae)

Mityaev, I.D., 1980:
Two new species of leafhoppers (Aychenorrhyncha, Typhlocybinae) from northern Kazakhstan

Shimura, S.; Ito, J., 1980:
Two new species of marine cercariae from the Japanese intertidal gastropod, Batillaria cumingii (Crosse)

Rubtsov, I.A.; Andreeva, R.V., 1980:
Two new species of mermithids from the genus Pheromermis (Nematoda, Mermithidae) from Crimean Tabanidae

Narasimhamurti, CC.; Nazeer Ahamed, S.; Kalavati, C., 1980:
Two new species of microsporidia from the larvae of Tramea limbata (Odonata: Insecta)

Ivanova, T.S., 1980:
Two new species of nematodes from the family Diphtherophoridae (Micoletzky, 1922) Clark, 1961

Nesterov, P.I.; Kozhokaru, G.I., 1980:
Two new species of plant nematodes Radopholoides scrjabini n.sp. (Nematoda: Tylenchoidea) and Leptonchus arcticus n.sp. (Nematoda: Actinolaimoidea), from the rhizosphere of cultivated and wild plants

Xin, J.L.; Ding, T.Z., 1982:
Two new species of the family Eriophyidae (Acarina: Eriophyoidea)

Xin, J-L.; Dong, H-Q., 1982:
Two new species of the genus Aceria (Acarina: Eriophyoidea) in the People's Republic of China

Baqri, Q.H.; Khera, S., 1975:
Two new species of the genus Aporcelaimellus Heyns, 1965 with some remarks on the relationship of Aporcelaimellus with Eudorylaimus Andrassy, 1959 (Dorylaimoidea: Nematoda)

Yu, Z.Z.; Yang, G.R.; Chen, R.H., 1980:
Two new species of the genus Ascoschoengastia from Yunnan, China (Acarina: Trombiculidae)

Das, V.M.; Sabiha Sultana, 1980:
Two new species of the genus Basiria Siddiqi, 1959 from Hyderabad, (Andhra Pradesh)

Sultan, M.S.; Jairajpuri, M.S., 1981:
Two new species of the genus Cephalenchus (Goodey, 1962) Golden, 1971 with a key to species

Ma, E.P.; Yuan, Y.L., 1981:
Two new species of the genus Eurytetranychus from China (Acarina: Tetranychidae)

Gupta, P.D.; Nandi, N.C., 1975:
Two new species of the genus Hartertia Seurat, 1915 (Nematoda:Spiruridae) from Rajasthan, India

Barbez, D.; Geraert, E., 1980:
Two new species of the genus Hemicycliophora (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from Mount Kenya

Farooq, M.; Khanum, Z., 1980:
Two new species of the genus Lecithocladium Luhe, 1901 (Digenea: Hemiuridae) from marine fishes of Karachi coast, Pakistan

Sultan, M.S., 1980:
Two new species of the genus Orientylus Jairajpuri & Siddiqi, 1977 (Tylenchida: Rotylenchoidinae)

Shinde, G.B.; Jadhav, B.V.; Deshmukh, R.A., 1980:
Two new species of the genus Pedibothrium Linton, 1909 (Cestoda: Oncobothriidae)

Sorokina, A.P., 1981:
Two new species of the genus Trichogramma (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae) From Central Asia and Siberia

Chen, S.B., 1980:
Two new species of the genus Walchia (Acari: Trombiculidae) from China

Sharma, R.K.; Saxena, V., 1981:
Two new species of the genus Xiphinema Cobb, 1913 (Dorylaimida: Nematoda)

Chawla, ML.; Samathanam, GJ., 1980:
Two new species of the superfamily Longidoroidea (Dorylaimida: Nematoda) from India

Chen, S.B.; Fan, P.F., 1981:
Two new species of trombiculid mites belonging to the genera Gahrliepia and Leptotrombidium from Anhui, China

Myartseva, S.N., 1977:
Two new species: Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea in Turkmenistan

Ji, S.L.; Yu, X.; Chen, J.X.; Wang, D.Q., 1981:
Two new subspecies of fleas of the genus Amphalius Jordan, 1933 (Siphonaptera: Ceratophyllidae)

Mayes, MA.; Brooks, DR.; Thorson, TB., 1981:
Two new tetraphyllidean cestodes from Potamotrygon circularis Garman (Chondrichthyes: Potamotrygonidae) in the Itacuai River, Brazil

Hafeezullah, M., 1975:
Two new trematodes (Digenea: Hemiuridae) of marine fishes from east coast of India

Singh, S.P.; Sinha, D.P., 1975:
Two new trematodes from fresh water fishes of Bihar

Wang, D.Q.; Liao, H.R.; Lin, Z.H., 1980:
Two new trombiculid mites of the genus Herpetacarus (Acarina: Trombiculidae)

Ochoa, C.M., 1981:
Two new tuber-bearing Solanum from South America

Devriese, L.A., 1980:
Two new types of resistance to lincomycin in pathogenic staphylococci from animals

Bonfante, A., 1981:
Two new wheat cultivars: Pippo and Tommaso

Overcash, J.P.; Hegwood, C.P.J.; Stojanovic, B.J., 1981:
Two new, blue bunch grape varieties for Mississippi

Turner, D.P.; Sumner, M.E., 1980:
Two numerical approximation techniques adapted to the soil moisture retention curve

Hashim, N.H.; Reda, I.M., 1979:
Two outbreaks of colibacillosis in Babcock grower chicks in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Roneus, O., 1980:
Two overlooked parasites of the horse (Thelazia lacrymalis and Onchocerca cervicalis)

Kostin, V.D.; Volkov, Y.G.; Volkova, L.N., 1979:
Two pathogens of mosaic diseases of Vicia unijuga A. Br. in the Soviet Far East

Deseo, K.V., 1980:
Two phytophagous insects of secondary importance in the vineyards of Emilia: Euzophera bigella Zell. and Ephestia parasitella ssp. unicolorella Staud. (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae)

Carmona, M.M., 1981:
Two phytophagous mites from the Azores

Medus, J.; Barbey, C., 1979:
Two pollen samples from sediments in southern Mauritania

Dvorak, J., 1980:
Two polymorphic systems of amylase in blood serum of Czech Pied cattle

Zrust, J.; Smolikova, A., 1980:
Two possible methods for the rapid determination of leaf area in potato

Elmore, C.L.; Humphrey, W.A.; Mock, T.W., 1979:
Two pre-emergence herbicides in container grown ornamentals. Progress report

Bozkov, D., 1980:
Two principles in the life-cycles of trematodes in the ecosystem

Kaufmann, C.S.; Merz, W.G., 1982:
Two rapid pigmentation tests for identification of Cryptococcus neoformans

Brasseur, P.; Humbert, G.; Lemeland, J.F., 1981:
Two recent cases of cryptococcal meningitis

Lonai, P.; Bitton, S.; Savelkoul, H.F.; Puri, J.; Hämmerling, G.J., 1981:
Two separate genes regulate self-Ia and carrier recognition in H-2-restricted helper factors secreted by hybridoma cells

Buck, K.W.; McGinty, R.M.; Rawlinson, C.J., 1981:
Two serologically unrelated viruses isolated from a Phialophora sp

Lombardo, N., 1981:
Two shakers of limited power for the mechanical harvesting of olives

Droppa, M.; Demeter, S.; Horvath, G., 1981:
Two sites of inhibition of the photosynthetic electron transport chain by the herbicide trifluralin

Talekar, N.S.; Lin, Y.H., 1981:
Two sources with differing modes of resistance to Callosobruchus chinensis in mungbean

Doorenbos, J., 1980:
Two species from Java new to cultivation

Angerilli, N.D.P., 1980:
Two species of Lepidoptera associated with semi-aquatic Umbelliferae, and their parasites, in British Columbia

van Achterberg, C., 1982:
Two species of Macrocentrus Curtis unknown from Austria (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Chiaberashvili, E.A.; Dzhavelidze, M.G., 1977:
Two species of cercariae found in prosobranchial molluscs in Georgia

Galaktionov, K.V.; Olenev, A.V.; Dobrovol' skii, A.A., 1980:
Two species of cyathocotylid cercariae from the freshwater mollusc Melanopsis praemorsa

Boone, L.R.; Skalka, A., 1980:
Two species of full-length circular DNA are synthesized in high yield by melittin-treated avian retrovirus particles

Ogawa, K.; Egusa, S., 1980:
Two species of microcotylid monogeneans collected from Black Sea bream, Acanthopagrus schlegeli (Bleeker) (Teleostei: Sparidae)

Grigoryan, D.A.; Vartanyan, L.K., 1979:
Two species of parasitic nematodes new for the Armenian fauna

Bilqees, FM.; Durrani, F., 1980:
Two species of the genus Prosogonotrema Perez Vigueras, 1940, from fishes of Karachi coast

Peck, J.F.; Kessler, H.J.; Thompson, T.L., 1979:
Two stage evaporative cooling using a rockbed associated with the active Clearview Solar Collector (R)

Weber, W.E., 1981:
Two stage selection in segregating generations of autogamous species

Hendrix, A.T., 1981:
Two stems are a better basis

Dihoru, G., 1980:
Two subspecies of Agrostis gigantea

Hackett, A.J.; Smith, H.S.; Springer, E.L.; Owens, R.B.; Nelson-Rees, W.A.; Riggs, J.L.; Gardner, M.B., 1977:
Two syngeneic cell lines from human breast tissue: the aneuploid mammary epithelial (Hs578T) and the diploid myoepithelial (Hs578Bst) cell lines

Anonymous, 1981:
Two treatment systems for the same factory: bacterial bed + discharge to the local treatment facility; and spreading on land

Escaff G.M.; Aljaro U.A., 1982:
Two trials on the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on garlic

Matveeva, N.V., 1980:
Two trips to the Greater Begichev islands (a brief description of the flora and vegetation)

Struble, D.L.; Steck, W.F.; Swailes, G.E.; Chisholm, M.D.; Underhill, E.W.; Lilly, C.E., 1982:
Two two-component sex attractant blends for adult males of the striped cutworm, Euxoa tessellata (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Hood, L.; Davis, M.; Early, P.; Calame, K.; Kim, S.; Crews, S.; Huang, H., 1980:
Two types of DNA rearrangements in immunoglobulin genes

Cori, G., 1979:
Two types of cattle rearing in Madagascar: extensive rearing in the west, peasant cattle farming in the Hauts-Plateaux

Gustafsson, M.K.S.; Vaihela, B., 1981:
Two types of frontal glands in Diphyllobothrium dendriticum (Cestoda, Pseudophyllidea) and their fate during the maturation of the worm

Qasba, G.N.; Dar, G.N.; Shah, A.M., 1981:
Two unrecorded plant diseases from India

Gaur, A.; Chenulu, V.V., 1981:
Two unrecorded storage disorders of Citrus reticulata L. and Solanum tuberosum L

Reyes, H.; Munoz, V.; Hernandez, J.; Molina, H., 1981:
Two unusual cases of human infection with tapeworms

Kulkarni, S.; Hegde, R.K., 1979:
Two virulences of stemrust of Bijaga Yellow wheat of Karnataka

Taraku, N.; Juretic, N., 1981:
Two viruses isolated from some legume plants in Kosovo (Yugoslavia)

Becker, J.J.; Fastnacht, H.; Kneisel, M., 1980:
Two ways - one aim. Village development with and without land reform

Gorokhov, V.V., 1975:
Two ways of controlling fascioliasis

Tucker, D.P.H.; Muraro, R.; Abbitt, B., 1980:
Two weed control systems for Florida citrus

Raid, R.N.; Pennypacker, S.R.; MacNab, A.A., 1981:
Two weed species as hosts and potential inoculum sources of Colletotrichum coccodes

Mens, P. le, 1980:
Two well conceived rotaries

Skalka, J.; Vrzgula, L., 1981:
Two year dynamics of enzyme activity in the blood of sheep under modern management methods

Boize, L.M., 1981:
Two years field experience with fluazifop-butyl for grass weed control in arable row crops

Fimiani, P.; Monaco, R.; Barbagalli, S.; Frilli, F., 1979:
Two years of bioecological observations on Rhagoletis cerasi in different Italian areas

Damme, J. van; Quintens Buckinx, L., 1980:
Two years of cooperation between family doctor and dietitian

Coppola, V.; Forlani, M., 1980:
Two years of observation on the grapevine cultivar I.M. 6.0.13 treated with CCC

Barbieri, G.; Duranti, A., 1981:
Two years of research on the irrigation of processing tomatoes in the Sele river plain

Zimmermann, T.; Wernery, U., 1981:
Two years of serological testing for bovine leukosis in Schleswig-Holstein

Restuccia, G., 1977:
Two years' experiments on chemical weed control in summer-planted artichokes

Cappelli, C.; Raggi, V., 1981:
Two years' observations on the resistance of barley cultivars to Rhynchosporium secalis (Oud.) Davis

Piralov, G.R., 1980:
Two years' results from hybridizing wheat with Haynaldia villosa Schur

Benkov, B.I.; Dimov, Y.; Germanova, L.; Zorovska, N., 1978:
Two-breed crossing of Bulgarian Improved White pigs with Hampshire and Landrace boars

Saeed, A.; Roy, R.B.; Huq, M.A., 1980:
Two-day treatment of trichomoniasis in the female. A comparison of metronidazole and nimorazole

Rimpau, J.; Niemeyer, U., 1980:
Two-dimensional mapping of seed proteins of wheat for the analysis of baking quality

Andales, S.C.; Pettibone, C.A.; Davis, D.C., 1979:
Two-dimensional cooling of bulk stored sugarbeets

Hughes, W.G., 1980:
Two-dimensional electrophoresis of maize proteins: computerized densitometry

Hughes, W.G., 1980:
Two-dimensional electrophoresis of maize proteins: methodology

Hughes, W.G.; Walden, D.B., 1980:
Two-dimensional electrophoresis of maize proteins: pollen

Brugger, M.F.; Buelow, F.H., 1980:
Two-dimensional finite difference model of the transient environment within a potato pile

Goldman, D.; Merril, C.R.; Ebert, M.H., 1980:
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of cerebrospinal fluid proteins

Juneja, R.K.; Reetz, I.; Christensen, K.; Gahne, B.; Andresen, E., 1981:
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of dog plasma proteins: genetic polymorphism of an alpha 1-protease inhibitor and another postalbumin

Pall, R.; Jarrett, A.R.; Morrow, C.T., 1979:
Two-dimensional infiltration by an explicit method

Yamamoto, T.; Cho, T., 1978:
Two-dimensional infiltration from a trickle source into dune sand in the case of a trickle irrigation method

Parlange, J.Y.; Braddock, R.D.; Voss, G., 1981:
Two-dimensional similarity solutions of the nonlinear diffusion equation from optimization and first integrals

Fuderer, A., 1982:
Two-feed pressure swing adsorption process

Schmid, P., 1979:
Two-phase treatment of inflammatory skin mycoses with pevisone/pevaryl

Hodson, R.C.Jr, 1981:
Two-row harvester study equipment costs

Yamaguchi, I.; Yamashita, A., 1979:
Two-rowed barley mutants resistant to powdery mildew

Miyai, K.; Ishibashi, K.; Kawashima, M., 1981:
Two-site immunoenzymometric assay for thyrotropin in dried blood samples on filter paper

Cutting, O., 1980:
Two-spray programme controls sterile brome

Morey, R.V.; Thimsen, D.R., 1980:
Two-stage combustion to provide heat for drying corn

Mooney, G.A.; Nogueira, A.T.; Cope, D.C., 1982:
Two-stage lime treatment in practice

Kogan, B.N.; Kotlyar, L.S., 1982:
Two-stage refrigeration installation with screw compressors for ice cream factories

Gall, G.A.E., 1977:
Two-stage trout broodstock selection program: reproductive performance and growth rate

Takeda, K.; Sone, M.; Bamba, K., 1981:
Two-step insemination apparatus for pigs

Anonymous., 1981:
Two-striped grasshopper. Melanoplus bivittatus (Say)

Micu, V.E., 1980:
Two-tassel mutant of maize

Goldschmidt, D.; Hudson, H.E.; Lynn, W., 1980:
Two-way radio for rural health care: an overview

Goldschmidt, D.; Hudson, H.E.; Lynn, W., 1980:
Two-way radio helps deliver primary health care

Poggenpoel, D.G.; Papendorp, D.J. van; Zyl, M. van, 1980:
Two-way selection for egg specific gravity

Steyskal, GC., 1980:
Two-winged flies of the genus Dasiops (Diptera: Lonchaeidae) attacking flowers or fruit of species of Passiflora (passion fruit, granadilla, curuba, etc.)

Okafo, O.A.; Hanover, J.W., 1978:
Two-year performance of barerooted and containerized trembling and bigtooth aspen seedlings

Anonymous, 1981:
Two-year report 1979-1981 (Sept. 1979-Sept. 1981)

Fusi, P.; Franci, M.; Andreoni, N., 1980:
Two-year tests of the persistence and phytotoxicity of asulam residues in soils

Raff, J.W.; Knox, R.B.; Clarke, A.E., 1981:
Two Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style antigens of Prunus avium L. Style

Cohen, L.; Arzee, T., 1980:
Twofold pathways of apical determination in the thorn system of Carissa grandiflora

Anonymous, 1981:
Twospotted mite now major Central Valley pest

Shanks, C.H.J.; Barritt, B.H., 1980:
Twospotted spider mite resistance of Washington strawberries

Anonymous, 1981:
Twospotted spider mite. Tetranychus urticae (Koch)

Jones, K.M., 1980:
Tydeman Early apples and ethephon sprays

Daubeny, H.A., 1980:
Tyee strawberry

Morrison, K.J.; Allan, R.E.; Peterson, C.J.; Line, R.F.; Rubenthaler, G.L.; Reisenauer, P.E., 1981:
Tyee winter wheat

Yakuba, E.I., 1981:
Tying drivers and machine operators to farms - an important factor in raising efficiency

Syrovatka, J., 1981:
Tying systems of cows in production cow houses combined with milking parlours

Westendorp, T., 1981:
Tying up systems for cows in cubicles

Hasselrot de Gomez, T.A.; Costilla, M.A.; Gonzalez de Ojeda, S., 1980:
Tylenchorhynchus annulatus on sugar-cane

MacGowan, J.B., 1980:
Tylenchorhynchus claytoni Steiner 1937. The tobacco stunt nematode

Szczygiel, A., 1979:
Tylenchorhynchus dubius (Butschli) harmful parasite of strawberry

Gupta Uma, N.K., 1981:
Tylenchorhynchus oleraceae n.sp. (family: Tylenchorhynchidae Golden, 1971) from around roots of cauliflower

Gupta, N.K.; Uma, 1980:
Tylenchorhynchus penniseti n.sp. (Nematoda: Tylenchorhynchidae)

Shoop, W.L.; Corkum, K.C., 1980:
Tylodelphys immer Dubois 1961 (Trematoda: Diplostomidae) from the barred owl, Strix varia in Louisiana

Velhner, M.; Kosovac, A.; Arapovic, Z.; Arapovic, M.; Babic, M., 1981:
Tylosin for preventing respiratory mycoplasmosis among commercially reared laying hens

Ariki, J.; Carrijo, A.S.; Paulilo, A.C.; Berchieri, A.J.; Silva, G., .:
Tylosine phosphate in diets for laying hens

Francis, B.K.; Schels, H.F.; Carter, O.R., 1980:
Type E Pasteurella multocida associated with haemorrhagic septicaemia in Zambia

Gamble, H.R.; Pappas, P.W., 1981:
Type I phosphodiesterase in the isolated, brush-border membrane of Hymenolepis diminuta

Faegeman, O.; Meinertz, H., 1980:
Type III hyperlipoproteinaemia. A review and clinical and biochemical findings in 11 patients

Case, A.B.; Donnelly, J.G., 1979:
Type and extent of ground disturbance following skidder logging in Newfoundland and Labrador

Zhdyarska, Z., 1981:
Type and localization of glycogen in the parthenitae and larval stages of Eurytrema pancreaticum (Trematoda: Dicrocoeliidae)

Lund, H.G., 1978 :
Type maps, stratified sampling and P.P.S

Pacheco, C.R.V.M.; Costa, V.; Ferreira, A.S., 1980:
Type of housing for piglets

Quidu, E., 1980:
Type of tenure and economic data from farms: the case of Morbihan

Britton, E.B.; Stanbury, P.J., 1980:
Type specimens in the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney. VIII. Insects: beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera)

Reuter, H.; Meier, R., 1980:
Type testing of automatic sampling devices in milk tankers. I. General introductory remarks

Reuter, H.; Meier, R., 1980:
Type testing of automatic sampling devices in milk tankers. II. Determination of the carry-over ratio

Canavese, B.; Ottino, D., 1980:
Types and frequency of chondrodystrophy among chick embryos during a complete incubation cycle

Grosse, L., 1981:
Types and properties of cellulose derivatives in relation to their uses in the food industry

Frerichs, J.; Chiang, J.; Meek, E.S., 1979:
Types and sensitivity patterns of ocular pathogens

Gsell, O., 1980:
Types and significance of imported infections

Mohor, S., 1979:
Types of agricultural production and educational interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mandrik, V.Yu, 1980:
Types of apomixis in representatives of the family Rosaceae

Marsolais, G.; Marois, P., 1982:
Types of avian infectious bronchitis strains isolated in Quebec

Anonymous, 1981:
Types of dairy products distributed in schools

Loquay, A., 1981:
Types of energy supply and consumption in a village of Lower Casamance, Senegal

Doucet, R., 1979:
Types of felling and ground preparation favouring natural regeneration of aspen plantations in eastern Quebec

Kloss, K.; Succow, M.; Grafe, K., 1977:
Types of grassland site in the north Mongolian forest steppe zone and possibilities of intensification

Konyukhova, V.A., 1982:
Types of higher nervous activity in Large White boars

D.A.bore, G.R.; Vorwohl, G., 1980:
Types of honey in the Mediterranean region, classified using microscopic analysis

Alphandery, P.; Barcelo, R.; Bitoun, P.; Dupont, Y.; Remy, J.; Walfer, B., 1980:
Types of intensification in cattle production: the cases of milk and young beef animals

Bardhan, P.; Rudra, A., 1980:
Types of labour attachment in agriculture. Results of a survey in West Bengal 1979

Belyakova, Y.V., 1976:
Types of life-cycles and evolution of Psilostomidae (Odhner, 1915)

Mohamed, N.H.; Salem, S.A.; Abdel Baki, M.H.; Fawzy, A.F., 1981:
Types of mosquitoes in Giza Governorate in reference to filaria

Beer, K.; Freytag, H.E., 1982:
Types of nitrogen accumulation in soils

Idekh, S.B., 1981:
Types of ontogenesis in nematodes of the family Anguinidae

Safta, I.; Grigore, S.; Lauer, C.; Arvat, N., 1979:
Types of permanent pastures and their agroeconomic value

Schnepf, E., 1980:
Types of plastids: their development and interconversions

Yanushko, A.D.; Zheliba, B.N., 1981:
Types of production enterprises in forestry in Belorussia and their economic efficiency

Murmis, M., 1981:
Types of productive units and the Argentine rural structure in a comparative context (c.1960)

Kazubski, S.L., 1981:
Types of reproduction in parasitic protozoa

Bedrna, Z., 1977:
Types of soil regime in CSSR

Rubtsov, M.V., 1980:
Types of stream process, and management in forests alongside rivers

Loskutova, T.A., 1980:
Types of structural chromosome rearrangements in maize lines treated with laser radiation, I

Stanikova, A.; Arendarcik, J.; Maracek, I., 1980:
Types of third cerebral ventricle ependyma in sheep and their localization by segment analysis

Kim, S.C.; Moody, K., 1980:
Types of weed community in transplanted lowland rice and relationship between yield and weed weight in weed communities

Kozhevnikova, S.K.; Makhaeva, L.V., 1979:
Types of weediness of agricultural crops of the Crimea

Pleshkova, G.N.; Plevako, N.G., 1982:
Types, frequency and interchromosomal distribution of radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations in the malaria mosquito Anopheles messeae

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Typical products of alpine cheesemakers

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Typical statistical errors in evaluating the harmfulness of different mutagenic factors

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Typology and policy for small farms

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Typology of small peasant producers

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Tyres for tractors and implements

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U.C. Crensaw Bush breeding line

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U.F. G508, G509, G510, G511, and G515 muskmelon breeding lines

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U.H.T. and aseptic packaging

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U.K. dairy industry again scrutinized

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U.S.S.R. Golodnaya (Hungry) Steppe: a case study of desertification

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UAE: Toward agricultural self-sufficiency

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UBI-S734 - a new herbicide for grass control

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UBI-S734 update and direction

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UBI-S734: a new herbicide for grass and nutsedge control

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UF-Camembert manufactured on the new Camatic

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UFV3, a soya bean variety for northern Minas Gerais

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UHT in Bermuda? Dunkley's dairy does it

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UHT installations for highly viscous products

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UHT installations for viscous materials with solid particles up to 15 mm long

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UHT installations with Contherm heat exchanger

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UHT milk - a quality product of long storage life

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UHT milk market in the Federal Republic of Germany: marketing and cost analysis

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UHT milk-standards and quality assurance

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UHT plant type 6500 manufactured by Finnah GmbH, German Federal Republic

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UHT plants with indirect heating. The GEA Ahlborn-IHS series

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UHT processing in the dairy and food industries

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UK charter flight package holidays to the Mediterranean, 1970-78. A statistical analysis

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UK food trends follow N. European patterns

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ULV spraying from the bottle

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ULV/CDA optimum spray droplet size for control of the eastern spruce budworm in Canada

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UNCTAD's proposal for a Common Fund. A critical appraisal

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UNDP/FAO Mae Sa integrated watershed and forest land use project

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UPRA for the dairy sheep breeds of the Pyrenees

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URBANBASE: key to urban forestry information

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US -- Soviet grain embargoes: regulating the MNCs

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US -- struggling to adjust to the eighties

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US Agriculture - change and progress

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US Food and Agricultural Act of 1981

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US agricultural policy

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US dairy surpluses increase

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US food complexes and multinational corporations. Reflections on economic predation

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US legislation and grain expansion in the 1970s

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US sugar import quotas 1982/83

Anonymous, 1982:
US sugar legislation

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US sugar legislation: finale and consequences

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US sugar: no longer sweet for investment; consumers are long-term losers

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USA's travel moves towards social tourism

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USAID's support for rural electrification

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USDA Forest Service programs to support urban forest resources

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USDA eases fumigation requirements on Texas citrus

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USDA summaries of 1979-80 goat herd averages

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USDA/CRIS as a source of project information on animal health and disease research

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USFGC sheep program in Africa, Mideast could up US feedgrain exports

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USSR. Review of agriculture in 1981 and outlook for 1982

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USSR: Food programme for the period up to 1990

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USU lactic culture system

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UV light and the photoinduced hybridization of fruit crops

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UV-C sterilization of packaging materials in the dairy industry

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UV-Induced ethylene production, peroxidase and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity, and necrosis in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) leaves

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Uaz:AGS(SD): audiogenic seizure susceptible rat line

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Ubiquity of infectious bursal disease in East Texas backyard flocks

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Ubiquity of natural antibodies to the mammary tumour virus in mice

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Udder characteristics of Polish Black-and-White Lowland cows in Lublin district assessed by conformation score, measurement and milkability. II. Milkability of cows

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Udder conformation in black-pied cows

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Udder development and milk production

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Udder disinfectant and method of disinfecting teats

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Udder evaluation and productivity of Black Pied and Red Steppe cows

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Udder health and new milking technology: automatic cluster removal

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Udder health in relation to some udder structure characteristics and milkability of cows

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Udder health reports in milk recording

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Udder health services in the states of the German Federal Republic, and proposals for standardized procedures

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Udder health situation on dairy farms with different technologies

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Udder hygiene in Slovak dairy farms

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Udder oedema in a goat: clinico-therapeutic report

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Udder quality of Russian Simmental and Red Steppe cows

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Udder shape and milking rate

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Udder shape and occurrence of mammary gland inflammation in cattle

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Udder traits and their heritability in dairy cows

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Udder washing and teat disinfection

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Udders, teats and ease of milking characters in goats

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Uganda: a damage report

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Ulcer disease of roach, Rutilus rutilus (L.)

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Ulmus laevis forests - a new forest formation in the Moscow region

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Ulmus pumila arborea in protective plantings in Kazakhstan

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Ulmus pumila on saline soils

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Ultimate bending strength theory for timber beams

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Ultra lock - a two component, recloseable container-lid system

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Ultra-low-volume spraying by ground machines for the control of cotton pests

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Ultra-low-volume sprays in the control of pests of cotton

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Ultra-violet spectrophotometric determination of lenacil in technical products and wettable-powder formulations

Anonymous, 1981:
Ultrafiltration and continuous coagulation in cheese making

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Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

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Ultrafiltration and thermization of milk at the farm: bacteriological aspects

Anonymous, 1981:
Ultrafiltration for cheese manufacture: an example of a complete installation

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Ultrafiltration in cheese manufacture

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Ultrafiltration in dairy plants

Gungerich, C., 1981:
Ultrafiltration in quarg manufacture

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Ultrafiltration in the manufacture of Kumys

Puhan, Z.; Gallmann, P., 1981:
Ultrafiltration in the manufacture of quarg

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Ultrafiltration in the manufacture of soft pickled cheese and production of alcohol and single cell protein from whey

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Ultrafiltration of buttermilk and rational utilization of separate fractions

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Ultrafiltration of cheese whey and utilization of its components

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Ultrafiltration of cheese whey in hollow fibre membranes

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Ultrafiltration of milk for production of acidified milk products and hydrolysis of lactose by enzymes

Sordi, M., 1981:
Ultrafiltration of whey

Anonymous, 1980:
Ultrafiltration of whey: Danmark Protein treats 1 million litres per day

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Ultrafiltration of whey; optimization of technology and utilization of permeate

Goldsmith, R.L., 1981:
Ultrafiltration production of whey protein concentrates

Anonymous, 1979:
Ultrafiltration. A particular application to goats' milk

Anonymous, 1981:
Ultrafiltration: making waste profitable

Darneley, A.H., 1980:
Ultrasonic backfat measurement of sows as an aid to improved reproductive performance

Mersmann, H.J., 1982:
Ultrasonic determination of backfat depth and loin area in swine

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Ultrasonic diagnosis and control of amoebic liver abscess

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Ultrasonic diagnosis of two forms of liver hydatid

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Ultrasonic drying of eucalypts - a preliminary study

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Ultrasonic instruments for pregnancy-testing ewes

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Ultrasonic measurement of teat milk flow

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Ultrasonic method of monitoring crack formation in metal parts of the tractor structure during bench tests

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Ultrasonic patterns of ascariasis and fascioliasis in the biliary ducts

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Ultrasonic pregnancy diagnosis in ewes under tropical field conditions

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Ultrasonic pregnancy diagnosis in sheep

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Ultrasonic studies in aqueous solutions of resins used in plywood industry

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Ultrasonic treatment on maize seed

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Ultrasonographic measurement of fetal growth parameters for estimation of gestational age and fetal weight

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Ultrasonography and amoebic liver abscesses

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Ultrasonography and computerized tomography in the diagnosis of amoebic liver abscess

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Ultrasound appearances of liver hydatid disease

Honma, E., 1980:
Ultrasound cleaning and detergents for cleaning plastic crates

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Ultrasound examination of the hydatic liver

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Ultrasound in the diagnosis of the early liver abscess

Miles, C.A.; Fursey, G.A.J.; Woods, M.O., 1981:
Ultrasound transmission

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Ultrastructual changes in the intestine of nematodes under the action of anthelmintics

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Ultrastructural alterations of stallion spermatozoa due to semen conservation

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Ultrastructural alterations of the liver in visceral leishmaniasis (Kala-azar). A study of three cases

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Ultrastructural analysis of the relationship between rhizobia and host cells

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Ultrastructural and biochemical evaluation of adrenal medullary hyperplasia and pheochromocytoma in aged bulls

Flechon, J.E., 1981:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical analysis of the plasma membrane of mammalian sperm during epididymal maturation

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Ultrastructural and cytochemical investigation of microbodies in cells of barley root meristem

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Ultrastructural and enzyme histochemical investigations of the ductus epididymidis of the bull

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Ultrastructural aspects of Malpighian tubules of young nymphs of Triatoma infestans Klug

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Ultrastructural aspects of an encephalomyelitis experimentally produced in mice with the avian infectious bursitis agent. Preliminary note

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Ultrastructural aspects of coated vesicles in tobacco protoplasts

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Ultrastructural aspects of digestive disorders in patients with giardiasis

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Ultrastructural aspects of lymph nodes from a dog with lymphoid leukosis

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Ultrastructural aspects of the hypersensitive reaction in tomato root cells resistant to Meloidogyne incognita

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Ultrastructural basis of secretion of ions in halophytes

Ouellette, G.B., 1981:
Ultrastructural cell wall modificatons in secondary xylem of American elm suviving the acute stage of Dutch elm disease: vessel members

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Ultrastructural changes associated with the browning or discoloration of avocado fruits

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Ultrastructural changes caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. lycopersici in Meloidogyne javanica induced giant cells of fungal resistant and susceptible tomato cultivars

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Ultrastructural changes in Toxocara canis larvae during the migratory phase

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Ultrastructural changes in drought-induced wilt: a comparison with pathogen-induced flaccidity

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Ultrastructural changes in leaf cells of wheat varieties with different cold resistance after freezing and thawing of plants

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Ultrastructural changes in livers of young and aging rats exposed to methylated benzenes

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Ultrastructural changes in the genetic apparatus during spermatogenesis in the mouse

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Ultrastructural changes in the macrogamete and early oocyst of Eimeria maxima resulting from drug treatment

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Ultrastructural changes in the mucosa of the small intestine due to protein-calorie malnutrition

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Ultrastructural changes in the small intestine of neonatal calves with enteric colibacillosis

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Ultrastructural changes in the walls of ripening avocados: transmission, scanning, and freeze fracture microscopy

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Ultrastructural changes in tissue forms of Leishmania donovani before and after cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen

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Ultrastructural changes in various cell forms of Candida albicans

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Ultrastructural changes of membranes with hydration in soybean seeds

Keith, J.C.J.; Schaub, R.G.; Rawlings, C.A., 1981:
Ultrastructural changes of the early arterial injury-induced myointimal proliferation in canine pulmonary arteries

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Ultrastructural changes produced during the development of soybean root nodules

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Ultrastructural characteristics of Giardia intestinalis related to the ecology of the parasite

Ivanov, V.P., 1981:
Ultrastructural characteristics of chemoreceptors in insects

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Ultrastructural characteristics of mature wood of Southern red oak (Quercus falcata Michx.) and white oak (Quercus alba L.)

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Ultrastructural characteristics of plastids of healthy and virus-affected plants of Vitis vinifera L., Citrus aurantium L. and Musa paradisiaca L

Wheeler, E.A., 1982:
Ultrastructural characteristics of red maple (Acer rubrum L.) wood

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Ultrastructural characteristics of the leukocytes of the peripheral blood of pregnant women with toxoplasmosis

Turk, J.R., 1982:
Ultrastructural characterization of bovine fibrosing alveolitis and evaluation of 3-methylindole as an experimental model

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Ultrastructural characterization of the alveolar surface of mammary gland and of the bovine milk fat globule

Tomas Martin, C., 1980:
Ultrastructural cytochemistry of the sex chromatin in the interphase nucleus of animal and plant cells

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Ultrastructural development of chloroplasts in radish seedlings grown at high- and low-light conditions and in the presence of the herbicide bentazone

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